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Chapter 91: Mission Impossible

[Emergency Quest : Within 2 Hours, Eliminate 3000 Monsters (0/3000)]

From the situation, it’s a Quest that is definitely related to the Monsters packed outside.

But it’s 3000 in 2 hours.

Yuto: “Isn’t this pretty much impossible?” Yuto strained a smile at the Quest info.

Up until now, Yuto has defeated 1000 Monsters in one day.

And even that exhausted his body.

And now, it’s 3 times that amount.

And the time limit is 2 hours, which is barely nothing.

He calculated that he would have to defeat 25 Monsters within each minute.

This is not a Quest that can be cleared with just swinging a Katana.

Yuto immediately gave up any hopes of challenging this Quest with his Katana.

But he did not give up clearing the Quest itself.

One small possibility is to clear the Quest with Spells.

But the number of Monsters he could defeat with his {Lightning} is laughable.

Yuto: “...........wait, I guess there’s still a chance……..?” The Monsters are attacking the outer walls.

Standing on top of the periodically shaking wall, Yuto quickly navigates through his Skill Board.

There’s no telling when the outer walls will crumble so there’s no time to take time on making decisions.

Yuto first took out two items that were stored in his inventory.

One is the the Nereids’ Staff that he got from the Treasure Chest.

The other is the [Occupation Assignment Scroll: <Spellcaster>].

Yuto holds the Staff underneath his arms, and opens the Occupation Scroll.

Yuto: “Occupation Assignment ーー Spellcaster.”

If he uses this Occupation Scroll, he may no longer be a Swordsman.

Or there might not even be an affect on him for using it.

But he couldn’t dwell on such possibilities, and without hesitation, Yuto used the Occupation Scroll.

He will do everything he can to change this situation.

That was all that Yuto had on his mind at this point.

The Occupation Scroll disappeared, and Yuto checked his Status screen quickly.

His eyes widened as he looked at his Occupation section.

Yuto: “Huh? WhーWhat? Why isn’t it a Spellcaster?” >> Occupation: Swordsman → Magic Swordsman

Yuto’s Occupation changed from Swordsman to Magic Swordsman.

This is not an occupation that’s even been rumored about, and it was the first time Yuto has ever heard of it.

Yuto: “The Swordsman and Spellcaster combined and became a Magic Swordsman? So if you combine other Occupations together, you can find new Occupations….? OH WAIT! There’s no time for that!”

Yuto shook off all the analytical thoughts out from his mind.

By becoming a Magic Swordsman, the Minus Disadvantage placed on his Skills were changed to Plus Advantages.

His Plus Advantages from before remained the same.

The demerits of a Swordsman were erased completely.

Next, Yuto pours his Skill Point into his Spell.

>> Skill Point: 15 → 5

>> {Lightning Lv 2} → {Lightning Lv 3} ― <   >

But then, next to the {Lightning}, a blank space appeared.

Yuto: “Hm? What’s this blank space? If the tree is extending, it is an Awakened Skill? No, if that was the case, it would be a “???” like before…….”

If his Spell could be strengthened by an Awakened Skill, it would be too good to be true.

But Yuto is unable to determine if his Skill Awakened or not.

As he remained confused at the appearance of the blank space, Yuto instinctively touches the space with his finger.

Then, a new window popped up on top of his screen.

[Please choose the Middle-Class Spell you would like to obtain]

[Lightning Emperor’s Bow] {Zigg Shot} [Lightning Thunder Storm] {Thunder Bolt}

Yuto: “What are these Spells? I’ve never heard of them…….”

Yuto held his held to try to think quickly.

When you initiate a Spell, you need to say the Spell’s name. That’s why within Kronos, there are many known Spells of that which includes Awakened Skills as well.

When you Awaken {Lightning}, Yuto was thinking that he would see {Lightning Bolt} appear.

But his actual choices were {Zigg Shot} and {Thunder Bolt}.

There is no information about either of the Spells within Kronos.

Yuto: “I can’t…...choose both…… I’ll have to pick by instinct……….”

Both are Middle-Class Spells. There is a very high chance that both are more powerful than {Lightning}.

But even so, Yuto wanted to pick the better Spell

And from the way the name sounded, Yuto imagined the Spell’s effects and decided on one.

Yuto: “.............okay. I’ve decided on {Thunder Bolt}!”

He thought the name sounded more like an area attack than the Lightning Emperor’s Bow, and Yuto tapped on the [Lightning Thunder Storm].

Monsters are currently packed close together.

Rather than focusing on a single one at a time, an area effect Attack Spell would be much more effective.

He used the 5 Skill Points he was saving for an Awakened Skill, and Yuto obtained a brand new Spell.

>> Skill Point : 5 → 0

>> <   > → < [Lightning Thunder Storm] {Thunder Bolt} Lv 1>(+) NEW

As he obtained the Spell, Yuto lifted his staff in front of him at the same time.

Around him, there were other Adventurer’s that climbed up onto the wall and began firing Spells at the horde of Monsters.

The Attack Spells hit the Monsters, but there was no end to their numbers.

That’s because the holes that the Spellcasters would create would immediately be refilled with Monsters.

Even if Yuto joined, the action seemed almost pointless.

But as Yuto focuses, he erases those doubts from out of his mind.

Yuto: “(inhale)!.......(exhale~~).........”

Using the breathing method Thames taught him, Yuto continued to increase his concentration and focus.

He can hear the screams from the civilians. The yells of the Adventurers. The roars of the Monsters. The outer wall shook.

But all of it…...began sounding farther and farther to Yuto.

Specialty ・Focus ーー [All Out Strength and Spirit] Full Burst.

With his Specialty [FOCUS], the concentrated Magic Power pours directly into the Nereids’ Staff.

The staff’s violet jewel stone began glowing and grew to a blinding light.

Pouring every last bit of Magic Power he had inside his body, Yuto opened his eyes and looked below.

Yuto: “ーー{THUNDER BOLT}!!”


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Book 3: To Walk Down the Straight and Narrow Path

A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

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