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Chapter 79: To the Forest

Yuto: “ーーMiss Thames?”

Thames: “Why...are you here….?”

The person that appeared was the Lone Wolf, Thames.

Thames was a Swordsman. When she faced Yuto, she was fighting with a Swordsman’s style.

That’s why for a second, Yuto thought that maybe Thames entered the wrong room by accident.

But that idea was immediately rejected by the Guild Worker.

“Thank you for waiting. This is the Shield Warrior the Guild will recommend for Mr. Yuto’s PartyーーMiss Thames.

Thames: "..................."

Yuto: “…..” The atmosphere in the room instantly turns awkward.

Noticing the change in the room, the Guild Worker quickly follows up.

“Miss Thames is a D-Rank Adventurer but has contributed a significant amount to the Guild. She is said to be almost reaching C-Rank, and the Guild highly values her strength and skills!”

Thames: “Then why is it taking so long for me to reach C-Rank?” “Ummmm….that’sー......”

The Guild Worker was unable to answer Thames’ follow-up to her explanation.

Silence falls upon the entire room, and Yuto was the first to move and break it.

Yuto: “Miss Thames! So you’ll be helping us? I’m so glad!”

Thames: “I haven’t decided if I would help or notーー”

Yuto: “But that’s incredible! I’m so glad that the Guild recommended you! I’m so happy!”

Thames: “Hey, listen to what I’m saying!”

Yuto: “Miss Thames, let’s do our best together!”

Thames: “Ow! OWWW!!”

Yuto took Thames’ hand and swung it up and down in a slightly violent handshake.

Having her arm grabbed like that suddenly, Thames’ tail goes straight up and puffs out.

Dannan: “He’s at it again……” Eliz: “Yes…….”

As they gaze upon the two, Dannan and Eliz both let out a deep sigh.


After finalizing the Guild Contract, Yuto and his group takes the main street straight south and passes Kronos’ South Gate.

As they exit through the giant gate, they see a never-ending expanse of plains before them.

Beyond the plains is a dense, thick forest.

With Yuto at the lead, the group heads to the Forest of Kronos.

Thames: “............are you not going to ask?”

As they were all walking towards the forest, Thames mumbles under her breath.

But Yuto only tilts his head at the words.

Yuto: “...........ask what?”

Thames: “Why they introduced me as a Shield Warrior.”

Thames did not beat around the bush and spoke frankly.

Right now, Thames still put on the half-mail and longsword that Yuto saw before.

But what was different this time was the shield that she held in her left hand.

Yuto: “Then if it’s okay, I would like to ask you somethingーー”

Thames: “SーSure…..”

Yuto: “Miss Thames, you would be okay with the 50-gard bread, correct?”

Thames: “........................what?”

Yuto: “The 50-gard bread. It’s pretty big, and it’s also very cheap!”

Dannan: “Heーy, Thames. You don’t have to accept that. We have meat ready instead.”

Eliz: “Yes, yes.” Yuto: “Ugh….”

Yuto wanted to increase the 50 gard bread fans and brought up the subject, but his opposition immediately moved into position to circle around Thames and protect her.

Yuto: (I need to pull in Miss Thames to my side before it’s too late!)

Thames: “What are you talking about…….?”

Yuto: “It’s about today’s lunch.”

Thames: “I wasn’t talking about that!”

Thames snarls with her teeth showing.

Before now, Thames was like a borrowed, disgruntled cat, and Yuto couldn’t help but feel that an un-energetic Thames was very much “unlike her.”

In order to get her cheered up, he threw the topic as a joke, and seeing her reaction, Yuto could not help but smile at the success.

Thames: “..........what are you smiling about, creep.”

Yuto: “I’m sorry. As far as the Shield Warrior thing, I’m not going to inquire about that. I’m sure you had to go through a lot with your role changing, but let’s both do our best!”

Thames: “.............are you really okay with that?” Yuto: “Yes.”

Yuto did not hesitate on his answer to Thames.

It was surprising that Thames became a Shield Warrior.

Undoubtedly, the change came from the addition of Occupations to the Statuses.

When the Occupation section appeared on the Statuses, that very same day, Thames was there before Yuto’s group arrived and completed her assessment.

Yuto still remembers how Thames stared at her assessment sheet with harshly gritted teeth.

If Yuto was in Thames’ shoes……

If Yuto had to perform a different role than what he was used to, Yuto would have felt discouraged and disappointed just like Thames did.

And having been forced to change roles by God, he may have not known what to do next.

Yuto wouldn’t have known what to say to someone who is going through that.

Right now, even touching on the subject to try and encourage her would just sting Thames’ heart and backfire.

Yuto: “I would like to confirm our plans. First, Mr. Dannan will scout out the area, and we will head towards the Monsters. Once we identify our target, Miss Thames will use her [Taunt] Skills and draw the Monsters towards her. Once the Monsters are properly fixed on her, we will all immediately eradicate them. If a [Taunt] fails, I will follow-up in that case.”

Thames: “GーGot it….”

Thames had a difficult expression on her face as Yuto explained the roles.

This was the opposite of Thames’ confidence expression until now.

As they walk further, Yuto felt someone pull on his sleeves.

Eliz: “Mr. Yuto, Mr. Yuto.”

Yuto: “Hm?”

As he turns around, Eliz had her hands covered over the side o her mouth, and she stood on her toes so she could whisper in Yuto’s ear.

But due to her height, she wasn’t able to.

Instead, Pino who was sitting on Eliz’ head tickled Yuto’s ears.

Eliz: “Do you think Miss Thames will be okay, yes?”

Yuto: “....what do you mean?”

Eliz: “Miss Thames is the one who challenged you to a duel, yes? Do you think she’ll do something to get back at you?”

Yuto: “There’s nothing to worry there.” Yuto strained a smile at Eliz’ words.

Eliz was betrayed by her Adventurer Party in the past.

She was left inside an Instant Dungeon alone and was almost killed.

That’s why she is suspicious of any Adventurer’s that do not give her a good vibe.

But even if Thames' attitude is rough on the edges and short-tempered, that doesn’t necessarily mean that these kinds of Adventurers will cause problems.

If all Adventurers with those traits caused problems, the entirety of Kronos would be called a criminals’ den.

The majority of Adventurers are rough on the edges and love to fight.

Yuto also spoke to Thames in town just the other day.

From how that conversation went, Yuto doesn’t believe that Thames is a bad person underneath it all.

And Yuto was confident that Eliz’ worries would be proven false in the end.

Eliz: “Hmph……..”

But Eliz will not be easily convinced with Yuto’s words alone.

That’s how deep her scars she received from her previous Party ran.

And as they continued to walk, they finally arrived at the forest’s entrance.

From there, Yuto’s group decided on a narrow path and stepped inside the forest.

The Forest of Kronos is a fruitful, bountiful forest full of animals.

Many hunters who in live Kronos live off the blessings of this forest by hunting in this territory.

The herbs, plants, and ingredients for all the health potions sold in stores are collected here.

And though there is not much, the hunted animals’ meats are sold to the local restaurants.

If you go deeper into the forest, there are beautiful water spots, and some of this water is drawn to the part of Kronos.

This forest is an essential resource for the Kronos City itself.

As they walk down the narrow paths, Dannan suddenly stops where he stood.

With a signal from him, the entire group halts.

Dannan: “..........this is strange.” <<<<>>>>

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Book 3: To Walk Down the Straight and Narrow Path

A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

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