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Chapter 33: A Surprising Tactic

Yuto immediately dashed forward.

Before the Soldier could get ready, Yuto slashes.

In a single moment, the head of the Soldier falls to the ground.

Without stopping, Yuto continues towards the Magician.

But before Yuto could get there, the Magician beat him to the first strike.

“Ungen-i-Áo, Ungen-ey-Áo”

With an ear screeching incantation, a ball of flame appears before Yuto.

ーーIt’s a [Fireball]!

Yuto tries to dodge to the side.

But the [Fireball] is already right before his eyes.

No! It's a direct hit!!

The moment Yuto realizes this…

Yuto: “AHHHHH!!!!”

Yuto instinctively swings his sword.

The next moment…

ーーBOH!! (*sfx flames)

The sword cuts the [Fireball] in half.

Yuto: “..........huh?”

The pieces [Fireball] split off to Yuto’s side.

One of the embers slightly burns Yuto’s cheek.

The slight pain brings Yuto back from his trance.

He did not expect that his sword would cut through a spell.

But this is his opportunity.

His opponent still has yet to recover from the shock of what it just saw happen.

Yuto: “ーーSH!!”

Not letting the opportunity pass, Yuto quickly beheads the Magician.

He remains for a moment with his sword swung through.

Hearing the Magician’s body hit the ground, Yuto swings the blood off the blade, and puts his katana back in his sheath slowly.

Yuto: “..........fwew….”

Eliz: “MーMr. Yuto, are you okay, yes?!”

Eliz quickly runs up beside Yuto.

She quickly places a hand on his back and casts [HEAL].

Yuto: “Oh, um...thanks.”

Eliz: “No worries, yes. But Mr. Yuto, I can’t believe you can cut spells too!”

Yuto: “Yーyeah…...I was surprised myself.”

Spells are a phenomenon that is created from magic power.

Yuto never thought once that a phenomenon such as that could be physically cut.

But Yuto did split the [Fireball] in half.

Yuto: (The reason must be my weapon and specialty…)

Mithril has numerous effects when it interacts with spells.

If you make a Mithril Staff, your spell rate increases. If you have Mithril armor, your magic resistance increases.

Because Mithril carries these kinds of properties, Yuto was able to interact with spells in such a way with a Mithril weapon.

In addition, Yuto acquired [Critical Thrust].

With a Mithril blade that can interact with spells, Yuto was able to strike the critical weak point of the spell itself.

As a result, the spell was cut in half.

As he was collecting the monster stones, Yuto quickly glanced to confirm his Quest status.

[Receive a spell 100 times (1/100)]

Yuto: (Wait…..? What? My count went up by one…..)

The Quest he tabled had increased its count by 1.

Yuto: (Are you telling me that…….)

Yuto places a finger on his cheek as he thinks.

Yuto was treated and completely healed, but before, he actually had a blister on his cheek where the ember hit him where he touched.

This small wound was deemed as sufficient as “receiving a spell.”

Yuto: (If I was to use the same method and have the embers land on me, it counts as a spell hit!!)

Now, there’s a chance that he can complete and clear more quests.

Seeing a new hope arise, Yuto’s blood and adrenaline began pumping.


Eliz: “Uーummm…...Mr. Yuto?”

Yuto: “Yeah, what’s up?”

Eliz: “How long are we going to continue hunting…...yes?”

Currently, Yuto and Eliz are fighting on the 9th Floor.

Yuto has defeated exactly 100 on each floor, and Yuto has been slowly clearing the Monster Slaying Quest for each type of monster.

Currently, the Monster Slaying count is 576.

They have collected about half of what is needed for the Guild Request.

And in addition, Yuto is also completing the D-Rank Chain Quest with great efficiency.

Once this fight is done, Yuto will be even stronger!

With that certainty pushing him forward, Yuto held back the urge to keep rushing forward, and took a moment to answer Eliz.

Yuto: “How long? …...ummm….until we’re done.”

Eliz: “WHAT?!”

Hearing Yuto’s words, Eliz jumped into the air.

Yuto: (Did I say something that unexpected?)

Yuto cocks his head to the side in wonder.

Yuto: “Don’t worry, Eliz. I’m not going to push myself beyond my limit.”

This isn’t the surface. It’s inside a Dungeon.

If Yuto pushes himself too far, his life will end.

After 10 years of grueling experience inside Dungeons, this was something Yuto knew all too well.

So in Yuto’s mind, he had no intention of taking any unnecessary risks.

Yuto: “......OH! Here, Eliz. Let me give you this ring.”

Eliz: “AーA RING, YES?!?!”

Eliz jumped even higher this time.

But unlike before, a reddish, pinkish hue is coloring her face now.

In her hands, Yuto placed a fairly large ring.

This ring was awarded to him when he cleared the [Receive a Spell 100 Times] and was sitting inside his inventory.

The name of the item is [The Ring of Magic Power].

If it’s the same kind of item as Yuto has received before, then this ring should increase the Magic Reserves of the wearer.

If Yuto was a Spellcaster, he would have used it himself, but he is a Swordsman.

In that case, he thought that having Eliz wear this ring would be much better and gave the ring to her.

Eliz: “Hmmmmmmmmm………..”

Eliz tries on the ring, but the large size is problematic.

It doesn’t fit at all. It doesn’t fit any of her fingers, but she just couldn’t let it go.

It was at that moment...

Eliz: “WHー?!”

The ring shrunk and fit perfectly on Eliz’ pinky.

Eliz: “Mr. Yuto! This is a magic artifact, yes?!”

Yuto: “Ummmmm…. Maybe? It’s supposed to raise your magic reserve I think.”

Eliz: “Thーthat’s a rare item, yes?!”

Eliz looks at the ring on her hand, and suddenly begins to panic.

It would be the same if she received a very fragile, VERY expensive glass ring, and she didn’t know what to do with it.

Eliz: “IーI can’t! This is something I shouldn’t have, yes?!”

Yuto: “Really? But you’re the Healer of the party. I think it would be a good idea to raise your overall magic reserve, no?”

Eliz: “But……..this is so expensive…..”

Yuto: “Eliz, you’re the very first EVER party member for me, so if it’s okay with you, I would like you to use that ring.”

Yuto was being sincere.

Up until know, Yuto was a perpetual E-Rank - the weakest of the weak of Adventurers.

He was able to earn some trust as a luggage carrier to a certain degree.

And in Kronos, many parties have selected and even preferred Yuto to be their luggage carrier.

But even so, no one would ever offer Yuto a permanent place in their party.

Of course, Yuto couldn’t blame them.

Where would you ever find anyone crazy enough to trust Yuto, the weakest of all Adventurers, with their lives…..?

But among them, Eliz appeared.

It was Eliz who asked Yuto to be his party member!

It may have been possible that if Yuto continued as a solo adventurer, someone may have asked him to join their party sooner or later.

But that first voice, that first offer to be a party with him….was Eliz.

Eliz was the first.

So Yuto wanted Eliz to have this [Ring of Magic Power] as s show of his thanks and appreciation.

Even though she turned blue and pale in the face, she continued to cast [HEAL] on him.

Eliz was that kind of hard worker, and that kind of small and amazing Healer.

Eliz: “Uh….Um….ThーTHANK YOU, YES!!”

And to Yuto, Eliz’ cheeks glowed red.

Unable to control her excitement, she kept fidgeting and spinning her fingers in circles.







A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: By Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)


Original Source Link:

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