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Extreme Flame Wizard c106

Chapter 106: The Upperclassman and the Wizard

Igni: “It’s rare that you’re inviting me to go shopping with you, Miss Miko.”

Miko: “YーYeah, well….you were the only person I could ask……”

Igni: “What are you shopping for?” Miko: “The day after tomorrow’s my younger brother’s birthday.”

Igni: “Got it! So you’re looking to buy a present for him.”

Miko: “He’s going to be adult-age soon. I didn’t know what to buy him in that case……”

Igni: “If it’s like that, you can leave it to me!”

Miko: “I knew I could count on you!”

Igni: “Yes! Then let’s get going!”

Miko: “Yeah!”

Igni and Miko both exit the school and head to the Market. They call it a Market, but it’s not just stands lined up like a flea market. This is the business district where you can find a lot of stores lined up side by side.

By the way, the adult age in the Kingdom is 15.

So that would make Miss Miko’s younger brother one year younger than Igni.

Igni: “Has your younger brother decided on a career?”

Miko: “An Adventurer. He’s been wanting to become one for a while.”

Igni: “Then we should get him something that will be useful for it.”

Miko: “You think so?” Igni: “Of course!”

But even so, Igni has never been an Adventurer himself, so he wouldn’t know what’s important.

But his grandfather, Lucas, is different!

From amongst the Nobles, Lucas ran off to become an Adventurer, and became an unstoppable shooting star as a solo Adventurer.

He is now known as one of the [Strongest] Heroes.

Igni was taught the ways of an Adventurer with direct experience, so from there, Igni was able to derive an answer.

Yes. That was during the summer in the [Demon King’s Realm] when they were in the middle of a sweltering heat……..


[Oye, Igni. Look closely. This tree is called the “Valbulb Tree”, and if you cut this tree down and make a bowl-shaped hole in the stump, come back the next day, and it will be filled with water.”

[Can you drink it?]

[No, not without boiling it first. You have your {Fireball} so you won’t have any trouble with making a fire.]

And it was during one of Grandpa’s lessons teaching Igni, who couldn’t use [Water] Type Magic, how to survive in natureーー

[Grandpa, teach me more Adventurer tricks!]

[Hmph, well, don’t be in such a hurry.]

But Lucas had a wide grin stretched across his face.

This habit of Igni’s is actually genetic.

[What equipment should you always carry around?!]

[Equipment, eh…]

[Yeah! Well, to be honest, I already know the answer! You need a weapon to butcher materials off the carcasses. You need a pouch to carry all those goods. And you need a variety of different kinds of healing potions! Finally, food supplies for your journey! See! Isn’t that perfect!]

[Yes...that’s true. But if you are adventuring with other Adventurers, there is something even more crucial you have to carry around.]


[An adult magazine.]


Igni could not comprehend what Lucas just said and doubly emphasized his confusion.

[What’s with that reaction, Igni.]

[Stop kidding around and teach me properly!!]

[Look here, Igni. I’m not joking at all. The 3 biggest desires of human beings are eating, sleeping, and reproduction. And Igni. The closer you are to death, the stronger those sexual urges get.]

[BーBut… adult magazine on a journey is……..]

[What are you talking about? Because of pent up urges, the relationships between your Party becomes unbearably tense, and many Parties have disbanded because of that.]

[AーAdventurer Parties…..?]

[Hmph, I see now. Igni, you have been raised with many stories about Heroes, but listen well, Igni. A Heroic Tale will only capture the good parts and will never mention the dirty parts.]

[A dirty part?]

[Well, simply like using the restroom.]

[ThーThat’s true……]

For those who grew up on the Heroes’ Tales, some would undoubtedly claim that true Heroes never use the restrooms.

[Igni, humans are in the end, human beings. They will have good characteristics as well as bad characteristics. You will have to learn to accept both sides. And Igni! This will lead to your Popularity!]

[Huh?! The adult magazines will?!]



[WーWait, but from the flow of the conversation…….]

[WOMEN ARE HUMAN BEINGS TOO! They will have beautiful parts and of course, dirty parts as well! But do you think a man who rejects the dirty parts can become Popular?! A man who only accepts the beautiful parts of a woman?!]

[HーHe can’t………!!]

[That’s right! That’s why, Igni! Listen well!! The Ultimate Secret to Popularity No. 8!! “Those who accept a woman will become Popular”!! In other words, it’s all about having high tolerance!!]


[The ability to take in the good and the bad with an open mind and heart, keep that in mind as you make plans!!]

[GーGrandpa, you’re amazing. You’re like a real Adventurer……!]

