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Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Chapter 51: Save Up the Gards!

It was the second day since he joined Yuto’s party as a temp member.

Dannan practically skipped as he walked towards the Temple Square.

It was shocking how good the money was in Yuto’s party.

Yes, Dannan was told that they <split the rewards evenly>.

But that is an unbelievably great condition that is not provided by any other party in Kronos.

If it’s a [Clan] made up of many Adventurers, then maybe there are some groups who go by that rule.

But Dannan’s rank is not high enough nor is he well known enough, nor had any friends or connections to join such a [Clan].

That’s why the conditions Yuto proposed were probably the best he could ever imagine.

And because of that, he also had considerable doubt against something that was too good to be true.

[Maybe it’s not going to be split evenly between all the party members]......that thought kept circling around his mind.

But when they were splitting the rewards, Yuto split the rewards evenly down to the last gard.

The Guild was there when the distribution was made too.

Dannan: (Well, technically, they were only there to calculate the rewards but….)

It was the first time Dannan earned 5,100 gards in one Dungeon run.

If he’s able to continue participating in Yuto’s party, in the very near future, he’ll be able to save up 1,000,000 gards.

Dannan: (Then I can save Tokmu!)

When Dannan arrived at the Temple Square, Yuto was already there waiting for him.

Dannan raised his hand and walked towards Yuto.

Dannan: “Hey, Yuto. Let’s do our best todaーー”

Yuto: “Mr. Dannan!!”

Dannan: “ーーy?!?!”

Yuto dashed forward and confronted him with unbelievable speed and grabbed Dannan’s shoulder.

Yuto’s eyes were bloodshot.

Dannan: (Did something happen?!)

The fears of the party being disbanded ran chills down his spine.

But his fears were misled.

Yuto: “I heard the news, Mr. Dannan!”

Dannan: “Huhーー?”

Yuto: “IーI…….I was so moved by the story!!”

Dannan: “..........what~?”

Tears flooded out of Yuto’s eyes.

Seeing Yuto with tears streaming down his eyes, all his fears instantly crumbled.

Dannan: “Wait, you were moved by what? What's going on here?”

Yuto: “About Tokmu! You’re saving up money to treat your little brother’s illness, right?!”

Finally understanding, Dannan quickly recounted his conversations with Yuto.

Dannan hasn’t spoken a word about Tokmu to Yuto.

But Yuto knew about Tokmu’s condition.

Dannan: “Did Eliz tell you?”

Dannan was able to easily guess where Yuto got his information.

A while back, Dannan took Tokmu to go see the Downtown Saint who was rumored to be curing people and had her examine Tokmu once.

He was hoping that her [Heal] would cure Tokmu.

He was hopeful, but in the end, she did not even cast [Heal] on him.

The reason was because Tokmu’s condition was a Magic Power Syndrome.

[Heal] uses Magic Power to heal wounds, but in this case, there was a chance that it could trigger or cause the Magic Power Syndrome to get worse for Tokmu.

Eliz remembered that meeting about Tokmu’s condition from that one time.

Yuto: “Why didn’t you tell us?!” Dannan: “I mean…..that’s….my personal business, and I can’t bother you guys about that……”

One reason why Dannan couldn’t say it was because of his dignity.

[Please hire me so I can earn money for Tokmu’s treatment!]

Dannan did not want to use Tokmu and his condition to draw pity from people. It felt too much like he was using his little brother.

Maybe he would have shared the news if it was someone he knew well.

But Dannan only joined Yuto’s party yesterday for the first time.

Dannan didn’t want to stoop so low to people he just met. His pride as Tokmu’s older brother would not allow it.

But it’s true that Dannan was keeping stuff from Yuto.

He felt a slight pang of guilt, and Dannan turned away from Yuto.

But Yuto grabbed Dannan’s hand and squeezed it tightly.

Yuto: “That’s not true! I think you’re an amazing person, Mr. Dannan!”

Dannan: “Huh? Uh...wait…..” Yuto: “Let’s do it, Mr. Dannan! If you can’t do it alone, you have us. If we join our strength together as a party, we’ll be able to save up 1,000,000 gards!!”

Dannan: “UHHHHHHHHH……..” Dannan was flabbergasted seeing Yuto make such an announcement with joyous gusto.

And only one thought crossed Dannan’s mind.


He could only think of that right now.


Eliz: “Mr. Yuto, <PLEASE CALM DOWN>, YES!”

Shortly afterwards, Eliz joined the group, and she had to tug hard at Yuto’s sleeves to get him to let go of Dannan’s hands.

Yuto: (I….guess I went a little overboard….)

Yuto reflects apologetically.

But he couldn’t help but be moved by the story.

Yuto also has many brothers and sisters that are not related to him by blood.

Yuto grew up in an orphanage.

Below Yuto, he had many little brothers and sisters constantly hungry and causing trouble.

He is not related to any of these brothers and sisters.

But Yuto could not help but feel like they were his real brothers and sisters.

At the age of 8, Yuto left the Orphanage.

It was to help decrease the mouths they had to feed there.

The Orphanage was not wealthy by any means.

There was always someone there who was crying because they were hungry.

An Orphanage not sponsored by anyone and with a lot of kids could not feed all the children there.

Looking at all the hungry brothers and sisters, Yuto decided to leave the Orphanage.

He figured that whatever food he would be receiving there would now be given to another child.

Because of that history, Yuto strongly projected himself onto Dannan’s situation.

And Yuto also had this thought in the back of his mind.

Yuto: (Wasn’t the [Earn 1,000,000 Gards] Quest exactly for this reason?)

For Yuto, all Quests are obstacles that he must overcome.

But if there was something more than just improving his Status beyond clearing the Quest, if he saw that doing so would give Dannan’s brother a future……

Yuto would gladly take on the challenge.

Yuto: “So, for that reason, Eliz, I’m going to help Dannan meet his goal!”

Eliz: “I really don’t understand your [reason] but okay, I understand, yes.”

Dannan: “Hey!”

With Eliz’ agreement, Dannan raised his objection.


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A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

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Dec 16, 2021

Thanks for the treat.


Jul 21, 2021

that pretty wholesome from yuto, to know how the plight from dannan feels, and choose to help him thanks for the chapter


Jul 21, 2021

Thanks for the chapter! I forgot about that quest being mentioned... Was it? Oh well. Add him to your party! If he levels up some it makes it better overall for the party and money grinding.


Purple Li
Purple Li
Jul 21, 2021

Would be kind of funny if he get a mana drain skill or something that would cure the kid

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