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Extreme Flame Wizard c10

Updated: May 31, 2021

Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Chapter 10: The New Semester and the Wizard!




Ocean! I’m at the ocean!

Girls in swimsuits are calling Igni’s name.

“Hey! Igni’s going to play with me!”

“What?! No! Igni’s coming with me!”

“What you talking about! Igni is mine!”

Oh, the 3 are fighting over me.

I need to intervene very coolly.

Igni, in an exaggerated fashion, exhales and catches their attention.

He shrugs and looks at each of them.

Igni: “It’s simple, why don’t we all play together?”

“Oh Igni! You’re such a genius~!!”

“Y-you’re right! I never would have thought of that! Igni, you’re so smart!”

“You’re so cool, Igni! You’re so awesome~”

Igni: “Fufufu, yeah, yeah, I know. I know I’m super cool.”

With the burning sun behind his back, Igni has a conceited smile stretch across his face.


Igni hears a distant voice from somewhere.

But he ignores it.

Igni: (How could I abandon these ladies?! What kind of man would I be if I leave now….!)


But the voice keeps nagging and annoying Igni with multiple attempts.

Igni: “What do you mean morning?! It’s noontime here!”

“Igni, what’s wrong?” “Yeah, c’mon, Igni. Let’s go play.”


The 3 look at Igni curiously.


At that moment, Igni woke.

Yoori: “Oh thank goodness! You finally woke up!”

Yoori breathes a huge sigh of relief.

Igni: “....huh? Wait… where’s the ocean...?”

Yoori: “Ocean? What are you talking about? Hurry up and get dressed or you’ll be late!”

Igni: “..........”

Realizing what just happened, life fades from Igni’s eyes as he steps off his bed like a dead man walking.

Igni: “.....thanks….for waking me up, Yoori.”

Igni thanks his roommate.

Even though Igni is not a morning person (understatement), Yoori has been diligent in waking Igni up every morning.

Even if… that was the best part of the dream that Yoori was interrupting.

Yoori: “Hey, don’t worry about it! Back at home, I had to take care of my little sisters.”

Yoori is cute with a smile.

The morning light reflects on the white hair, and it almost looks mystical. Even though he’s a guy. The beauty almost matches that of the supposedly extinct fairy race. Even though he’s a dude.

Igni: “, thank you….I’m really not a morning person…”

Yoori: “You had a great expression on your face. What kind of dream were you having?”

Igni gets dressed into the school uniform, and Yoori sits in his chair and swings his legs around. Every movement is really, REALLY cute. Even though he’s a man.

Igni: “.....the ocean…”

Yoori: “Oh yeah, you mentioned something about that.”

Igni: “...Yeah, it was ….a dream about ….fighting at the beach…”

My lies have been getting more refined and extreme lately.

But even so.

Igni understands that the man who broadcasts that he wants to be popular with the ladies IS the man who WILL NOT be popular with them.

You can’t be a hungry, ravenous wolf, and you can’t give off the aura of a ravenous wolf.

So that’s why Igni decided on a school persona on someone who’s constantly obsessed with fighting.

Secret to Popularity No. 5 --- “Women love a man with a core character.”

Yoori: “Even though you were fighting, you were smiling…”

Igni: “It was an easy victory.”

Yoori: “Ah, got it.”

Igni finally felt awake, and took the bread that Yoori brought from the school cafeteria and went outside.

Yoori: “Finally! It’s the first day of classes!”

Igni: “Yeah, time really flies.”

Yoori is shorter than Igni.

So when they walk next to each other, Igni has to look down to talk to him.

And even though Yoori is a guy, he stands very close. He says it’s a habit he picked up from his rural country town, and seeing his face up close just confirms how cute his roommate is. UGH, but Yoori is male.


Yoori: “Because you helped me with my moving boxes, we got the room organized a lot faster.”

Igni: “Well, it’s my room too.”

Yoori: “Fufu, we’re going to be together for 3 years.”

Yoori blushes a bit.


