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Chapter 80: Inside the Forest

Dannan: “.........something’s wrong.” Yuto: “Is something the matter?” Dannan: “There’s too little wildlife around here.”

With Dannan’s words, Yuto focuses on his [Presence Detection].

And yes, he could feel that the wildlife surrounding them was much more thinly spread than it should be.

Thames: “It’s true. I can’t hear the sounds of the small animals that should be around us……” Next to Yuto, Thames moves her ears busily in all directions listening to the forest.

Compared to Yuto, the people from the Beast Tribe like Thames has an extremely good sense of hearing.

The fact that she couldn’t hear the sounds of birds or wood creatures was very unnatural.

The forest is a treasure trove of life.

You can hear the buzzing of bugs and the songs of birds no matter where you go inside the forest.

Yuto also focuses on listening to the sounds of the forest, and he couldn’t hear anything.

The forest.......was too quiet.

Yuto: “How about the Monsters?” Dannan: “There’s a lot. 2 in front, 3 on the right, and 5 on the left.”

Yuto: “That’s a lot.” Yuto was wondering if even the Monsters were absent if there were no other sounds.

He feared that the Guild’s Request might be in vain, but that was an unnecessary concern.

Yuto feels slightly relieved at the news.

Yuto: “Then let’s begin with the two in front of us.” Dannan: “Roger that.”

Thames: “Got it.” Eliz: “Yes, yes.” As they moved forward, they saw two Monsters up ahead.

They were two Monsters.

They were both E-Rank Kobolds.

Yuto signs a signal to Thames with a single hand.

Understanding what he was trying to say, Thames enthusiastically charged ahead.

Thames: “[Fang Sword Style] “First Bite” multi-attack!!”

And with the momentum carrying her, Thames brings her sword down on the Kobolds.

At Thames’ sudden appearance, the Kobolds were taken by surprise and were cut down instantly.

Thames: “How was that?!”

With a “HMPH!”, Thames lets out a satisfied huff of her breath and turns around to look at Yuto.

Even as a Shield Warrior, her sharpened sword skills were still present.

Yuto: “That was amazing, Miss Thames!” And Yuto sincerely sent his compliments to Thames

Shield Warriors in general do not have much attack power.

Their role is to become a wall that takes on all the Monsters’ attacks.

And so with a Shield Warrior Occupation, Thames should have a Minus Sign disadvantage on all of her attack-related skills.

But as if to scoff it off, her sword skills that defeated the Kobolds were still impressive.

Yuto: (I’m sure she puts in an amazing amount of training…….)

Yuto was genuinely admiring Thames.

But although she was praised, that seemed to put her in a worse mood as she stuck her lower lip out irritably.

Yuto: (Oh, why is she in a bad mood……?)

Yuto noticed Thames’ expression and was confused by her reaction.

After the slaying is done, next comes the dissecting.

This isn’t the Dungeon and above ground, Monsters have to be dissected in order to retrieve the materials.

This time, they defeated Kobolds.

No one wants their hide or meat, so the only valuable thing they are looking for are the Monster Stones.

Yuto takes out the large kitchen knife from his inventory and begins taking out the Monster Stones from the Kobolds’ bodies.

Dannan: “Wow, you’re really used to this.” Yuto: “Well, if it’s just experience, I do have more than enough to match most Adventurers.” Dannan can’t hide his surprise to see Yuto quickly dissect the Kobolds one by one methodically and efficiently.

Yuto has been living as an Adventurer for 10 years now.

And during those 10 years, he has been in hunts outside of Kronos many times.

Yuto was a luggage carrier with no reliable abilities.

That is no different outside of the Dungeon.

As a luggage carrier, he is responsible for carrying the materials and meat of the Monsters the Party slays.

And as an added bonus, Yuto was able to dissect Monsters well.

Out of all the luggage carriers, there are none who choose the weakest Level 1 Adventurer merely out of amusement.

Under those circumstances, in order to be chosen by as many parties as possible, Yuto learned these valuable skills to show his worth.

And one of those skills was dissecting Monsters’ bodies.

By being one of the few luggage carriers who can dissect Monsters’ bodies, Yuto was welcomed as a precious commodity for Adventurers who explored outside of Dungeons.

But putting that aside, Yuto continues his dissecting routine.

Without any hesitation, he takes out the Monster Stones out of the Kobolds body.

From there, Yuto’s Party defeated the 3 on the right and 5 on the left after that.

They were [Killer Rabbits] and [Goblins] so Thames was able to defeat them without any problems.

She was indeed an Adventurer that was almost out of the D-Rank Adventurers’ Realm in terms of strength and skills.

She was slaying E-Rank Monsters with ease.

And every time she defeated a Monster, she would look challengingly at Yuto every time.

But after Yuto showers her with praise, she would always stick her lower lip out.

Thames: (Isn’t he the least bit jealous of my skills?)

For Thames, the way Yuto was responding did not sit well with her.

[A Shield Warrior that thinks they can defeat Monsters doesn’t know their place!]

Someone with a higher attack-power role would have immediately protested at the sight of a Shield Warrior defeating Monsters.

That is because the Shield Warrior role makes a lot of money.

In most parties, the Shield Warrior and the Attacking Role will compete for the highest gains in the Party.

So if the Shield Warrior takes out the Monster, the Attacker will have no job left to do.

That is why the Attackers would resent any Shield Warrior who infringe on their territory like this.

But Yuto has not once shown any resentment or anger towards Thames.

And he’s also not displaying a conniving, clever plot to just Thames do all the work either.

Thames: (What is he thinking…….?)

Thames has been defeated by Yuto in a face-to-face fight.

That’s why Thames wanted to get back at Yuto in some form or fashion.

Thames: (I want to see his shocked face!)

With that single hope in mind, Thames rampaged across the E-Rank Monsters, but did so with unnecessary effort.

ーーShe realized how unnecessary her movements were when she faced a D-Rank Monster.

Dannan: “There are 3 coming from the right! They’re going to be a little stronger!”


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Book 3: To Walk Down the Straight and Narrow Path

A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)


Original Source Link:

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