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A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: By Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

Chapter 31: Quest and Dungeon Conquest

Yuto: “What’s wrong, Eliz?”

Eliz: “Uh...well…...I just thought….or felt that my Level just went up, yes. But it’s probably just my imagination…….yes.”

Eliz continues to wonder - confused, and troubled by the event, but Yuto shouted with joy in his heart.

Yuto: (Great! It’s just as I thought!)

While they were heading to the 6th Floor, Yuto was experimenting with the Party Formation screen he discovered earlier that morning.

On the party screen, Yuto was able to enter people nearby him as members of his party.

As of now, Yuto and Eliz are a “party” on that screen.

Of course, you can be a party without the Skill Board.

It’s an agreement between two or more people, and you dive into a dungeon together. That is the essence of what being a party means.

So Yuto suspected that there was more to this screen.

And just as he expected, Eliz experienced a Level Up.

From this, Yuto guessed that [any members logged as a party member will also have experience shared within the party].

If that is true, this is truly a remarkable but also equally scary function.

In a regular party, only the members who attack the monsters receive experience from defeating the monster.

If one person defeats a Goblin, then one person receives the experience. If 3 people defeat it together, then all three will receive experience.

Even if you are a party together, if you do not deal any damage to the monster, you do not receive any experience when that monster is defeated.

Eliz is a Healer and has no method or means of delivering an attack.

Hence, in a regular party, she is not able to receive any experience except when she uses [HEAL].

Many Healers for this reason hit a wall and are unable to Level Up further.

If you solely rely on your Healing skills, you will always hit a ceiling that is your magic reserve limit, and you are unable to then proceed to more higher-level fights.

For that reason, for any Healers who hit that wall, their party members will help them defeat weaker monsters so they can Level Up.

It’s so common that you’ll see high level Healers down in the earlier Floors defeating low level monsters quite often.

Eliz is currently a C-Rank Adventurer, but she’s also a Healer. You could probably guess that her Level is far below what a C-Rank average adventurer should be.

And it was low enough where defeating a few dozen Goblins was enough for her to Level Up.

With this, even if you are a Healer with no attacking methods, you can Level Up by just becoming part of the party.

And you can simply sit back while your party fights and collects the experience points for you.

The Party Formation screen of the Skill Board completely wrecks the existing Dungeon Party system.

On the contrary, Yuto will not level up no matter how many monsters he defeats. Regular methods of Leveling Up mean nothing to him.

But now, the experience points that were going to waste before will be distributed to Eliz.

Yuto: (Party Formation is incredible….!)

It not only benefits Yuto who would be completing Quests, but it is also properly rewarding Eliz for supporting him.

The more he tries, the more he defeats, Eliz’ level will continue to rise.

Ecstatic, Yuto hunts down Goblins more vigorously.


Eliz: “Ummmm….Mr. Yuto? Why are you using your spells so much, yes?”

Yuto: “Huh?”

Eliz: “Well……...using such a strong spell on a E-Rank monster is… know…..wasteful, yes?”

Yuto: “Oh, umm...well, th--this is actually….I’m actually practicing my spellcasting! I thought maybe using the spell more will Level Up my spellcasting level!”

Eliz: “Oh, I see....?”

Yuto tries to explain away his actions as everything he’s doing confuses Eliz who is right beside him.

--------so yes, these are just more lies and excuses.

Yuto was simply trying to clear the Spellcasting Quest.

It would be impossible to cast his spell 100 times consecutively.

But if he did this gradually while fighting monsters, he would be able to clear both the Spellcasting AND the Monster Slaying Quest simultaneously.

Yuto was overjoyed to find ways to complete Quests efficiently and was getting carried away with it.

But because his atypical methodology and actions are far from the typical Adventurer, it gave Eliz reasons to question his actions and decisions.

Yuto: (I...I should be more careful….)

In order to lessen Eliz’ suspicion, Yuto decreased the frequency in which he used his spell.

So on each floor, Yuto defeated 100 of each type of monster (with mixing spells in occasionally).

Defeating the Goblin King on the 5th Floor, Yuto and Eliz reached the 6th Floor.

From the 6th Floor on, they’re going to start fighting D-Rank monsters.

This is where the real fight starts.

After reaching the 6th Floor, Yuto and Eliz immediately head to the Teleport Room.

They record the Teleportation Record and Data into Eliz’ Guild Card.

Eliz: “Mr. Yuto, thank you so much! Now I’ll be able to teleport and start from the 6th Floor, yes!”

Yuto: “Then let’s head back for today.”

They spent a lot of time defeating 100 monsters of every type on the first 5 Floors, and the day was coming to an end.

Even if they start hunting D-Rank Monsters now, they wouldn’t be even close to finishing.

Rather than trying to defeat as many D-Rank monsters now in a very short period of time, retreating for now and coming back fully energized tomorrow will make the process a whole lot easier for the two.

They return to the surface using the Teleport Room, and sell off the monster stone they collected.

The total sale of the monster stones came to 10,000 gards. That’s about 5,000 gards each.

Eliz: “Wh--?! No, Mr. Yuto! You defeated all the monsters, yes. I didn’t even use [HEAL] once today!”

Yuto: “But, we’re a party so… please?”

Yuto places 5,000 gards into Eliz’ hand.

Normally, the distribution of funds is determined by your contribution.

And of course, that means that those who defend against the most attacks and defeat the monsters receive a higher percentage of the rewards.

And on the other side of the coin, the scouts who dismantle traps and locate enemies and Healers who have even less opportunities to do anything almost get nothing.

But Yuto refused to follow those norms.

Part of this stemmed from being the lowest paid luggage carrier for so long.

If you don’t have money, you will starve.

The last thing Yuto wanted Eliz to experience was an empty stomach.

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Dec 16, 2021



Supriyo Pal
Supriyo Pal
Jun 12, 2021

He should also add Marie to Party list so that she can also get the previously wasted exp and level up. It's the least he can do as she's his childhood friend and considering how much she did for him.

D Bradshaw
D Bradshaw
Jun 13, 2021
Replying to

There's probably a distance limit regardless, so even if he convinced her to come to the dungeon the xp share would stop working when she wasn't in the dungeon with him. Way too broken otherwise.

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