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Chapter 93: Believe in Your Friends

Yuto: “ーー{THUNDERBOLT}!!”

>> Within 2 Hours, Eliminate 3000 Monsters (2687/3000)]

The Monsters may have felt some sense of danger from Yuto who was taking them out by the hundreds…

….because there were many more Spells now headed towards Yuto’s way.

But Thames deflected every single Spell with grace and ease.

Yuto was able to focus solely on his role of attacking and not have to worry about these attacks.

Yuto: “ーー{THUNDERBOLT}!!”

>> You have cleared the Emergency Quest: Within 2 Hours, Eliminate 3000 Monsters

>> Extra Quest: Slay as many Monsters as you can (454)


Yuto immediately erased the Quest screen that popped up in front of him and cast another Spell.


Yuto could feel blood start welling up in the back of his throat.

>>Slay as many Monsters as you can (1131)

Dannan: “HーHey, Yuto. Are you really okay?”

Yuto: “I’m…..ok……...ay…..”

Dannan worriedly looked onto Yuto, but Yuto continued brushed off his concerns, braced himself for another Spell and cast it.

Yuto: “{THUNDERーー, BOLTーー}!! (COUGH!!)”

Blood sprinkled from Yuto’s mouth as he coughed.

>>Slay as many Monsters as you can (1831)

Eliz: “Mr. Yuto?! Please!! You’ve done enough!”

Yuto: “Eliz……...I’m…..okay……”

Eliz tugged at his sleeves with tears in her eyes.

But Yuto shook his head and began concentrating his Magic Power inside of his body.

Yuto: “ーー{THUNDERーー BOLT}!!”

>>Slay as many Monsters as you can (2531)

On the 7th {Thunderbolt}, Yuto’s sight turned pitch black.

ーーblack out.

It’s only a symptom the worst of all Magic Exhaustion victims suffer.

If he casts any more Spells, it will start to threaten Yuto’s life.

But even so, Yuto continued to hold onto the staff and did not let it go.

Eliz: “MーMr. Yuto!!”

Yuto: “NーNot yet…….”

Eliz: “Mr. Yuto! You’re going to die, yes!!”

Dannan: “Yeah, Yuto! If you keep going, you’re going to definitely die!”

Yuto: “But……..there’s still…...more Monsters……..”

Below the City Walls, there were still swarms and packs of Monsters trying to destroy the outer wall.

There were definitely less Monsters now.

It was apparent that their numbers declined, but their numbers are not dwindling fast enough.

At this rate, the next time Yuto wakes up, Kronos may be no more.

With that thought haunting his conscience, Yuto was unable to stop casting his Spells.

Yuto’s sight is slowly returning to normal.

He’ll be able to fire a Spell now.

But as soon as Yuto thought so, no matter how much he concentrated, Magic Power would not flow into the Staff.

There was not even a single, tiny drop of Magic Power left in his body.

Yuto: “No……… this rate………….”

Will he just have to watch the Monsters invade and destroy the city…….?

It was when he strongly gritted his teeth when a thought struck him.

Inside Yuto’s mind, he thought of one way to defeat more Monsters.

He wouldn’t have to swing his Katana. He wouldn’t have to use any Magic Power, and he would be able to defeat Monsters efficiently and effectively.

But in order to do that, he would have to move around.

But right now, Yuto’s body refused to listen to him.

Yuto: (UGH……! If only my body just moved…..even just a little bit……!!)

With his Magic Power supply exhausted, it would have been normal for Yuto to have lost consciousness.

But Yuto held onto it by the skin of his teeth with just his will power alone.

Of course, he had no strength left in him to move.

But as he glared at the tide of Monsters before him, his body floated up into the air.

Yuto: “Huh…..? Miss Thames?”

Thames: “ haven’t given up yet, right?” Thames placed her arm around Yuto’s shoulder and lifted him up.

But Eliz’ brows instantly angled sharply with outrage at the sight.

Eliz: “Miss Thames! Mr. Yuto is at his limit!! If he moves any more, Mr. Yuto will die, yes!! Please, stop this right now!!”

Thames: “........have you lost your senses, shorty?”

Eliz: “Shorー.......”

Eliz’ ears brightened from pink to red with her face.

Her anger was about to erupt.

But before Yuto could step in to stop her, Thames opened her mouth to speak with strong determination burning in her own eyes.

Thames: “Yuto hasn’t given up yet. So if you did stop Yuto right now, and Kronos ended up getting destroyed, Yuto will regret this day for the rest of his life. Even if he knew that the end result wouldn’t have changed even if he fought or not.

If he didn’t do everything he possibly could and tens of thousands of people died, Yuto will have to carry the weight of the dead on his shoulders for the rest of his life. He’s going to live in miserable agony that will make him wish he was dead every day. Did you even think about that? He’s going to be asking himself why he was the one that survived. So are you telling him to stop even knowing that? You want Yuto to live carrying that burden?”

No one doubted that Thames’ words held weight ー weight that could have only come from personal experience.

Sensing Thames’ passion, the crimson color faded from Eliz’ face.

Eliz: “But……….even if that were true……..”

Thames: “Right now, there’s a horde of Monsters before our eyes. And even in the face of that, even though he’s over his limits, he still hasn’t given up. Is it your job as his friend to stop him here? And you’re going to stop him knowing that doing so will scar him for the rest of his life? Is that what a friend does? ーーNo, that’s not. If you truly are his friend, you would have his back and support him, wouldn’t you?! If you are Yuto’s friend, then help him to the end!!”

At those words, Yuto felt something burn deep inside his chest.

The smoldering flames inside his heart began to instantly erupt into a bonfire.

Yuto: “.........Miss Thames………..thank you very much.”

Thames: “Don’t thank me until your job is done. So, what are we gonna do?”

Yuto: “First, please take me over there.”

Following Yuto’s directions, Thames takes Yuto to the edge of the City Walls.

There, Yuto secretly took out his Skill Board.

He tapped on the board quickly and moved to the inventory screen.

He took out an item that was stored there and continued to bring each one out.

The item was the stone rubble from demolished buildings.

Yuto began to one by one, take out the stone rubble that he stored in his inventory while he was rescuing people into the air.

The stone pieces that suddenly appeared in mid-air were pulled downwards with gravity.

It accelerated for 20 meters (~66 ft) and with a <CRASH>, they smashed into the ground.


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Book 3: To Walk Down the Straight and Narrow Path

A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

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