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Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Chapter 53: The 1,000,000G Goal!

Yuto wasn’t planning on clearing the Quest in this way, but he did obtain new armor.

Then, following the logic, the Quest should be cleared now. Yuto took out the Skill Board to check.

>>Level 28 → 29

>>Skill Point: 5 →10

Yuto: “Great! The Quest was cleared.”

There was a chance that if the money did not come from Yuto, the Quest conditions wouldn't be met, but that worry was for nothing.

He slides his fingers to check the Inventory Screen.

Yuto: “I got a sheath for my sword when I completed the weapon’s Quest, so maybe there is something this time too…? OH! There it is…”

As he predicted, there was a Quest Cleared Reward waiting for him inside his inventory.

Yuto: “Hmmmm?! A [Black Iron Shirt]....?”

Yuto reads the name of the item and tilts his head in wonder.

The material is something that Yuto knows about.

Black Iron is something a D to C-Rank Adventurer will treasure. It is an affordable, but still quite sturdy metal material.

By weaving the metal into a chain mail, you can wear it as armor.

Yuto manipulates the screen to take out the Black Iron Shirt.

Yuto: “Ohhhhh….it really is made from Black Iron.”

He held a black metal shirt.

The outer feel of the metal feels hard and sturdy, and Yuto could tell that it’s actual Black Iron.

But with a little effort, the Black Iron bends as a shirt would.

The thread used for this shirt principally used Black Iron, but it also contained the unique flexibility of cloth and was quite a unique material in general.

Yuto: “I could probably wear this under my coat. The material is Black Iron, so it should protect me better from blades.”

Yuto undresses and puts on the Black Iron Shirt underneath his new coat.

The shirt doesn’t feel too bad.

The Black Iron does feel heavy, but not so heavy where his movement would be restricted.

On the contrary, the heavy feel of his new shirt gave him a sense of security and reassurance that his life was being protected.

Yuto: “Alright…”

He was ready now.

He exited the dressing room and met up with his two party members.

Yuto: “Are you guys ready?”

Yuto faces Dannan to confirm.

They leave Pluto’s and head straight to the Dungeon Generation Room.

They were going to challenge the D-Rank Instant Dungeon.

The total reward for clearing D-Rank Dungeon is around 50,000 gards.

It is far from the 1,000,000 gard goal, but it is a first step.

No matter how you start, if you don’t take the first step, you will never reach your goal.

Eliz: “I’m ready, yes.”

Dannan: “No problems here.”

The two party members give Yuto the go ahead, and Yuto places a key inside the door.

With a rusty screech, the door slowly opens.

And Yuto jumps in through the door.

Following him, Dannan goes next, and Eliz goes in lastly.

Yuto: “This time… looks like a Fire Type Dungeon.”

Yuto examined the crimson walls and mumbled softly.

From D-Rank and onwards, the Dungeons will carry a certain magic property.

Before, the C-Rank Dungeon that Yuto cleared was an Earth Type.

In the Earth Type, there were mainly sturdy monsters with high physical defense.

This time was Fireーーthere will be Monsters who will use Fire Spells here.

Yugo: “I think the standard Monster here is the Black Hound, correct?”

Dannan: “Yup, you got it.”

Yuto: “Then we should be okay.”

Dannan: “Still, don’t let your guard.”

Yuto: “Yes, I’ll be careful.”

Yuto receives Dannan’s caution appreciatively.

For an Adventurer, letting your guard down or being overconfident will usually lead to a grizzly fatal end.

Yuto takes a moment to refocus.


Yuto: “ーーsh!!”

Yuto cut down the boss of the Instant Dungeon and Yuto’s group cleared the Dungeon successfully.

Yuto: “Good work everyone.”

Dannan: “Yeah, good work.”

Eliz: “Good work, yes.”

Mid-way through the Dungeon raid, the events were a do-over of the 11th Floor of the base dungeon.

The only thing different was that Yuto would receive a fiery breath attack, but now, he neither took any damage nor felt any heat from the Spell.

The new armor was protecting Yuto.

Yuto was impressed.

Yuto: (Expensive gear is really amazing…)

They gather the Drops and Materials, and Yuto’s party returns to the Temple.

While they were resting, Yuto checked the Quest Clear Reward on his Skill Board.

Yuto: “I think I got the Mithril when I cleared the E-Rank Dungeon….”

But that was an Emergency Quest.

This time, he cleared a regular Quest, so he was not expecting anything special with the reward.

He first confirmed his Status on the Skill Board.

>>Skill Point: 10 → 11

The difficulty was not very high, so his Level did not go up, and his Skill Point only rose one point.

Yuto: “I’m a C-Rank now, so I guess it can’t be helped that it didn’t go up that much….”

Yuto confirms the Quest List and saw that the [Clear a D-Rank Instant Dungeon] was gone.

In its place, he saw a new Quest [Clear a C-Rank Instant Dungeon].

And in the Inventory Screen, Yuto saw the Quest Clear Reward and made a fist of triumph.

Yuto: “It’s an Insta-C key….YES! We can challenge the C-Rank Quest!”

The C-Rank key itself is worth 100,000 gards.

If they exchange the items they found in the D-Rank Dungeon, they would have collected around 150,000 gards.

For Yuto, that is a lot of money.

But it’s still far from the 1,000,000 gards.

Yuto: “I wonder if I’ll get the B-Rank Instant Dungeon Key if we clear the C-Rank? A B-Rank key can be sold for about 250,000 gards so combined with everything else, that’s 400,000 gards……”

Even then, the goal is still far.

But Yuto is not that discouraged.

That’s because within a single day, he may have found a way to earn up to 400,000 gards.

This kind of earning within a day would have been unimaginable for Yuto just a short while ago.

And (although it’s not very easy to predict) but in 2-5 days, they might reach their goal.

With that, 1,000,000 gards seemed to be right in their grasp.

This is all for saving Tokmu.

With that in mind, strength welled up from inside of him.

Yuto: “Alright, let’s do this!”

Yuto felt a new wave of energy and began preparing for the C-Rank Instant Dungeon.


G for Gard (ガルド) - First time the author used the abbreviated currency. It’s typical to interpret 100G as 100 gold in RPG’s so she may have wanted to avoid that trope and slightly twisted “gold” (ゴールド) to “gard” (ガルド) to make her currency unique and avoided abbreviating the currency in the series up until now.


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A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

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