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Chapter 71: Instant Dungeon [α] 4

Yuto couldn’t feel the presence of any other Monsters appearing…

Yuto: “...............fwew…”

Yuto let out several heated breaths as he put the Katana back in its sheath.

Yuto: “Mr. Dannan, are there any more coming?”

Dannan: “ I can’t sense any more.”

Yuto: “Good…”

Yuto let out a sigh of relief.

Next to him, Eliz fell to the ground to sit and rest.

Eliz: “(gasp....gasp).....that was tiring....yes.”

Yuto: “Good work, Eliz. But don’t let your guard down completely. There may be more surprises.”

Eliz: “Yes, yes.” Yuto carefully takes a long look at all his surroundings.

The Drops the Monsters left behind were sparkling brilliantly all around them.

It felt like someone randomly scattered the contents of a jewelry box.

They had to defeat this many Monsters continuously and had no time to collect the Monster Stones.

Yuto let Eliz and Dannan rest as he collected the Monster Stones.

In total, he collected 142.

Each individual Monster leaves behind 1 stone, so this means Yuto’s group took down 142 Monsters.

142 Monsters in just 1 hour.

When Yuto is slaying 100 Monsters in the Dungeon, it would at the very least take 2 hours to complete.

Compared to that hunt, he had to defeat Monsters at approximately 3 times the rate.

Yuto: “This is probably why the Dungeon requires a Party……”

If you need to defeat approximately 150 Monsters in 1 hour, this would be close to impossible trying this Solo.

If all the Monsters appeared from one direction, then maybe Solo Adventurers could do this.

But here, the Monsters appear from all directions one after another.

There are definitely some Adventurers who could accomplish this Solo, but Yuto doubts that he would be able to do so.

Yuto: “This might be a Dungeon where you need more Adventurers in your Party….”

At their current Level, Yuto felt that everyone, including himself, were too low-Level for this Dungeon.

6 people could Clear the Dungeon without too much danger.

Or just getting a Shield Warrior would help stabilize their Party.

A Shield Warrior’s role is to gather the attention of all the Monsters around using their Skills.

With that Skill, they would be able to protect the rearguards even in an open field like this.

And Yuto also felt the need for a long-range attack Adventurer.

Yuto: “I think we need a Shield and Long-Range role in the future, huh….”

Currently, Yuto is having to perform both roles.

But Yuto is neither a Shield Warrior or a Spellcaster.

No matter how much Yuto levels up, he would not compare to a 1st Rate Adventurer who is assigned that Occupation.

If he wants to take his Party farther, he will need to recruit more members.

After he collected all the Monster Stones, Dannan suddenly rose to his feet.

Feeling an immense presence nearby, Yuto instinctively places a hand on his Katana.

Yuto: “What is it, Mr. Dannan?” Dannan: “.........there’s something coming!”

He didn’t have to say what.

ーーIt was a Monster.

Yuto: “From which direction?” Dannan: “That way!” Yuto: “Eliz!”

Eliz: “YーYes, yes!”

Yuto warns Eliz immediately, and Yuto and Dannan face the direction Dannan pointed to.

In front of them, about 100 meters (106 yards) away, Yuto saw a black dot against the landscape.

Yuto: “..............[Dead Grizzly]…..”

It was a C-Rank Upper Tier Monster, a Dead Grizzly.

It stood about 3 meters tall and is covered in black fur.

It’s scarlet eyes seemed to burn in flames as they glared at Yuto and his group.

Yuto: (.......since when……? How……?)

Up till now, Yuto did not stop monitoring his surroundings.

He concentrated on using his [Presence Detection] so he could respond at a moments notice.

But he failed to sense the Dead Grizzly’s presence.

It appeared as though it <suddenly spawned at that spot>.

Yuto: (, it must have spawned there…..probably…)

Yuto and his Party defeated all the Monsters in the plains.

It’s possible that doing so triggered this Dead Grizzlyーーthe arrival of the Instant Dungeon Boss. That was Yuto’s theory.

Yuto: (Did the Dead Grizzly not appear immediately to let us rest?)

But Yuto couldn’t believe that the Dungeon would give such care and attention to the Adventurers.

Regardless, they faced the Dead Grizzly now.

Yuto draws out his Katana with one smooth movement, and slowly approaches the Dead Grizzly.

Yuto: “Mr. Dannan, please attack it freely when the opportunity arises. Eliz, make sure to not get too close to it. Stay at the very edge of the battle as much as possible.”

Dannan: “Got it!”

Eliz: “Yes, yes!”

With everyone understanding their role, Yuto swiftly approached the Dead Grizzly.

As soon as Yuto came to a certain range, the Grizzly moved.

It charged at Yuto with incredible speed.

Seeing that, Yuto halts and waits.

He moves his left foot behind him and concentrates strength in his Katana.

Yuto: (At the same time he reaches me...I’ll strike!)

But as if to read Yuto’s mind…

The Grizzly stops in its tracks, and rears its head back and opens its mouth.

Yuto: “ーーCRAP!!”

Yuto immediately changes position seeing the Grizzly’s movements.

He side-steps and jumps away from where he stood.

The next moment…

ーー<GOH!!> (sfx flames)

Yuto saw bright crimson flames pass by his side.

If he was a moment later in dodging, he would have been burnt whole to a crisp.

Cold sweat drips down Yuto’s back.

Dead Grizzly’s are famous for their {Fire Breath}.

The power of that Spell doesn’t even compare to the Black Hounds on the 11th Floor.

There is no way to avoid severe burns with just standard armor.

Avoiding the {Fire Breath}, Yuto immediately runs towards the Grizzly.

Seeing that, the Grizzly turns its head to a different direction.

It’s probably going to evade Yuto and head towards either Eliz or Dannan.

Yuto: (I won’t let you!)

Yuto: “{Lightning}!!”

ーー<DANNNNNNNNN!!> (sfx Lightning Strike)

Yuto’s Lightning strikes the Grizzly dead center.

It was Yuto’s only long-range attack, but the Grizzly is unaffected.

And it wasn’t even stunned.

Yuto: “…..!”

It was the first time Yuto’s {Lightning} didn’t even stun the Monster.

It wasn’t because the enemy had high Magic Resistance.

It was because Yuto’s Lightning was weaker.

Becoming a [Swordsman] as his occupation, all of his Spells now had a negative potency and effectiveness affecting it.

All the [Swordsman] Skills were upgraded a level above.

But non-[Swordsman] Skills were downgraded a level at the same time.

Yuto: (This Spell is no good….)

Yuto switches gears, and increases his {Physical Enhancement}.

With his {Physical Enhancement} and his very own strength, he approaches the Grizzly at full speed.


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Book 3: To Walk Down the Straight and Narrow Path

A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)


Original Source Link:

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