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Chapter 72: Rare Drop!

The 30 meters of distance (32 yards) shrunk to zero in 3 seconds.

Yuto holds his Katana tightly as he whips his upper body backwards.

He pivots on his left foot.

And with the momentum of the charge added to his swing, Yuto slashes with his Katana.

Yuto: “ーーFUH!!” (sfx exhale)

Yuto’s attack slashes the Grizzly’s body.

But the wound is shallow.

The Grizzly managed to dodge the attack.

It has good reflexes.

It’s unlike other Monsters.

Yuto: (So this is an Insta-[α]’s boss!)

If it was any other C-Rank Monster, it would have been over after that initial strike.

But there is a chance that the Dungeon itself strengthened and enhanced the Dead Grizzly.

With that possibility in mind, Yuto prepares for a second swing.

Instead of a C-Rank, he now keeps a B-Rank Monster in mind as he cuts down at the Grizzly.

This too, is dodged by a hair’s breadth.

But Yuto keeps calm.

If he’s going against a B-Rank Monster, an evasion would not be surprising.

Another strike.

Yuto’s blade closes in on the Grizzly’s face.

This too, the Grizzly turns its head on its neck to dodge.


Yuto: “NOW!!”

Dannan: “GOT IT!!” With Yuto’s signal, Dannan, who approached the Grizzly without letting his presence be detected, shoots a needle towards the Grizzly’s eye.

The needle strikes the Grizzly’s eye directly and pierces deep into his eye socket.


The Grizzly lets out an excruciating howl of pain.

He immediately looks for Dannan responsible for the strike.

His remaining eye burned with fury.

If Dannan is found, he will surely face an intense assault.


Yuto: “{LIGHTNINGーー”

Yuto snuck and darted into the space right in front of the Grizzly.

He does not allow the Grizzly to react.

Yuto swings his sword completely through.

Yuto: “ーーSLASH!}”

Yuto’s electrified blade cuts the Grizzly’s body in half.

The Grizzly’s 2 pieces fell to the ground with a bloody <SPLASH> and landed on the floor.

Yuto remains in a fighting position until life completely drains from the Grizzly’s red eyes.

Yuto: “.........fwew…..”

The Grizzly’s corpse is getting swallowed into the Dungeon.

And as the corpse disappears, 2 items appear in its place.

Dannan: “Good job, Yuto.” Eliz: “Great job!”

Yuto bumps his fist against Dannan who was holding his fist out.

And Eliz hurries from far away, and you could hear her feet pat across the ground as she approached.

Eliz: “Ergh….I was late….again, yes.”

Yuto: “Eliz, good work.”

Eliz: “Good work, yes.”

Even though the battle was over, Eliz sagged her shoulders in disappointment.

Dannan: “That fight was a bit tough.”

Yuto: “Yes. I don’t believe it was a normal C-Rank Monster. I think it’s highly possible that it was strengthened and enhanced somehow for this Insta Dungeon."

Dannan: “I’ve never heard of such a thing happening, but this is a brand new type of Dungeon. I can’t say that it’s impossible.”

Eliz: “Mr. Yuto, Mr. Yuto! There’s two drops here!”

Yuto: “What?”

With Eliz’ excited yell, Yuto looks below at his feet.

At the spot where the Boss disappeared, there was a large Monster Stone and… set of boots. There were two items that were dropped after their victory.

Up until now, you would only get a Monster Stone when you defeated any Monster in the Dungeons.

Because of that, Yuto thought that the Dungeon was designed only to drop Monster Stones.

But now, there was another item besides Monster Stones.

With excited hands, Yuto picked up the boots.

Yuto: “I…...wonder what this is? It looks to be some quality boots.”

Dannan: “If it’s gear dropped by the Dungeon, I think it’ll be some prime gear.”

Eliz: “Yes, yes! It should be excellent armor!”

But everything that’s being said is merely guesses according to stories they heard in the past.

No one is able to look at and determine the quality of the boots with any degree of certainty or expertise.

Yuto: “It’ll be best to let Mari do the assessment.”

Dannan: “Yeah, that’ll be best. But regardless of the quality, Yuto, you should use those boots.”

Yuto: “What? Wait, no. This is something that belongs to the Party. We’ll first confirm its selling price and then discussーー”

Dannan: “You don’t have to do any of that and just take it. Right, Eliz?”

Eliz: “Yes, yes.” Eliz nods in agreement to Dannan’s words.

In a normal Party, all items are divided equally.

If it’s a Monster Stone, you trade it in for money and distribute it equally.

If you get an armor like this, you either sell it at the store, or someone in the group will purchase it from the Party at market value. That is the normal way to handle these kinds of situations.

Yuto proposed this to his Party, but his Party member declined.

Dannan: “First and foremost, Yuto, you need better equipment.” Eliz: “Yes, yes. Mr. Yuto, your shoes are completely worn out. I feel sad for your shoes.”

And as the two pointed out, Yuto’s shoes were extremely worn down.

Since he stopped growing, Yuto completely ignored any abilities or attributes and focused solely on durability for his shoes.

A typical Adventurer’s shoes would get worn very quickly.

Because they have extraordinary leg strength, when worn by an Adventurer, they wear out the shoes that much faster.

If Yuto had to buy shoes all the time, he would quickly go bankrupt.

That’s why Yuto’s sole focus was durability.

Although it hasn’t completely broken down yet, the other two Party members are right. His shoes are indeed at its limits.

Yuto: “But Mr. Dannan, couldn’t you wear these shoes too?” Dannan: “I can equip it, but those shoes won’t do for me. It’ll make too much noise.”

With that, Dannan declined Yuto’s offer.

Shoes are similar to armor in that they make the shoes very differently in style, shape, and material depending on your role.

Dannan is a scout. Because of his role, if he wears shoes that are noisy, it would be much more dangerous for him in certain situations.

Because of that, the bottom of his shoes are made from soft leather.

With this, the noises from his footsteps are reduced significantly.

In comparison, the boots have very hard soles.

There are also metal plates, so it’s easy to make noise with them.

Yuto: “.......but…..” Dannan: “Yuto, if you can get better armor, it makes the rest of the Party that much safer. Please think of it as investing in our protection and take these shoes.”

Eliz: “Yes, yes!”

The two would not budge an inch, and Yuto finally relented and placed the shoes in his inventory.

Right now, they are still inside the Dungeon.

It would be better to try on the boots once they leave.

Dannan: “Now that that’s settled, we still have to figure out what to do here.” Yuto: “Yes, that’s true. I hope that that was the end.” As he said so, it was right then as Yuto was looking around…..

He caught something odd and strange in the scenery.


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Book 3: To Walk Down the Straight and Narrow Path

A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

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