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Chapter 40: Entangled Feelings

Yuto gave up on thinking about how to escape from this duel.

It’s a duel with wooden swords, so Yuto treated it as he would with training.

But even so, the wooden sword bothered him.

Yuto has the Specialty [Critical Thrust] and [Armor Break].

If he hits a person, would these specialties trigger and do more damage than he anticipates? Not knowing this made Yuto’s uneasiness grow further.

His opponent is a D-Rank Adventurer.

You would hope that hitting a D-Rank with a wooden sword would not hurt them.

But there is always a what-if worst case scenario that pops into Yuto’s mind and keeps Yuto on the fence.

Yuto would not be able to fight in his current mind state.

But if he doesn’t fight appropriately, Yuto himself may get injured.

Eliz’ tantrum was a problem, but it only made Yuto chuckle to himself. Eliz was only trying to protect Yuto’s reputation as an Adventurer.

Even though she’s still a child, she stood up to adults for Yuto's sake.

So Yuto wanted to return the favor by winning this match.

Thames: “..........can we begin?”

Yuto: “Oh, yes.”

Thames calls for Yuto, and Yuto steps forward.

Both stop after coming to a certain distance.

Yuto: “ who will give the signal for the Duel to start?”

Thames: “What? Just grab whoever from the crowd. HEY! Can someone give the signal?!”

Thames calls out and many Adventurers raise their hands to volunteer.

But one pushes all of them away and steps forward swiftly.

“I’ll do it.” Yuto: “WHー?!”

Thames: “MーMr. Kratos…..?”

The one who arrived was an A-Rank Adventurer.

It was the “Thousand Blades” Kratos.


Now with Kratos refereeing the match, Thames was pumped with excitement.

If a D-Rank Adventurer is able to crush a C-Rank Adventurer, Kratos may throw in a good word at the Guild.

Of course, it’s unlikely that he’ll do it.

But the probability of it happening isn’t zero.

Thames has been an Adventurer for 5 years now.

The promotion to a D-Rank Adventurer happened within a year.

But since then, Thames’ Adventurer Rank did not rise at all.

Many Instant Dungeons were cleared.

Many strong enemies were defeated.

Thames’ Level is Level 26.

As an Adventurer, the C-Rank Standards should have all been cleared.

But the Guild continued to refuse Thames the promotion.

It did not matter what Level or how many monsters or how many Instant Dungeons were cleared, or how many Dungeons were cleared Solo.

At this point, Thames was out of ideas.

Part of the reason why this duel with “The Weakest Adventurer” Yuto began was because of that.

[How can a Level 1 like him be promoted and a Level 26 like myself not?!]

[There has to be some fraud that Yuto committed!!]

From there, Thames asked for the Duel.

A Guild-Approved C-Rank Adventurer will be defeated by a Guild-Rejected D-Rank Adventurer.

This is the only way to open the Guild’s eyes.

Kratos: “Alright. Let’s begin.”

Kratos raises his hand.

Suddenly the atmosphere changed, and tenseness filled the air.

Thames felt prickling on the skin.

But this change in atmosphere was caused by…..Yuto.

Thames: (........HA! So at least you got a strong aura, but it’s ONLY your aura nonetheless!)

Thames spats insults inside and gets ready for the fight.

Slowly, Thames breathes.

Strength is consolidated in the wooden sword and concentration rises.

Kratos opens his mouth.

Kratos: “ーーーーGO!”

As soon as his hand was down…

Thames swung at Yuto’s shoulder.

Thames: (It’s over!)

Thames was certain of victory.


Thames: “ーーーhuh?!”

Yuto dodged Thames’ attack by a hair.

This was shocking for Thames.

The attack should have hit. It could not have been dodged.

From experience, the timing of that attack was perfect and should have connected.

But even so, it was dodged by a hair width.

Thames: “’re one lucky ******”

Thames repositions and attacks again.


But the next attack is easily dodged.

Thames: (Is he just good at dodging?)

Thames knew that Yuto’s Level did not go up for over 10 years.

It’s possible that Yuto then just got really good at dodging.

Thames: (Then I just have to make an attack that can’t be dodged!!)

Thames refrained from big swings, and began to start with small strikes to get Yuto off-balance.

After 10, 20 strikes, Thames notices something strange.


Thames has already attacked several dozen times.

But Yuto has yet to attack once.

Thames: (Maybe he just doesn’t have the time to attack?)

Thames tries to analyze Yuto’s movements.

From there, Thames dishes out continuous attacks back to back.

Thames swings, stabs, jumps in, swipes sideways…

And repeats this over and over.


Thames: (gasp………...gasp…………..)

None of the attacks hit.

Not one.


Thames’ anger begins to boil over, and the swings of the attacks become larger.

But Yuto continues to dodge all of Thames’ attacks by the breadth of a hair.

All the attacks were too rushed. Thames was getting too stiff with each attack.

Thames lost balance and froze.

Thames: (NO!!)

It was a huge opening. A critical mistake.

The attack will come now.

Thames waited for Yuto’s attack.

But nothing came.

Yuto stood still.

Thames: (gasp………………..gasp…………………)

Now, Thames knew something was wrong.

There was no way any Adventurer would miss an opportunity like that.

If Thames was in Yuto’s shoes, the fight would have been over.

Thames: (Why…...why isn’t he attacking……?)

At this point, Thames was able to calm down.

Up to this point, Thames assumed that Yuto was getting “lucky” and dodging all the attacks.

And “conveniently,” he was not attacking at all.

But would such luck and coincidence continue occurring indefinitely?


Thames: (gasp…………..gasp………..URGH!!)

Yuto: “................”

Thames was able to see the situation more clearly than ever now.

Only one person was breathing raggedly, and it was not Yuto.

Yuto remained calm and cool.

And what’s even more apparent is where they both are standing.

Thames attacked from all different sides and angles to corner Yuto.

But Yuto did not move “one step” from where the duel started.

Thames: (No….impossible……!!)

Pure instinct overtook Thames as the next words spilled out.

Thames: “You, why are you not attacking me?”

Yuto: “That’s…….”

Thames: “Are you looking down on me because I’m a girl?!”




A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: By Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

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