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Extreme Flame Wizard c105

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Chapter 105: The Curse and the Wizard

Igni: “Oh yeah. Miss Valia. What is a curse exactly?” Valia: “Oh, do you have some interest in learning about it, Mr. Igni?”

Igni: “’s just something I don’t hear about too often.”

They were at the Student Council Meeting room. President Miru, Lilly, Miss Miko, and Yoori were all out on patrol, and Igni, Sara, and Miss Valia remained.

Valia: “But that, is a very difficult question to answer.”

Igni: “About the [Curse]?”

Vali: “Yes. To put it simply, you use the Stagnation and Corruption of Humanity instead of Magic Power for Spells. That would be the easiest explanation.”

Igni: “Instead of Magic Power…..then Miss Valia. When you’re wrapped up all over in bandages, you’re technically accumulating Magic Power in a sense?”

Valia: “No. That’s not quite correct. This is where it gets complicated between Magic Power and Curses.”

Miss Valia sipped her tea in an elegant posture. Her golden blonde hair is amazing as ever.

Igni wondered how she set her rolls every day.

Valia: “A curse is like a Spell but is not a Spell at the same time. For instance, Mr. Igni. Do you know the practice of [Gu]?”

Igni: “Apologies, Miss Valia. I have yet to start studying on the subject.”

Valia: “[Gu] is a Curse Magic where you allow venomous insects to fight against one another, and the last remaining one will hold a powerful curse within its body.”

Igni: ‘.......what do they do with the last remaining insect?”

Valia: “They typically make it into a servant in many cases.”

Igni: “Is that what you do?” Valia: “Oh no. My Curse is different.”

With that, Miss Valia poured Igni a cup of tea and handed it to him. Since it was offered by a woman, Igni received it gladly, and as he recalled the manners of when he was a Noble, he sipped the tea.

Valia: “My Curse is more ancient and primitive in origin. But the more primitive a Curse is, the stronger it is.”

Igni: “Is that so?” Valia: “Oh, Mr. Igni. I thought, out of all people, you would find this theory most agreeable.”

Igni: “.......Ohhh, yes. I see now. That’s what you mean.”

After a moment of contemplation, Igni nods at Miss Valia’s words.

Miss Valia as well, didn’t expect Igni to question, “Is primitive strength stronger?”, since Igni himself took the simplest {Fireball} and raised it to a <Magic> <Miracle> level.

In fact, he is living proof of her theory.

Valia: “A [Curse] is categorized officially as a [Darkness] Magic Type. But a [Curse] is more complex and undefined than that.”

Igni: “Undefined?” Valia: “Yes. In Spells, [If you do A, then B occurs]. These kinds of causality are determined, correct? [Curses] are different.”

Igni: “....meaning the results are not determined?”

Valia: “To put it most simply, yes. That is the correct way to think about it.”

Sara, who was sitting beside Igni, began to nod her head as she fell asleep and fell over onto Igni. Sara’s violet hair spreads all over Igni’s lap. Igni combed her hair with his hand away from her face so she can breathe easier.

Valia: “Even if you take the same steps, you cannot expect the same effect. That is the nature of [Curses].”

Igni: “It is very imprecise then.”

Valia: “Yes. A Curse you’re expecting a result of 10 could turn out as 5 or 7.”

Miss Valia smiles kindly at Igni as she speaks.

Igni: “Why did you choose to specialize in [Curses]?”

Valia: “If you were to flip the logic, it also means that a [Curse] with an expected result of 10 could turn into 100 or 1,000 at times. Besides, I had no talent. You understand then, correct?”

Igni: “I see.”

When it comes down to it, she was also the same as Igni.

Miko: “We’re back!”

Yoori: “WーWe’ve returned.”

Miss Miko and Yoori return to the Student Council’s Meeting room.

Igni: “Welcome back, Miss Miko!”

Miko: “Oh, Sara is asleep. I’ll keep it down.”

Miss Miko smiled as she whispered and closed the door to the room.

Igni: “How was it today, Miss Miko?”

Miko: “There weren't as many things going wrong today, so it was relatively easy. Miru should be coming back shortly too.”

Igni: “Miss Miko, could I pour you some tea?” Miko: “Nah, I’m good. Yoori, what about you?” Yoori: “I will have some!”

As soon as Yoori spoke up, the door to the Student Council Room opened in a great fury.



The door to the room banged against the wall, and President Miru entered.

Because she made such a loud racket, it made Sara’s body flinch.

Lilly: “WーWe are back…..”

And Lilly enters the room apologetically.

Miko: “IーIdiot. Miru, you’re being too loud. Sara was asleep.”

Sara: “......awake.”

And Miss Miko chastises President Miru as Sara wakes up with an irritated expression on her face. You can’t blame her. Anyone who just fell asleep would feel grumpy if they were suddenly woken up ー is what Igni was thinking as he gazed at her violet colored hair.

Miru: “Oh no. I’m sorry, Sara.”

President Miru apologetically gestures with her hands together, and then turns towards the Student Council Members.

Miru: “Then today’s activities are complete! See you tomorrow!”

Igni: “Are we disbanding already?”

Igni throws the question to President Miru.

Miru: “Well, everyone in the Club Activities are getting ready to go home, and there’s no paperwork I have to do today.”

Miko: “Oh, Igni. I have something I want to talk to you about, so can you remain behind?”

Miss Miko remembered something as she asked Igni.

Of course, Igni said yes whole heartedly.

Igni: “Me? Sure, that’s fine.”

Yoori: “Then I’ll see you back at home, Igni.”

And Yoori leaves the room. Sara headed to Ms. Elenoir’s office, and from there, she will return to the underground room. Even though she has a [path] connected to Igni, if she continued to pour her Magic Power daily, Igni would eventually overload his Magic Power Capacity.

So today, she has the Empire’s Magic Artifact bracelet on her arm.

As the Student Council members left, Miss Miko and Igni were left in the room.

With the sunset at her back, Miss Miko turns towards Igni.

Igni: “What did you want to talk about?”

Miss Miko seemed to have a hard time breaking out her question and fidgeted as she looked at Igni.

Miko: “Ohhhhー Umーー well…..”

Miss Miko scratches her cheeks uncomfortably.

Igni: (What did she want to ask of me?)

Igni: (Maybe she wants my body?!?)

If it’s Miss Miko, Igni was completely okay with that.

As he thought about these things, Miss Miko made up her mind, and opened her mouth to speak.

Miko: “Igni, sorry. Do you mind tagging along with me while I shop?” Igni: “Shopping? Of course!”

Miko: “Really?! Thanks!”

And with that, Miss Miko took Igni’s hand.

Igni: (So soft……….!!)

Miss Miko likes to spring on Igni her feminine side when he least expects it so it startled Igni.

Igni would fall hard for her if she keeps this up.

Igni falls easily for girls regardless, but in his mind, he had a serious expression on his face as he thought about these things.


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Gu (Poison Bug) (kodoku) (蟲毒)


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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