[I am a real Adventurer……]


Miko: “So Igni. What do you think an Adventurer needs?”

Igni: “Let’s see………”

Even Igni knew that he couldn’t shout, “AN ADULT MAGAZINE!” at this juncture.

If it was a male upperclassman, he could joke about that, but right now, he’s with Miss Miko.

That would be obvious sexual harassment and saying goodbye to his Popularity.

Igni: “Why not a pouch?”

So Igni answered seriously.

Miko: “A pouch?” Igni: “An Adventurer will need to carry around many small tools and equipment, and so you need a pouch to place it in. As a starting Adventurer, you will pour most of your money into weapons and armor, and there are many cases where they don’t have any money left to buy a proper pouch.”

Miko: “Oh! Is that right?!”

Igni: “That’s why I would recommend a pouch.”

Miko: “I’m glad I brought you along, Igni!”

Igni: “Then let’s go take a look around!”

Miko: “Yeah! I have a good store in mind. Let’s go there.”

And with that, Miss Miko walked boldly forward into the Market. This is a location that Igni has come to regularly to scope out some dating spots. So he knows the roads pretty well too.

“Welcomeー oh, it’s just you, Miko.”

Miko: “Hey! Today, I came here to buy a pouch!”

“Then take a good look around……...oh, did you bring your boyfriend here too?”

Miko: “WHー No! He’s not my boyfriend!!”

Her face brightened red all the way to the tip of her head.

She can usually be pretty manly and gruff, but sometimes shows these sides of her.

Igni: (She’s so adorable.)

“Oh, he’s not? What a shame.”

Miko: “He’s just an underclassman in the Student Council!”

Igni: “It is a pleasure making your acquaintance.”

And Igni bows politely.

“Oh, what a nice young man. Aren’t you lucky, Miko. He has a cute face too.”

Miko: “YーYou’re embarrassing him! Could you cut it out?!”

Though Miss Miko is saying that, I think it’s apparent who’s being more troubled by the woman’s taunting. But she’s being super cute, so that’s okay.

Miko: “Today, I here to buy a pouch for Yuma!!”

“For Yuma? Is he already 15? Time flies so quickly…”

Miko: “Yeah, that shrimp wanted to become an Adventurer, so I’m getting him something for that for his birthday.”

“So that’s why you’re out here shopping with your boyfriend.”

Miko: “I told you, he’s not my boyfriend!!”

Igni: (I wonder if she realizes that denying something with a super red face only makes it look more true….)

And Igni casually observed the scene from the sidelines. But he started feeling a little sorry for Miss Miko and decided to lend a helping hand.

Igni: “Miss Miko. Let’s start looking for pouches.”

Miko: “YーYeah, let’s look and see what they have.”

“Take your time.”

And with that, the store lady went to the back of the store.

Igni: “You’re very close to that person.”

Miko: “.........yeah. She’s been looking out for us since we were brats.”

“You’re still a brat to me.”

The lady sticks her head out from the back.

Miko: “AGH!! You scared me! Just stay back there!”

“Okay, okayーー”

And laughing cheerfully, the lady disappeared to the back of the store again.

They’re almost like mother and daughter.

Miko: “There’s a lot of different kinds of pouches. Look at this one, Igni. This one’s cute.”

And Miss Miko picks up a small, pink colored pouch in her hands.

As usual, Miss Miko is displaying high womanly characteristics.

Igni: “It really is a cute pouch.”

Miko: “Then should we choose this one?”

Igni: “Huh?!”

Miko: “Hm? Is that bad?”

Igni: “.......does your younger brother like these kinds of styles?”

Miko: “Oh no. It’s just something I thought was cute.”

Igni: “DーDoes your younger brother like accessorizing with these colors……?”

Miko: “No, he usually chooses the more manly stuff.”

Igni: “ThーThen what about this one?” Igni carefully takes out a navy blue pouch. It’s a pretty good size, and it’s focused on being able to store potions and the knife for collecting materials . It’s practical and pragmatic in every way..

But Miss Miko seems to choose items based on their design, so she might reject such a blandly designed pouch. But as a man, Igni was trying his best to avoid having Miss Miko gift her brother, Yuma, a pink pouch.

But he also didn’t want to do away with Miss Miko’s choice either….

And as Igni went back and forth in his mind…

Miko: “Ohー! This looks great! Let’s do this one then!”

And Miss Miko took the pouch with a bright smile.

Miko: “Heyーー! We decided to go with this oneーー!”

“Sure thing.”

Igni was proud that he just saved the dignity of Miss Miko’s little brother who he had not met.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

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