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Chapter 49: Dannan’s Job

The next day.

Yuto was at the Temple Square waiting for his party and checked his Skill Board while he waited.

Today, Yuto’s party will head towards the 11th Floor.

Right now, there are five Base Quests. And this round, he plans to complete the [Slay 100 of Each Type of Monster] and [Head to the 15th Floor of the Base Dungeon] - these two primarily.

After completing the [Head to the 15th Floor] Quest, Yuto expects that it will trigger a Chain Quest.

Yuto was hoping that he would be able to clear this Chain Quest too if possible.

Yuto: “But the 11th Floor will have traps too…”

Yuto has not seen how a Scout disarms a trap during his time as an Adventurer.

He has no idea at this point how long it takes to disarm traps.

Depending on the time it takes, he may have to give up on completing some of his goals.

Yuto: “Even so, I hope it all goes smoothly.”

In order for Yuto to grow stronger, he must clear and complete quests.

If anything, Yuto wanted to complete these 2 Quests at the very least.

Once he finished confirming his Quest list, he switched to his Inventory Screen.

Inside his inventory, he has many items needed to clear out Dungeons.

And his food supply is especially abundant.

He cleared the Request from the Bread Store and earned a massive amount of 50 gard breads in return.

Among his inventory items, he still has the [Receive or Dodge 100 Attacks] Quest reward left untouched.

When Yuto first saw this, he wondered why he got this, but now that he thinks about it, it should have been obvious.

It was a Quest that specifically asked him to either receive or dodge attacks.

Depending on which option he chooses, there were rewards set aside for either option.

As Yuto waited in the Temple Square, Dannan showed up.

Seeing him, Yuto felt relieved inside.

Since he invited Dannan to the party under very tense conditions, he thought that Dannan could refuse.

Yuto: “Good morning, Mr. Dannan.”

Dannan: “Hey. Uh….when you said “party”......did you mean just us two?”

Yuto: “No, there is one more member. She’s a Healer and should be on her way.”

And as Yuto finished speaking, Eliz showed up shortly afterwards.

Eliz: “Mr. Yuto, good morning, yes.”

Yuto: “Good morning, Eliz.”

Dannan: “Eliz……? As in the “Downtown Saint” Eliz?”

Dannan was a little shocked and his eyes widened slightly.

Looking at Dannan, Eliz tilted her head to wonder.

Eliz: “..........oh, who is this?”

Yuto: “Mr. Dannan. I hired him as a temporary member to our party as a Scout. From the 11th Floor, we’re going to encounter traps, so we needed someone like him.”

Eliz: “Oh, I see. Mr. Dannan, it’s a pleasure working with you, yes.”

Dannan: “Yeah.”

Eliz: “.......wait….Mr. Dannan?”

As if trying to remember something, Eliz tilted her head once more after greeting Mr. Dannan.

She placed a finger on her forehead and looked upwards to the right.

Eliz: “ーーoh! I remember now, yes!”

Eliz claps her hand at the realization.

Yuto: “Oh, do you know each other?”

Eliz: “Yes, we met once before, yes. your little brother, well?”

Dannan: “.....yeah, he’s getting by.”

Eliz: “I see….”

Eliz looked a little pained at the memory as she scrunched her eyebrows together.

Yuto put two and two together and guessed that the “little brother” Eliz mentioned was the same boy, Tokmu, who stole his bread.

Yuto: (But why did she ask if he was doing well?)

Being concerned, Yuto opened his mouth to ask.

Yuto: “You mean, your little brother, Tokmu, correct? Did something happen?”

Eliz: “He’s ill.”

Yuto: “...ill….?”

Yuto was taken back from the news.

Running into Tokmu yesterday in the slum alleyways, Yuto couldn’t have imagined that Tokmu was enduring some sort of illness.

Yuto: “Well, if you know about it, Eliz, did you treat him with {Heal}?”

Eliz: “.........”

Without saying a word, she shook her head.

It was a disease that Eliz’ {Heal} couldn’t treat.

Yuto: “Um, Mr. Dannan, is Tokmuーー”

Dannan: “Hey, it’s okay. We don’t have to talk about something like that at the start of the morning. Let’s head to the Dungeon.”

Yuto: “Oh, yes.”

Dannan cut the conversation short, and Yuto lost the chance to inquire about Tokmu.

As they arrived at the 11th Floor, Yuto secretly took out his Skill Board.

He stares at the Party Formation Screen and thinks.

Yuto: (Mr. Dannan is a temp member, but should I include him in the party….?)

If Yuto uses the Skill Board, members who don’t participate in the battles will still earn experience points.

This new distribution of experience points was something that would break the norms of the Adventurer System today.

But Yuto thought that using this for a temp member might be too risky.

If news got out, he will be dragged out and interrogated.

It wasn’t hard to imagine this happening.

Yuto: (I’ll have to wait and see then……..)

For now, Yuto held off on including Dannan into the party.

But Yuto did include “someone” else instead.

That someone else was…

Yuto: (I can’t believe I can include a tamed Monster in the Party Formation….!)

Yuto was able to include Pino, his tamed Monster.

Currently, Pino was sleeping soundly in Yuto’s bag.

Yuto wasn’t sure about taking Pino with him to the Dungeon, but leaving Pino behind in his room wasn’t really an option either.

Pino is the very first Monster Yuto has ever tamed.

And Pino is one of the few fans of the 50 gard bread.

For those reasons, Pino held a special place in Yuto’s heart.

Pino could never do wrong in Yuto’s eyes.

Yuto didn’t want to imagine coming back to his room only to find Pino escape and disappear. That is one regret Yuto can make do without.

But if Pino is with him, he wouldn’t have to worry about losing him, and if Pino stays by his side, Yuto can protect him.

That’s why Yuto stuffed Pino inside his bag and brought him to the Dungeon with him.

Yuto didn’t think he would be able to register Pino as a Party Member.

Yuto: (Pino’s already cute and if he gets stronger………..he’ll be the absolute best, right?)

And with that, Yuto did not hesitate to include Pino in his party system.

After putting Pino in his party, Yuto gives Dannan the signal.

And with that Dannan begins to walk deeper into the Dungeon.

Dannan seems to be walking normally down the Dungeon.

At a glance, you wouldn’t know if he’s aware or clueless of Monsters or traps.

But Dannan was doing his job and performing his role diligently.

That was something Yuto could feel from him.

Dannan: “Wait a sec.”

Yuto: “Yes.”

Eliz: “Yes, yes.”

Dannan signals to the party, and Yuto and Eliz stop.

Dannan lowers himself to the floor and inserts his needle into the ground.

The needle Dannan is holding seemed to have magically sprung out from the glove he is wearing.

To Yuto, it looked like the needle appeared out of thin air.

Yuto: (I wonder how that works?)

As Yuto observes…

Dannan: “Okay, we’re good here.”

Yuto: “Oh, yes.”

Danna finishes disarming the trap.

From start to finish, it only took 20 seconds to disarm the trap entirely.

If it’s this quick, Yuto will be able to easily clear this Dungeon.

There is a good chance that Yuto will be able to reach all his goals today.

As Yuto lets out a quiet sigh of relief…

Dannan: “Yuto, incoming!!”


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A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: By Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)


Original Source Link:

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