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Chapter 38: The Status Appraisal in the Prayer Room

In the Temple, there is the entrance to the Base Dungeon, the Adventurer Guild, the [Dungeon Generation Room], the [Teleportation Room], and finally, a [Prayer Room] where you will find an altar set up.

In order to determine your Adventurer Status, you need to go to this room to have your Status appraised.

It costs 5,000 gards for one appraisal, so it’s not cheap.

But even if you know your enemies, it is more important to know your own strengths and limitations if you want to come back alive. It only takes one loss in a Dungeon battle and your career along with your life is over.

In order to defeat the Monsters, in order to stay alive, the appraisal fee is an essential expenditure.

Eliz went up to the Priest, paid the 5,000 gards, and stood before the altar.

At the altar, light from the sun comes through the stained glass window and hits that exact spot.

There are no images of gods here, but there is a very spiritual, mystical feel to the place that makes you believe that there is.

At the altar, there is a stone platform.

On the platform, you place the piece of paper given to you by the Priest, and Eliz placed the piece of paper flat against the platform with both hands.

And in the faded light, on the blank sheet of paper, letters emerge.

The Status appraisal is now complete.

After the light completely fades, Eliz took the sheet of paper and walked quickly away from the platform.

And with fearful anticipation, she carefully looks at the words written down.


Eliz (13)

Level 10


├ Endurance Lv 1

└ Magic Lv 4


└Spellcasting Lv 4


{HEAL} Lv 3 ー {HI HEAL} Lv 1





Eliz: “.............!!”

The Status written down was significantly much more improved than before.

Before joining Yuto’s party, Eliz’ level was Level 5.

And now, in a very short amount of time, she somehow raised her level to Level 10.

Eliz could not believe her eyes.

While she was in the Dungeon with Yuto, she did feel sensations that were similar to Leveling Up, and sometimes she felt like her body became lighter too.

So Eliz thought, “Maybe my level went up?”, but never in her dreams did she think she would have gone up 5 Levels.

Leveling Up Healers in Kronos is said to be one of the most difficult things to do in the world of Adventurers.

And that is mainly because even if you are in a party, you are rarely given a chance to Level Up during any Dungeon raids.

And in most cases, Healers do not possess the means to attack any Monsters, so they cannot receive any Monster Slaying experiences.

That is why Eliz was only Level 5 as a C-Rank Adventurer, but that was not an unusual situation.

Eliz was actually higher Level than some of her peers.

Being forced to use {HEAL} continuously, she accumulated training experience.

There are of course, Healers who will use their Magic Power until it is exhausted.

But Eliz has [PERSEVERANCE].

This Specialty allows Eliz to consume her Physical Strength in place of Magic Power if she runs out of Magic Power.

You can actually go the other way around as well and consume Magic Power if your Physical Strength is exhausted so many close-range combat specialists will acquire this skill.

Because of [PERSEVERANCE], Eliz was able to cast twice as many {HEALS} compared to other Healers.

And because of that, Eliz’ level was higher than other Healers.

Up until now, Eliz’ Level Up speed was higher pace than the other Healers.

But even so, her level up speed these past few days was nothing less than absurd.

Overwhelmed by excitement, along with the confusion and panic, Eliz all of a sudden felt dizzy and light-headed.

She did not JUST Level Up.

Her {HEAL} Spell’s Skill was high enough where now she acquired {HI HEAL}.

Because she continuously used {HEAL}, a Skill Awakening occurred.

Eliz: “But….But with this….I can support Mr. Yuto even more, yes!”

In her previous party, Eliz did not have the Healing Skills necessary to keep her party member alive and lost the member as a result.

If she can help it, she never wants to experience the same failure ever again.

And the appearance of the {HI HEAL} was very encouraging for her for this reason.

Eliz was pumped up with adrenaline running with her Status improvements when Yuto came back with slower, smaller steps.

He also received his Status appraisal and came back, but something was off.

Eliz: “Mr. Yuto, how was your Status appraisal, yes?”

Yuto: “ good.”

Eliz: “No good?”

Yuto: “Yeah, look.”

And with that Yuto showed Eliz his sheet of paper.


Yuto (18)

Level 1




Eliz: “ーーHUH?!?!?”

After seeing Yuto’s Status, Eliz, with wide eyes, could not believe this.

She looked several times, but the same thing was written on the sheet of paper each time.

Eliz: (This can’t be right……)

Actually, Yuto himself couldn’t believe that this was his actual Status either.

Right now, Yuto has much more combat power than a Level 1 No Skill Adventurer.

It would be impossible to defeat 1,000 Monsters or the Mithril Golem as a Level 1 No Skill Adventurer.

And because of his Skill Board, Yuto himself has personally and directly experienced a rise in his Physical strengths and abilities.

He was prepared to see a slightly different appraisal and some differences between the two.

What he didn’t expect was a completely different Status altogether.

Yuto: (Does this mean that they always misjudged my Status?…..)

Yuto immediately turned away from the idea.

When Yuto first opened the Skill Board, he was indeed a Level 1.

His abilities was exactly what you would expect from a Level 1.

So the Status appraisal at the Temple was not always incorrect.

Yuto: (Then this means it’s the Skill Board’s fault.)

The only other possibility and culprit is the Skill Board.

It is highly likely that the Status and Skills obtained by the Skill Board will not be reflected in the Temple’s Status Appraisal system.

Yuto was analyzing the differences in the Temple’s and Skill Board’s Statuses, when Eliz suddenly exploded with her shoulder rising and lowering with each heavy breath.





A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: By Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

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