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Extreme Flame Wizard c101


CHONKY Notes - Chapters 100 - 103 are appendices that the author wrote prior to starting Book 4


Book 2 Character Introductions


【Name】: Lura

【Wizard’s Title】:


【Notable Characteristics】

The Disciple of Ms. Mira. She is one of the few elves that keeps in touch with Ms. Mira since her Master was excommunicated from the Elves, and Lura is also part of the Revolutionary Party. She does not believe that there is a future if Elves continue to follow old traditions and laws. She is also the assistant to the [Extreme] of [Sword], and serves as a somewhat executive secretarial role and completes miscellaneous tasks for her. She knows Lilly since Lilly was a baby, and speaks to her as she would her own daughter.


【Name】: Lilly

【Wizard’s Title】: None

【Abilities】: [Wind]

【Notable Characteristics】

Hates humans. Or rather, she has never spoken to human beings before, but growing up in the Elves’ nation, the Elders embedded in her some stereotypes of humans in general, and meeting Igni, many of those assumptions have been revised. She was chosen as a guard to escort the Elves’ weapon, so she is strong. As far as how strong, she can fight evenly with Alicia and Iris. But there are not many scenes where her true strength is noted.

This is a side note, but Elves can only give birth to females, and though they have long lifespans, they are absolutely loyal to their first love, and because of that, the number of Elves have been gradually dwindling. So from that perspective, she carries on the hopes of the Elves around her as she represents a possible new generation. Good luck. You can do it, Lilly!


【Name】: Floria

【Wizard’s Title】: “Ocean”

【Abilities】: [Water] : [SS] “The Miracle of the Ocean”

【Notable Characteristics】

She is the [Extreme that represents the Holy Nation. Her main role is to protect the [Saint] of the Holy Nation. But there has not been a [Saint] born for many years, so protecting Rose was her first assignment. On top of her blessed gifts and talents, the Holy Nation has bestowed upon her all of their knowledge of battle and warfare since she could remember, and because of it, she has monstrous strength and abilities. Unlike Celia and Clara’s zero-range close combat, she can also fight mid-range and long-range, but because she doesn’t have an ultimate attack that can defeat any foe, her tactics are based upon drawing the opponent into a disadvantageous fighting situation. But that tactics of hers is well known, and opponents will try to force their advantage upon her and puts her at a disadvantage.

As far as her <Magic>, she is the ultimate [Defense] Magician. As <Magic> can create something from nothing, her <Magic> reverses that process and reduces something into nothing. By reducing all given results to zero, her <Magic> basically nullifies any Spell or <Magic> <as if they never existed in the first place>. The ocean is capable of swallowing all things, and from there, they derived the name <The Miracle of the Ocean>. She is the one who gave it that name, and she would whisper the name to herself when no one is around, so she likes the name quite a bit. Good for her.


【Name】: Clara

【Wizard’s Title】: “Sword”

【Abilities】: [Water] : [SS] [My Sword that reached God himself - Porus Gladio]

【Notable Characteristics】

She is blind. A loli with huge breasts. Elf. And she is unable to use Spells. She was an infant that lost her parents during the Great War against the [Demon King], and one of the Party Members of the Hero, the [Master Swordsman] adopted her and taught her the ways of the sword. The reason is because Elves are very loyal to their kinsman, but they did not have the capacity to raise a child who could not use Spells in the direct aftermaths of the Great War. Afterwards, the “Master Swordsman” rigorously trained her to overcome her blindness and was able to reach the realms of <Magic>. Her success was due to her insane determination and overcame her training that washed blood with new blood. This is a side note, but the very first “Master Swordsman” was named Cain Esmeralda, and as you can tell from his name, he is Alicia’s and Celia’s ancestor. The ones who taught Celia her sword skills were all descendants from the first “Master Swordsman.”

Her <Magic> is to remove all conditions to [cut] something and to only leave the result of something being [cut] ー <The Miracle of the Sword>. She named the <Magic> Spell herself. Names hold power. A strong move deserves a strong name ー is what she thought.

