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Chapter 70: Instant Dungeon [α] 3

Yuto: “If they’re coming to us, I guess that makes it all the more easier to understand.”

Dannan: “ having to look all over for them.”

Yuto: “Yes, let’s go ahead and defeat them first, and then decide on our next move.”

Dannan: “Roger that.” Yuto: “If beating all the Monsters doesn’t work, I guess we could camp out here. It’s a very nice place for camping.”

Yuto carries on the casual conversation while pulling out his Katana.

Out of the forest, 3 Forest Wolves appear.

They have extremely high agility, and they can use the trees to quickly navigate through a forest.

They are a C-Rank Monster that would be difficult for a D-Rank Adventurer to land a hit.

But that would be limited to inside a forest.

If they run out into the open plains, the Forest Wolves lose their field advantage.

Yuto readies his Katana and waits for the Forest Wolves to arrive.

It was then…. Dannan: “HーHey, Yuto! I’m detecting more from another direction!!”

Yuto: “Huh?!”

Yuto immediately expands his [Presence Detection] to all directions.

Then, he was able to sense another Monster’s presence that was approaching extremely quickly from behind.

There are two.

He almost panicked inside, but Yuto breathed in a slow breath to calm himself down once more.

Yuto: (I think they’re slower than the Forest Wolves…)

He expands his sight to the entire area and identifies all parties on the battlefield.

From the Monsters’ speed, he estimates when they will each arrive.

Yuto steps forward one step.

And slashes once against the first Forest Wolf that comes into his range.

The Forest Wolf’s head flies off its body into the air.

He follows it with a second slash.

The Forest Wolves are sucked back into the Dungeon without being able to accomplish anything.

Yuto turns his attention to the next Monster.

Yuto: “Oh crap! Golems…..”

The two shadows that approached Yuto’s Party were the inorganic Monsters made of stone - Golems.

Yuto: (I guess it’s not like other Dungeons where their Magic Types align.)

The Forest Wolves are a Wind Type. Golems are Earth Types.

In any Instant Dungeon created in the Dungeon Generation Room, you would never see a mix of Magic Types.

Now that the Magic Types are randomized, it will require even more adaptability than before.

Yuto: (So this is an Insta-[α].....)

Getting slightly blindsided by the new Dungeons flow of events, Yuto waits for the Golems to arrive.

That’s when…

Dannan: “Yuto! There’s 2…….no 3 packs of Monsters incoming!”

Yuto: “Packs?!”

Yuto can’t hide his shock from Dannan’s report.

He wanted to believe that he said 3 Monsters instead, but Yuto himself felt the 3 additional packs of Monsters heading their way from different directions.

Dannan: “This isn’t looking good, Yuto.”

Yuto: “........we’ll make it through this, Mr. Dannan.”

Besides, Yuto thought. If they don’t, then only death awaits them at the end.

There is no other way other than to overcome everything heading their way.

Yuto: “Mr. Dannan, please protect Eliz. You don’t have to worry about trying to slay the Monsters. Eliz, please make sure to follow Mr. Dannan. Make sure that he can keep going!”

Dannan: “Roger!”

Eliz: “Yes, yes!”

Yuto focuses and concentrates and grasps the lay of the land.

He considers the most efficient, optimal path available.

Currently, there are 4 packs of Monsters including Golems heading towards his Party.

They are all coming in from different directions.

Speed, size, and the number in each pack is all different.

If this was a normal Dungeon, they would be able to stop the attacks from two directions.

But there is nothing here except the flat grassland.

They can be attacked from 360 degrees.

Yuto: (I can’t just be thinking about taking them down.)

After thinking for a moment longer, he heads towards the Golems.

With [Critical Point Thrust] and [Armor Destruction], the Mithril Katana cuts down the Stone Golems as if they were made from paper.

Yuto: (I need to always keep in mind that more are coming)

And next, Yuto targets the next closest pack of Monsters ーー a pack of Orcs and fires his {Lightning} at them.

ーー<DAAAANNNNN!!> (sfx lighting strike)

The lightning hits the groups of Orcs and blows them away.

They did not die from the impact, but the few Orcs were paralyzed and on the ground.

Yuto successfully broke the Orcs initial attack.

Yuto: (Think…….KEEP THINKING!!)

Yuto furiously calculates his next move.

He can’t rely on physical abilities alone.

He must use everything in his power - even things that do not appear on his Status or his group will not make it through.

This is something Yuto learned from Kratos, the A-Rank Adventurer.

It's time to put everything he learned to the test.

Yuto makes his next move.

Yuto: (Not yet…...This isn’t enough to protect Eliz!)

Yuto: “Everyone! This way!”

Dannan: “RーRight!”

Eliz: “Yes, yes!”

While he stopped the Orcs from proceeding towards them, Yuto moves the group into the space where the Golems occupied a moment ago.

By doing so, he was able to narrow the angle of all the incoming attacks - but not by much.

But now, Yuto was able to reach all the places he needed to.


Yuto lets out a defiant roar and adrenaline rushes throughout his body.

He cut, thrust, kicked, and swung his Katana in a wide arc.

He cast his Spell and sliced right through Monsters.

Occasionally, they relocated and repositioned themselves, and adjusted the angles the Monsters attacked from.

By doing so, Yuto was able to continue protecting Eliz efficiently.

Even then, there were many times when Eliz was attacked.

Each time, Dannan would shoot out his needle, and Pino shielded her, and they continued to survive.

An hour had passed quickly since the battle began.

Yuto: (gasp………………..gasp……….)

A waterfall of sweat dripped off Yuto’s head.

It wasn’t just Yuto. Dannan and Eliz were also covered and drenched in sweat.

This sweat wasn’t just from the battles.

Because the Monsters continued to come in from all directions, they had to continually run and relocate over and over again.

Eliz was not looking well either.

Because the battle continued for so long, she was reaching Magic Exhaustion.

Yuto stopped counting after cutting down the 100th Monster.

Whether it was because he defeated so many Monsters or some other reason, the waves of Monsters abruptly stopped.


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Book 3: To Walk Down the Straight and Narrow Path

A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

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Purple Li
Purple Li
Aug 30, 2021

Survive for a certain amount of time?


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Thanks for the chapter


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Supriyo Pal
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Chonky ChonkTranslator
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