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Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Chapter 55: Inside the City Battle

Yuto sucks in a breath at the sight.

A Chaos Slime is a B-Rank Monster appearing in the deepest parts of the Base Dungeon.

You can identify it by its color. And its size.

The Chaos Slime is different from other Slimes in that it is completely black.

And it is also said to be several dozen times heavier than a regular Slime.

From its identifiable characteristics, Yuto guessed that he was looking at a Chaos Slime right now.

As if to confirm his suspicions, his [Presence Detection] detected an entity that was incomparable to the Black Slimes he met earlier in the same location.

Out of all the Monsters Yuto has come across, the Monster he was looking at ranked at the very top.

Yuto: (What should I do………)

On top of the roof, Yuto took out his Skill Board.

Right now, Yuto’s Sword Skill is at a B-Rank Standard.

Fighting a B-Rank Monster with just this would be risky.

Yuto: (The Mithril Golem was a B-Rank too but….)

Yuto didn’t have a choice facing the Mithril Golem because the outcome would have been the same if he didn't.

Without defeating the Boss of the Instant Dungeon, Yuto couldn’t escape and would have died for certain.

That is why he had to drum up the courage to face off with it.

But the circumstances are different right now.

Rather than go into a full-fight with a high risk of death, Yuto wanted to find a safer way of dealing with the situation.

Yuto: (What should I do…….)

Yuto stares at his Skill Board as he thinks hard.


Yuto (18)

Level 29 → 30

Skill Point: 10 → 15


└All Ability Enhancement Lv 4


 ├Swordsmanship Lv 5 ┬

 ├Spellcrafting Lv 2

 ├Presence Detection Lv 2

 ├Evasion Lv 2

 └Tame Lv 1



<Physical Enhancement Lv 1>


[Critical Point Thrust] [Armor Destruction]


Physical attacks do not work on Slimes.

Unlike the fight with the Mithril Golem, Yuto won’t be able to force a win through his Specialties.

But even if he increases his Spellcrafting, Yuto’s current Level will not allow him to do much damage.

That is because the Low-Class Spells all have a limit.

For example, Eliz' {Heal} will never be able to heal a critical injury no matter how much Magic she pours into it.

That’s because the Spell {Heal} itself doesn’t have the ability to treat severe injuries in the first place.

Along the same lines, no matter how much Magic Yuto pours into {Lightning}, if the Monster has a certain amount of Magic Resistance, his Spell would become ineffective to the point of uselessness.

Yuto: (If I can raise the {Lightning} Level, maybe I can learn a Mid-Class Spell…..)

Just to see, Yuto checks how many points it would take to raise {Lightning}.

Yuto: “Ten……….?!”

{Lightning} Level 3 required 10 points.

Even if he increased it to Level 3, there is no guarantee that a Mid-Class Spell will appear.

In this situation, using up 10 points would be a very risky gamble.

Yuto: (Then maybe I should just raise my Magic Power and Spellcrafting Skill and increase the {Lightning}’s power…’s not like it won’t damage the Slime at all….)

But as Yuto was thinking…


Yuto: “?!?!”

He heard a voice shout from where the Chaos Slime resided.

Recognizing the voice, surprise and panic takes over Yuto as he looks again.

There, he saw Thames.

It was the same D-Rank Adventurer who demanded a Duel with Yuto before.

Yuto: “Why is Miss Thames here…..?!”

Thames’ attacks were easily deflected by the jiggly body of the Slime.

The Chaos Slime felt the attack and turned its attention towards Thames.

It began to drag its body towards Thames.

As soon as Thames was in range, the Chaos Slime raised its body high.

Yuto: “ーーoh no!!”

Thames was about to be attacked.

Yuto’s body moved without even thinking.

He landed on the ground and began swinging his sword at the Slime’s back.

Yuto: “ーーSH!!”

Combining his [Critical Point Thrust] with his [Armor Destruction], his sword penetrates deeply into the Slime’s body.

But the Slime is neither in pain nor bothered by the attack.

ーーSword attacks did not do any damage to it.

Yuto: “Miss Thames, why are you here?!” Thames: “Don’t ask stupid questions!!”

As Yuto prepared for the Chaos Slime’s attacks, Thames yelled back at him.

Thames: “It’s the duty of those with power to protect the powerless!”

Her words landed hard like a solid blow to Yuto’s heart.

He felt heat burst through his body being touched by her sense of duty and integrity.

Yuto: “Let me assist you!!”

Yuto shouted back.

He cast [Physical Enhancement] to its maximum power.

At the same time, he begins to “see” the battlefield in its entirety.

Slippery tentacles begin to appear all around the Slime’s body.

The tentacles immediately spring into action and attack both Thames and Yuto.

Thames: “UGH?!”

One of the tentacles hit Thames as she takes a few steps back.

Yuto dodges the tentacles and cuts them down as he covers Thames.

His concentration rises and peaks.

A second stretches into eternity.

The world moves in slow motion.

Yuto examines the scene from a bird’s eye view.

As he dodges the tentacles, he makes sure to slice up the tentacles that were heading for him and Thames.

Yuto: “........fwew…..”

He was able to overcome the first wave of tentacles.

The Chaos Slime will attack with multiple tentacles at once.

But it is either incapable of continuously attacking, or it doesn’t feel like it wants to continuously attack.

Yuto: “ーー{Lightning}!”

ーーDAAAAAAAAAN!! (sfx lightning strike)

From Yuto’s palm, a bright light was emitted.

The light strikes the Chaos Slime at the center of its body.

The Slime’s body shakes slightly.

But that was it.

Yuto: “........just as I suspected…..”

He already guessed that the {Lightning} would do little damage.

Yuto did not allow this to dampen his morale.

But at the same time, Yuto quickly ran out of options.

With what he has right now, he would not be able to defeat the Chaos Slime.

Yuto: (What should I do…….?!)


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A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

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