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CHONKY TL will be back Monday, July 12th!!

Thank you all for all your support! June 2021 was another amazing month for CHONKY TL Novels. I officially started this site on May 12, 2021 in connection to Since then, there was 50,000 post reads in May, and the site reached 200,000 post reads by the end of June! I did not make my 150 TL WN Chapters Goal, but we reached the 140 TL chapters mark, and I will be starting back up with posting scheduled TL chapters at 9:00 PM U.S. Central Standard Time.

I am taking a short vacation currently and will be focusing on chapter edits and HOPEFULLY, will figure out how to make a simple HTML button that will enable Dark-Mode (zero programming experience is a huge blocker though, and the last site editing fiasco is still fresh on my mind).

With my current day-time work schedule and time I need to set aside for my son, I had to scale down from 3 chapters per day to 2 chapters a day. I have a new TL suggestion so a total of 4 TL Japanese WN Series will be available starting next week.

Thank you for your patience! Your comments and input are invaluable to me, and I am glad that you are enjoying Japanese WN as much as I do!

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