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Updated: Jun 4, 2021

A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: By Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

Chapter 8: Magic Scrolls

[Level 10 Achievement Bonus Bag]

  • Take out from inventory?

    • Yes

    • No

Yuto: “WHOA!!”

So this screen was called the [Inventory] and from this inventory, Yuto understood that he could take out the “Level 10 Achievement Bonus Bag.”

But what he didn’t know was what would happen to him here and now if he does.

Yuto: “So let’s take it out!”

Yuto presses yes.

At that moment…

Yuto: “Wh----....?”

Before Yuto’s eyes appeared a bag.

At the sudden appearance, Yuto was speechless.

The bag began sagging and dropping to the floor, and Yuto hurriedly caught it.

The bag… was heavy.

Yuto: “Ummm… I wonder what’s inside?”

Though confused, Yuto slowly examines the contents inside.

Opening the bag, he immediately saw a mountain of gards.

Yuto: “--------------!!!”

Yuto instinctively closed the bag and looked all around him.

But this is Yuto’s room. Of course, there is no one else around him.

As he confirms this, he releases a sigh of relief.

Having a large amount of cash appear out of nowhere is not good for your heart.

Yuto: “So a bonus meant money?”

Counting the contents inside, he found exactly 10,000 gard.

But Yuto did not feel the same amount of excitement as when he received 5,000 gards for slaying the Goblins.

That is because he felt like he just found stolen goods.

Yuto: “Uhhh…. What am I supposed to do with this?”

Can he really use this money normally? He had several doubts cross his mind.

But it is the reward for reaching Level 10, so some part of him felt justified to be able to use it.

After thinking and worrying endlessly, Yuto decided that it would be best to go ahead and spend this money as soon as possible.

He needed to purchase 100 magic scrolls, and this was the exact amount he needed. Using this money to complete that shopping quest would be the most efficient choice.

Before going to purchase the magic scrolls, Yuto carefully studied the inventory feature.

This inventory is very similar to the rare skill [DIMENSION] and had very similar, if not identical, properties.

[DIMENSION] is a skill where you can store things in a different dimension.

Depending on your Skill Level, the amount of things you can store will change.

If you store an item in the [DIMENSION], you can walk around the dungeon without having to carry that item around.

Because of that, having the skill [DIMENSION] will have every party welcome you with open arms.

In order to store things in the inventory, you must touch the object you are putting away and think [STORAGE] and the object will go into your inventory.

The stored item will be displayed and represented by an icon.

If you put money into a bag and store it into the inventory, no matter how much you’re storing, it takes up one slot. But if you store it separately, 1 gard can take up one slot.

You have quite the capacity to store a number of items, but if you don’t group some things together, sorting through your inventory later on will become cumbersome and difficult.

After he finished studying the inventory features, Yuto took the 10,000 gard and arrived at a Magic Scroll shop.

The Magic Scroll shop is a very claustrophobic, very tiny store.

Yuto has visited the store before but has never bought a scroll.

Yuto: (I mean, it’s such a waste to just throw away 100 gard after one use…)

Entering the scroll shop, Yuto immediately starts gathering every scroll he can obtain for 100 gard.


All of these are the most basic spells, and Yuto continued to gather them in his arms.

“Mr. Customer, are you planning on purchasing all of them?”

Yuto: “Yes, I believe there should be 100 scrolls. Could you please confirm?”

At the counter, Yuto carries and dumps his load, and judging from the look on the store clerk’s face, he realizes that not many people purchase so many scrolls at once.

Clerk: “That’s 100 scrolls. A total of 10,000 gards.”

Yuto pays the amount to the clerk, and stuffs the scrolls into his bag and leaves the store behind.

Yuto: (I’m so glad that went well…)

While the clerk was counting out the money, Yuto’s heart was racing.

That’s because the money he used came from his inventory.

The clerk didn’t say anything, so Yuto had to assume that the money was real.

Yuto: (I really hope instead of money, next time it’ll be an item I can just use normally…)

Yuto really didn’t want to go through another experience like that again.

