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Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Chapter 58: The Forgotten Reward

After we defeated the Chaos Slime, Yuto retrieves the large Monster Stone that composed the center of the Slime.

The Chaos Slime appeared outside the Dungeon.

Because of that, unlike the Dungeons, the body of the Monster is left behind and not absorbed into the ground and disposed of.

Yuto: “ugh…..what an awful smell……”

The sludge left behind by the Chaos Slime smelled like sewage.

But for Yuto, the smell brings up a certain memory.

Yuto: “......wait, this Slime….it’s completely different in size and strength, but isn’t it similar to the Black Slimes we collected last time?”

Eliz: “Yeff, I belief sho, yeff.”

Not liking the smell, Eliz has her nose held as she responded.

Though Yuto couldn’t completely understand her, he at least understood that she agreed with him.

Yuto: “Why did a Monster suddenly appear in this spot……..?”

Since Yuto became an Adventurer in Kronos, there has been a few Emergency Requests issued by the Guild.

But this was the first time Yuto can recall where Monsters appeared inside the city.

Dannan: “Yeah, I dunno…..I can’t tell you why, but I can tell you one thing for sure…”

As Dannan gave his input, he gestured towards the Water Source with his chin.

There, Yuto saw the Chaos Slime’s remains run down into the Water Source itself.

Dannan: “You won’t be able to drink water from this source for a while now.”

Yuto: “Noooooooooo!!”

Yuto screamed at the sight.

This is the same Water Source the 50 Gard Bread Store uses.

If this much sewage-smelling Chaos Slime remains taints the waters, this Water Source will have to be shutdown for quite a long time.

Yuto: “My……...50 gard bread………”

Yuto clearly saw the imminent shutdown of his most beloved Bread Store.


As Yuto tried to grapple with a future without the 50 gard Bread Store, he headed to the Guild to make the report.

Since the time that Yuto’s group defeated the Chaos Slime, there were more and more reports of Monsters being defeated throughout the city. Currently, the crisis seemed to be at its end.

At the moment, the Healers who were not directly involved in the fights were checking in on the residents around the city and were tending to the wounded.

Yuto handed over the proof of Monster Slaying, the Monster Stone to the Guild along with his Report.

They bought the Monster Stone for 50,000 gards.

Because it was an Emergency Request, they purchased the Monster Stone at a higher price than usual.

Along with the reward gained from the Monster Stone, each person who took on the Request received 10,000 gards.

This is significantly very little for taking on a B-Rank Monster with your life on the line.

But this Emergency Request would be considered as a contribution back to the city.

The reward in return will be decreased naturally because of that.

After they received their rewards, Yuto’s group left the Temple.

Yuto: “Miss Thames, thank you so much for your assistance today.”

Thames: “Don’t. I didn’t do anything…..”

She continued to mumble, “I couldn’t do anything in the end...”

But Yuto did not think so at all.

When you create a Party, each member has a very specific role to fulfill.

Defeating Monsters is not the only job for Adventurers.

There are those who draw the Monster’s attention, and there are those who disarm traps.

Healing and luggage carrying are all important tasks that need to be fulfilled.

There is no hierarchy with those roles.

This is something Yuto thoroughly understands.

When Yuto needed 10 seconds, Thames took on that responsibility without any hesitation or reservations.

Even though she is a D-Rank Adventurer, she made sure to attract a B-Rank Monster, a monster who outclassed her by several ranks, to herself by bellowing out her yells at it.

This is not something any regular Adventurer can do.

Normally, you would be too scared of the enemy’s attack that making any sound would be impossible.

ーーJust like Yuto’s first battle when he was crushed by the Mithril Golem.

Yuto doesn’t know if that was a dream or reality.

But regardless of which it is, Yuto was unable to use his voice at all in that situation.

Compared to Yuto, Thames is a very strong Adventurer.

In Yuto’s mind, there is no doubt that she is an Amazing Adventurer.

Yuto: “If Miss Thames did not create that 10 second opportunity for us, we couldn’t have won. Miss Thames, you were amazing!”

