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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Chapter 41: The Results of the Match. And then…

Thames: “Are you looking down on me because I’m a girl?!”

Yuto: “Whー, no, I’mー”

Thames: “Then come at me with everything you got!!”

Thames grips her sword even harder and rushes out towards Yuto with even more aggressive attacks.

But Thames already knew…

She already saw through Yuto’s strength.

But this was not something she could readily admit.

No...she could never admit it.

She could never admit…that there is this much of a gap between a D-Rank and a C-Rank Adventurer.

But even more than that, having your opponent “go easy on you because your weak” crippled Thames’ pride even more.

Thames: (I didn’t work this hard just to be brushed away like that!!)

Thames continued her attack with everything she had.

But her attacks just refused to connect with Yuto.

Thames: (I’m not going to allow you to deny everything I’ve built up until this point!!)

While Thames was continuing her attack….

Kratos: “Give it your all!”

Kratos himself who was refereeing the duel shouted.

ーーmy all.

With those words, Thames’ adrenaline shot through the roof.

She concentrated all of the remaining strength left within her into her wooden sword.

Thames: “AHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Thames put her soul and might into the next strike.

Yuto: (Whーwhat should I do……?)

Even after the duel began, Yuto still couldn’t decide on what to do.

He could not shake the fear that any attacks from him would destroy his opponent.

And part of this worry stemmed from Yuto’s complete lack of experience fighting another person.

Yuto has never taught anyone else.

Yuto has always trained alone.

Always, alone.

Yuto learned the movements of a swordsman by being a luggage carrier, and in the backyards of the Weapons and Armor Shop, Plutos, he would copy the movements there.

So that is why he had no way of knowing if there was a way to win without hurting his opponent. Yuto just could not find a solution.

Yuto dodges a wild swing from Thames.

And right then, Thames was taken off-balance.

It’s an obvious opportunity.

But Yuto still could not attack.

Yuto: (........I’m scared.)

Yuto was scared.

An Adventurer’s strength is not for hurting people.

It is a strength to be able to explore a dungeon.

It is a strength to protect people.

But Yuto wasn’t hesitant about attacking during a match.

He was more afraid of injuring someone as a result of his attack.

Yuto: (What should I do….?!)

While he was thinking…

Kratos: “Give it your all!”

Suddenly, Kratos shouted.

Yuto instinctively looked at Kratos with just his eyes.

And Kratos subtly moved his eyes so only Yuto will see.

Yuto: (ーーI see!!)

Yuto understood what Kratos was trying to say, and for the first time, strength returned to his sword grip.

In a flash, he is conscious of the {Physical Boost}.

And the grip on his sword grew even stronger.

Strength surged through the hands holding the sword.

Thames: “AHHHHHHHH!!”

Thames brings up her sword, and brings it down hard on Yuto.

And against Thames’ wooden sword, Yuto also “gave it his all,” and their swords crossed.

Yuto: “ーーsh!!”

Yuto’s sword met Thames’ sword.

The next moment…

ーーPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!! (*sfx something exploding with a pop-like sound)

Yuto’s [Critical Thrust] and [Armor Break] activated, and Yuto’s attack pulverized Thames’ wooden sword.

Thames, watching the remaining pieces of her sword fly through the eye, fell to her knees in shock.

Yuto swung his sword, and placed it back on his waist as if to put it back in its sheath.

Yuto: “Thank you so much for the match.” Yuto bows his head deeply towards Thames.

And at the same time, the crowd goes wild around Yuto.

The Adventurers who were watching exploded in applause.


Yuto, trying to shy away from the crowd, bent over as-if to try to make himself smaller.

And Kratos approached Yuto.

Kratos: “Yuto, Thames, good work.” Yuto: “Oh, Mr. Kratos, thank you for being willing to referee the duel.”

Thames: “.............”

Thames was unable to answer Kratos.

And not knowing what to say to Thames, Yuto opens and closes his mouth several times.

Kratos: “Hey, Yuto. I’ll deal with you later.”

Yuto: “Huh?”

Yuto didn’t understand what Kratos meant and tilts his head.

But ignoring Yuto, Kratos approaches Thames.

Kratos: “Thames, I think you understand now that you’re still not enough to reach C-Rank.”

Thames: “...........bーbut I, I’ve worked so hard for this! I’ve done everything I can to become a C-Rank!!”

Kratos: “To become a C-Rank……..? Hey, Thames, you got it all wrong.” With Kratos’ objection, Thames looks up to face him.

Thames: “What do you……..”

Kratos: “We are all Adventurers. What’s most important to an Adventurer is to become stronger. And as a result of becoming stronger, as a bonus, we get a rank-up. We don’t fight just to rank-up.”

Thames: “Butーー”

Kratos: “No but’s. Strength is everything to an Adventurer. If you have a problem with that, then get stronger. Get stronger than this guy right here. Aren’t you an Adventurer as well?”

Kratos points his thumb towards Yuto.

But Yuto didn’t know how to respond to being pointed out.

Yuto: (Huh? Why me?!)

The strongest person around is Kratos here, so why did Kratos point at Yuto instead of himself?

Yuto tilts his head even more in confusion.

But Thames caught sight of Yuto and glared at him.

Yuto: “Eeeek?!”

Thames stood up and starts running away.

But immediately stops and looks at Yuto.

Thames: “Yuto.” Yuto: “Yーyes!”

Thames: “I’m…..I’m sorry I doubted you. You are certainly a C-Rank Adventurer.”

And with that, Thames left the field.

By the time Yuto couldn’t see Thames anymore, Kratos walks over to Yuto.

Kratos: “Now it’s your turn.”

Yuto: “Yーyessir!!”

An A-Rank Adventurer is right before his eyes.

And Yuto stiffens with just that fact alone.

Kratos: “What kind of fighting was that, just now? That was too pitiful to watch.”

Yuto: “IーI’m sorry…”

Being called pitiful by a 1st Rate Adventurer, Yuto’s confidence dents.

Kratos: “Have you never fought against a person before?”

Yuto: “, I haven’t....”

Kratos: “Thought so…”

So Kratos did see through Yuto’s lack of experience.

When Yuto was lost on what to do, Kratos showed him via his eye contact.

Kratos: “Okay then, then should we start?”

Yuto: “.....start?”

Yuto is confused, but Kratos excitedly pulls out his blade from his waist.

The entirety of the giant blade was the color of fire.

Seeing that sword, Yuto murmurs…

Yuto: “The Great Sword of Dryas….”

What Kratos held was an A-Rank Instant Dungeon Drop - the strongest ranked magic sword.

The material of the blade is unknown and is said to be a weapon of God that has higher strength and durability than Mithril.

It will never break, and its edge stays razor sharp.

With that alone, it is an incredible weapon, but it it said to have another hidden trait.

The Great Sword of Dryas is one of the most admired Dungeon-made weapons there is.

Having such a sword pointed at him, Yuto’s sucked in his breath.

Just with the sword pointing at him, he felt an immense pressure upon him.

And feeling the pressure, the Adventurers around them….

“Oh, look at the time. I better get going~”

“I need to get to the Dungeon~!”

.....many begin walking away one by one.

Yuto wanted to join those Adventurers.

He wanted to join and run away with them.

But there is no way Kratos would let him leave right now.

Kratos: “Draw your sword too, Yuto.”

Yuto: “What?!”





A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: By Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)


Original Source Link:

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