Yuto desperately wanted to avoid it in the future.

Returning to his room, Yuto checks his Quest Screen.

>>Level 10 → 11

>>Skill Point: 0 → 1

Yuto: “Y---- YESSS!! I GOT IT!!!”

Yuto raised his fist to the ceiling as he gazed at his own level.

Yuto was overjoyed because his level now reflected that of a D-Rank Adventurer.

The rank of an Adventurer is not determined by levels alone, but there are some assumptions you can make.

E-Rank: Level 1 - 10

D-Rank: Level 11 - 25

C-Rank: Level 26 - 40

B-Rank: Level 41 - 55

A-Rank Level 56 - 70

S-Rank Level 71+

In this way, Adventurer Ranks have some set of standards measuring your strength with levels.

For a perpetual E-Ranker like Yuto, reaching D-Rank was like a dream.‘

Yuto: “Aahhhhhhh… I’m so glad I’m alive…”

After he savored the moment thoroughly, Yuto looks at his Quest Screen again.

  • Chain Quest

    • Obtain a new weapon (0/1)

    • Slay 100 Killer Rabbits with Magic Scrolls (0/100) NEW

Yuto: “Oh, I knew something would follow.”

From his previous experience, Yuto speculated that the quest would not be over after purchasing the scrolls.

Just as he guessed, the Killer Rabbit Slaying Quest appeared.

This time, he will only need to slay 100 which is much less than the 500 before.

But unlike Goblins, this time his target is Killer Rabbits.

Goblins and Killer Rabbits are on the same difficulty.

The difference is that Goblins have more physical strength, but Killer Rabbits have more speed.

Right now, it’s only a little after noontime.

If he leaves now, he will be able to get back by nightfall.

Yuto made his preparations, and headed for the dungeon.

With his new agility skill, Yuto headed full speed inside the dungeon.

Killer Rabbits start appearing on Floor 2 underground.

He will have to cut through Floor 1 as fast as possible.

Yuto has the routes up to Floor 5 burned into his memory.

That’s because as a luggage carrier, one of your roles was to confirm the routes. Yuto is a perpetual E-Rank Adventurer.

So he was never invited to any dungeon excursions past Floor 6.

After Floor 6, the Monsters’ rank will start rising.

There is a high possibility that Yuto, who’s only a E-Rank, will get hurt from an unexpected tragedy.

In the Instang Dungeons, once you defeat the monsters, they do not respawn.

As long as Yuto was careful, he was able to participate in dungeons that were higher ranks than he was.

But the Base Dungeon monsters respawn.

There are numerous cases reported where after cutting through a group of monsters, new monsters respawn behind you, and you get attacked from the rear.

------This was the tragedy that was waiting to happen.

Just once. If Yuto just once gets caught in this accident, he would be dead.

That is why NO MATTER WHAT, Yuto never went beyond Floor 5 in the Base Dungeons.

Even if he studied and memorized the Floor 6 routes, there would never be a time when he will use it.

Putting that thought aside, Yuto cut through the shortest route and arrived at Floor 2.

He takes out the scrolls from the inventory, and prepares to use them at any moment.

Yuto: “Ummm… Okay. I think you open the scroll and chant the spell name…”

1 scroll cost 100 gards. Each scroll is a one-time use item.

Scrolls will disappear after use.

There is no room for errors.

Yuto picks up a monster’s presence near him.

----It’s a Killer Rabbit.

The opponent is still 100 meters up ahead.

Yuto: “[PRESENCE DETECTION] is no joke…”

Yuto feels the effectiveness of his Skill, and slowly and carefully, approaches the Killer Rabbit.

Once he came to a certain distance, the Killer Rabbit noticed Yuto.

The Killer Rabbit cautiously studies Yuto as it comes nearer.

Once they were at a certain distance apart…

The Killer Rabbits horn is directed straight at Yuto, and it charges in full speed.

Yuto immediately opens the scroll.

Yuto: “[---FIREBALL]!!”

As soon as he screams the spell name…

A red fire appears and engulfs Yuto’s vision.

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