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Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Chapter 54: Emergency Situation

The second C-Rank Dungeon was a Wind Type.

Yuto cut down Monsters manipulating the wind one by one.

There were no traps around them, so Dannan participated in the combat more proactively.

The way Dannan fought was very nimble and precise.

He would erase his presence with Stealth Skills and melt into the air around him.

Yuto would be going about consolidating the Monsters’ attention and hate towards him, and a needle would launch and strike the eye or neck or other critical parts of the Monsters' body.

Dannan is still a D-Rank Adventurer, so it’s not enough to take them down with one strike, but even so, with Dannan around, Yuto’s fights were much easier.

Yuto: “Mr. Dannan, thank you so much.”

Dannan: “Hey, it’s thanks to you rampaging around the field. If it was just me, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything.”

Yuto and Dannan bump fists after defeating the C-Rank Boss.

Next to Yuto, Eliz looked at him with envious eyes, and jumped up and down with her fist towards him.

Seeing how cute she was, Yuto instinctively patted her head.

Eliz: “Grr…..”

It wasn’t the response she was looking for.

Eliz blew up her cheeks as she pouted, but a small smile still appeared when Yuto patted her on the head.

They collected the Drops, and Yuto and his party returned to the Dungeon Generation Room.

Yuto: (Now we have 150,000 gards!)

They are slowly but surely heading towards their goal.

Yuto can feel themselves inch closer and closer with each step.

But at that time, Yuto noticed that there was a panicked tension within the Temple.

Yuto: “Hm? What’s going on over there?” Eliz: “The Guild seems very busy, yes.”

Dannan: “Yeah, that’s strange. Was there a fight?”

Yuto and his party all tilted their heads when…

A Guild Worker ran into the Dungeon Generation Room.

“All Adventurers! There has been an Emergency Order! All Adventurers above C-Rank, please report to the Guild immediately!!”


Hearing that there has been an Emergency Order issued, Yuto’s party headed to the Guild.

There, they saw the room filled with Adventurers C-Rank and above.

“Ah~ Ah~ Test, test. Can you hear me? Is anyone able to hear me?”

From the Guild Receptionist Counter, a loud voice boomed and echoed throughout the room.

Someone was using a Magic Artifact to increase the volume of their voice.

“Some of you may already know, but presently, there has been multiple reports of unknown Monster sightings throughout Kronos!!”

“ “ “ ーー?!?! ” ” ”

With the Receptionist’s words, the Adventurers all begin to murmur among themselves.

Yuto swallowed hard.

He was not expecting a situation like this.

And also…

[Emergency Quest : Defeat the Monsters that Appeared in Kronos (0/1)]

The Skill Board appeared on its own, and an [Emergency Quest] was suddenly displayed before him.

“Currently, we have not identified their locations. We are still investigating. For those of you gathered here, please slay any Monsters you come across and assist the evacuation of the local civilians. For those who slay any Monsters, as proof of your slaying, please make sure to bring the Monster Parts to the Guild. ーーThat is all!!”

The Receptionist’s explanation ended there.

There are no specific instructions on who needs to do what.

But even so, all the Adventurers immediately leave the Guild.

Everyone here is an Adventurer that is a C-Rank or above.

As long as they know the situation, they are all professionals who know what their role is.

Watching all the Adventurers moving out at once, Yuto opens his mouth.

Yuto: “Mr. Dannan, what would you like to do? The Emergency Quest is for C-Rank Adventurers and above. As a D-Rank, you are not obligated to accept this Quest.”

Dannan: “Don’t be ridiculous. Of course I’ll go.” Yuto: “I understand. Then…..thank you for helping us.”

Dannan: “Don’t worry about it!”

Dannan nods, and begins to head out.

Yuto and Eliz follow after him.

As they step outside, Dannan immediately begins scouting the area.

Dannan carefully looks over the city of Kronos from on top of the hill where the Temple is built.

Yuto: “How is it?” Dannan: “There’s quite a few. 20…, at least 30. But Adventurers are heading to most of them.” Yuto: “Are there any Monsters without Adventurers heading towards them?”

Dannan: “Give me a moment. I’m looking for them now…”

Dannan scrunches his brows tightly as he concentrates.

If all the threats have Adventurers heading towards them, Yuto was thinking about helping with the evacuation of the civilians.

Yuto: (I may not be able to clear the Emergency Quest…...but it can’t be helped.)

The Quest crosses his mind, but the lives and safety of the civilians are far more important.

If Adventurers are heading to all of the Monsters, then he will prioritize the evacuation over the Quest.

Yuto does not waver for a second on his decision.

Dannan: “Fwew…...thanks for waiting. There’s one Monster that no one is heading towards.”

Yuto: “ーーwhere is it?!”

Dannan: “There. That’s probably the location of one of the older Water Sources.”

Yuto: “I understand. Mr. Dannan, Eliz!”

Dannan: “Yup.” Eliz: “Yes, yes!”

The two nod their heads firmly, and Yuto ran at full speed.

As Yuto runs at full speed, Dannan and Eliz are left farther and farther behind.

But that’s okay.

Their top priority is not the slaying of the Monster, but securing the safety of the citizens.

The Adventurers will need to first get the attention of the Monsters before the civilians run into them.

For that reason, rather than slowing down to allow his party members to keep up, Yuto decided that even if he’s going Solo at first, it is more important to arrive there as soon as possible.

The location Dannan pointed out was the same Water Source that Yuto and Eliz investigated for the Guild Request.

Heading there from the Temple, he would have to take a round-about route.

Yuto: (Is there nothing I can do to cut the time shorter…….? Wait! That’s it!)

Yuto jumped up onto the roof of a residential house, and then proceeded jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

Yuto: (I’m sorry! I don’t do this normally…..but it’s an emergency so please forgive me!!)

Yuto apologizes to the owners of the houses as he now makes a beeline to the Water Source.

Although there was quite a bit of distance from the Temple to the Water Source, running on top of the roofs of the houses allowed Yuto to arrive without losing much time.

As he arrives, Yuto confirms the Monster from on top of the roof.

Yuto: “ーーA Chaos Slime?!”


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A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

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