<Magic> and Spells are fundamentally different so it is possible for someone who can’t use Spells to become Magicians, but she is <the first in history> to be able to use <Magic> without being able to use Spells. This is a side note, but names of moves helps people recognize the move, but even if you don’t know its name, there is no problem.

・The Marionette

【Name】: The Marionette

【Wizard’s Title】: “Ruler”

【Abilities】: [Unique Original] : [Rule] [Earth] Magic Type

【Notable Characteristics】

Mercenary. He is part of the group that will not hesitate to attack his own homeland for the right price. The reason why he became a mercenary was because “He wanted to be a Hero.” Age-wise, he is beginning to reach middle age, and he makes it a point to always give himself the field advantage. But no matter how much he may be losing, he will focus on simply “not losing” and persist till the enemy breaks ー this was his conclusive fighting style after long years of endless war. But if you were to look beneath his determination, depending on the situation, you can see his lack of self-confidence in his own strength, so seeing someone like Igni who mastered a single thing and focuses on “penetrating and breaking through a singular point,” the Marionette has realized that his own fighting style is the result of ultimately running away from that end goal. In order to justify his own fighting style, he reached out to Forbidden Spells but lost to Igni. No one knows what happened to him after being inspired by Igni’s youth and passion.


【Name】: Kuro

【Wizard’s Title】:

【Abilities】: [Ancient Spell]

【Notable Characteristics】

She is part of the Demon Race. The Demon Race has been oppressed and persecuted since before 100 years ago. They were a Race under constant discrimination. In order to reverse their status, they cooperated with the [Demon King], and cornered the Human Race, but because the [Hero] defeated the [Demon King], the Demon Race’s discrimination was revived. She is amongst one of them. She concluded that “nothing can be done” about the present discrimination, and in order “to do something,” she decided that reviving the [Demon King] was the only answer.


【Name】: Kaede

【Wizard’s Title】:

【Abilities】: [Earth] 【Chi】manipulation

【Notable Characteristics】

The Kunoichi (Ninja Girl) who never once had her name published in the main series. She is from the East and is not accustomed to the Common Language. As a side note, she is perpetually financially broke. The Wizards of the Main Continent are focused on mastering Spells, but in the East, they approach strength differently and have developed many well-rounded warriors. That is due to learning to master the [Chi] manipulation, and just like you would for using Spells, they manipulate Magic Power within their own body to exponentially increase their physical abilities.


【Name】: Rania

【Wizard’s Title】: “White”


【Notable Characteristics】

She is the elder sister of the Mercenary Sister “Black and White.” She is always thinking about how to make their Mercenary name more famous. She met her [little sister] Nie in one war-torn region, and to make themselves more well known, she explained to Nie that it’ll be better to sell themselves as “sisters." With an astonished look, Nie said, “You’re a genius….!” and being delighted with the idea, they decided to form a team.

She is not that great with Spells, and she will generally use weapons found in Dungeons to fight. She is strong in general, but she does not stick out as anything outstanding. They are hoping to make themselves well known from this point on, and they are setting themselves long term plans and goals for the future. She believes her [little sister] Nie is a one in a century genius, and Rania blames her poor marketing skills for their lack of achieving fame. If you ask her why she chose to be sisters, she was the last born in a family and always wanted a younger [brother] or [sister]. I will explain the Wizard’s title origin at another time.


【Name】: Nie

【Wizard’s Title】: “Black”

【Abilities】: [Darkness]

【Notable Characteristics】

She was praised as being “Extreme-Class” by Kuro. She is only one step away from achieving <Magic>, but she has been struggling at this stage for quite a while now, but in general, <Magic> is something a Wizard will spend a lifetime trying to achieve and never reach it in the end. But being able to reach that stage that’s one step away in her teens definitely earns her the notoriety as a rare genius. But because of that, she can only use Spells. Her family could not afford to send her to any Wizard’s Academy, so she became a mercenary.

But strength alone doesn’t land you mercenary jobs, and while she was performing a duty that anyone could do, she met her [elder sister] Rania, and being shown a new business method of making themselves more well-known, she believes her sister Rania is <a genius incomparable to her>. She was also the eldest in her family so she always wanted an older [brother] or [sister]. I will explain the Wizard’s title origin at another time.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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