Igni: “Hey, Yoori.”

Yoori: “What’s wrong, Igni?”

Igni: “Why are you a man...?”

Yoori: “What?! What a deep question!!”

Well, as we talk, we arrive at the school.

Because we live in a dormitory on campus, the walk is less than 5 minutes which is a huge plus.

The downside is that we can’t invite girls to our rooms.

Igni: “Hey, look over there. They posted all the class rosters over there.”

Yoori: “You’re right! Everyone’s checking it out! Let’s go!”

Yoori pulls on Igni’s hand, and they both run.

Yoori grew up on a farm in a rural area, but his hands are incredibly soft. They’re soft, and they’re warm.

Igni: (.....sigh…)

Yoori: “Huh? Igni, you okay? What was that sigh about?”

Igni: “Oh, no, that wasn’t a sigh! It was nothing!”

Igni: (.....sigh….)

Anyways, I let out a huge, disappointed sigh inside my heart. I’m sure it’s well deserved.

Yoori: “HEY! LOOK IGNI! We’re in the same class! We’re Class D!”

Igni: “WHAT?! D?!?!”

Igni could not ignore this fact and stands up.

Igni: “That’s 4th from the top!!”

Igni: (Th---this is bad! Women like strong men so…!!)

But this is Igni, we’re talking about.

His genius mind had a sudden, well-timed epiphany.

Igni: (Y--yeah, even if I’m Class D, I just have to move up to Class A next year, and the girls will see my hard work with results….!!)

At this moment, Igni’s motivation climaxed as he anticipated this upcoming year.

But Yoori kindly smiled and let Igni know.

Yoori: “Igni, you’re class is irrelevant to your grades the first year. You didn’t know?”

Igni: “What?! Is that true?!”

Yoori: “Yeah, they start rating you by classes starting your second year. The teacher at the entrance exam said so.”

Igni: “Oh...d--did he?”

At that time, all Igni could think about was murdering Lucas.

He feels a pang of guilt which shows on his face.

Alicia: “Oh? Isn’t that Igni?!”

Talking with Yoori, Igni hears a voice from above.

Igni looks up and sees a witch on a broom.

….I---I can! I can see inside her!!

Igni: “Oh, it’s you, Alicia. It’s been a while.”

Since it’s a girl, unlike Yoori, Igni goes full throttle on the charm.

Alicia: “You don’t have to be so… dramatic. I’m in the same Class D. Good luck in the class.”

And she brushed it off completely unaffected.

Yoori: “Oh! You’re Class D too? I am as well! It’s nice to meet you!”

Alicia: “A...a boku-girl?!”

Just like Igni, Alicia is reacting to Yoori in exactly the same way he did with just as much curiosity as she takes Yoori’s hands.

Alicia: “I’m Alicia. It’s nice to meet you.”

Yoori: “Hi, Alicia. It’s a pleasure meeting you too.”

Both shake hands with a smile.

Later, Alicia approaches Igni.

Alicia: (How did you get to know a boku-girl like her!)

Igni: (We’re in the same dorm.)

Alicia: (The same dorm?! Does this school have a co-ed dorm?)

Igni: (Of course not)

Igni couldn’t help but laugh mischievously.

He’s already forgotten about what happened to him a few weeks back.

Alicia: (Yeah, thought so…)

Alicia was thinking about this for a while.


Igni: (Of course not. It’s a simpler answer.)

Alicia: (...........?)

Igni: (Yoori is a guy.)

Alicia falls to her knees.

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Jun 30, 2023

As I thought, a Trap is the worst enemy for Harem-seeking protagonist. A Trap most fearful ability is not the physical damage, but the SAN damage. I was also hurt in this chapter, not only Igni and Alicia.


Dione Rowler
Dione Rowler
Mar 18, 2022

It's a TRAP


Stormer_ Ils
Stormer_ Ils
Oct 02, 2021

"Even though he’s a man."

That's the best part!


Aug 11, 2021

based alicia


May 28, 2021

Thanks for the chapter ~

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