Thames: “.......oh…...uh…...sure…..well, yeah…...I think you were amazing too…..”

Yuto: “.........................”

Thames: “....whーwhat?”

Yuto grabs hold of Thames’ hand tightly as Thames' confusion grows.

Seeing that, Dannan mumbles, “Good grief, he’s at it again….”

Yuto: “Miss Thames, really. Really and truly, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”


Yuto excitedly (and slightly violently) shakes her hand up and down, and Thames, reddened with embarrassment, forces Yuto to let go of her hand.

Yuto: “Please keep up the great work, and let’s work together again in the future!”

Thames: “............hmph!”

Thames lets out a disdainful sniff of the nose and walks away.

Unlike her attitude, her tail was swinging back and forth pretty happily.

Yuto: “Well, we were only able to gain 200,000 gards today…..”

Yuto mumbles to himself.

Normally, 200,000 gards would have been scary for Yuto to make in one day.

But Yuto’s goal is 1,000,000 gards.

He still had a ways to go before reaching that goal.

Dannan: “You mean to say, 'We already made 200,000 gards,' right? If we keep this up, we’ll reach our goal in 1 week.”

Yuto: “But…..don’t we need to get Tokmu treated as soon as possible……?”

Tokmu is suffering fevers from his Magic Power Syndrome every night.

He is suffering every single day.

For Yuto, he only wanted to give Tokmu relief from that pain as soon as possible.

Dannan stares at his hand, and as if to make up his mind, he looks up.

Dannan: “......alright, I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to sell this glove. I’m sure that I can good price for it, and it’ll help get us to our goal faster.”

Yuto: “WHAT?! Wait, you can’t do that! That glove is your precious weapon, Mr. Dannan!”

Dannan: “It’s okay, Yuto. If I sell this, I can easily reach my 1,000,000 gard goal. I knew that from the beginning. But it’s a Rare Item, and I needed it to continue as an Adventurer, so that’s why I haven’t yet.”

Yuto: “But if you sell that……...then…...Mr. Dannan, do you plan on quitting as an Adventurer…..?” For some Adventurers, selling your weapon is a symbol of your [Retirement] as an Adventurer.

Yuto fearfully asked Dannan about his intentions.

Dannan: “......well, I’m not sure about that. But at the end of the day, I’m only losing my weapon. I still have both my arms and legs, so if I wanted to, I can always go back to being an Adventurer.”

Yuto: “Yes…..I guess that’s true…….”

He knew that he could trust Dannan.

If possible, he wanted to invite him to be an official member of the party.

Because of that, Yuto’s disappointment was even greater.

Yuto: “ThーThen I’ll sell something too! This should get us even closer to our goal!!”

Dannan: “Wait! I can’t let you do that!”

Yuto: “No, it’s fine! Please! Please let me help you!”

Yuto takes out an item from his inventory.

This was an item he received as a Reward from the [Receive or Dodge an Attack 100 Times] Quest.

If he sells this item, he was certain that they would reach the 1,000,000 gard goal.

Dannan: “ HーHey…..that’s……….”

Yuto: “Yes, it’s a [Nectar].”

Nectar is the highest-class Healing Potion that is said to even restore lost limbs.

If he was to sell this at any store, they would get at the very least 1,000,000 gards.

Yuto wanted to keep this in his inventory in case of an emergency.

It would have been a solid insurance in case Eliz or himself suffered a critical wound and needed something to keep them from dying.

But hearing that Dannan was willing to let go of his own weapon, Yuto made up his mind as well.

He will sell this item he kept as insurance, and they will treat Tokmu with the money they receive!

Yuto: “Let’s go, Mr. Dannan! Let’s sell this and treat Tokmu!”

Dannan: “ThーThーThーThー......”

Yuto: “..................thー?”

Dannan’s lips quivered and shook.

Yuto: (.......what’s gotten over him?)

Yuto tilts his head at Dannan’s sudden change.

Dannan: “That’s what we needed for Tokmu’s treatment!!”

Yuto: “................what?”


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A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

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