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A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: By Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

Book 2


After that argument with Mari, the Store Manager, and Eliz, the Healer, Yuto returned to his room more tired than ever.

If Yuto had better armor when fighting the Mithril Golem, he wouldn’t have had to put so much strain on Eliz, the party Healer.

And from this point on, when fighting a superior enemy, at the very least, he will need armor that can withstand certain magical properties and know how to deal with each.

Obtaining new armor is the top priority right now.

But Yuto had to postpone the decision.

The main reason is that Yuto doesn’t have the funds right now.

His struggles with the extreme lack of money continues.

Yes, Yuto did receive some funds for clearing the C-Rank Instant Dungeon.

But in the end, it was only some funds.

With that alone, it’ll be impossible to purchase any armor.

Discussing that with Mari and Eliz, they started saying how they will pay for it.

But saving up money and purchasing your equipment is one of the joys of being an adventurer.

You set a goal, and you work hard to clear that goal.

Items you gain from clearing those goals will become your treasure.

And that’s because they are the result of all your hard work and effort.

---------And Yuto was able to finally persuade the two, and we come back to the present.

Yuto: “I’m so tired……..”

The fatigue from the Dungeon is catching up to him.

Yuto falls over into his bed.

His eyelids start drooping and his consciousness goes in and out.

He could fall asleep at any moment.

But pushing away his sleepiness, Yuto pulls out his Skill Board.


Yuto (18)

Level 19 → 21

Skill Point: 0 → 5


. Physical Strength Lv 4

. Endurance Lv 3

. Magic Lv 2

. Agility Lv 3


. Swordsmanship Lv 4

. Spellcasting Lv 2

. Detect Presence Lv 2




. [Critical Thrust]

. [Armor Break] NEW


Yuto: “WHOOAA?!”

Yuto can’t help but be shocked at his current status.

There were a few important changes he immediately noticed.

His Level and Skill Points went up probably from clearing the Instant Dungeon, the Chain Quest, and the Emergency Quest.

Yuto: “I wonder what [ARMOR BREAK] is?!”

Yuto tries to think hard and tilts his head while doing so.

Yuto: “You know, now that I think about it, my last strikes against the Mithril Golem had barely any resistance. I wonder if it’s because of this specialty?”

From the name of the Specialty and his experience during the battle, Yuto suspected that [ARMOR BREAK] was a specialty that helped overcome an enemy’s defense.

But he could not think of why he earned this specialty.

He swung his sword 1000 times and got a Swordsmanship Skill. He used 100 magic scrolls and received a Spellcasting Skill.

So in Yuto’s mind, new Skills are related to the contents of the Quests that are cleared.

But this [ARMOR BREAK]’s effects wouldn’t be related to [Clear an Instant Dungeon with your Party] or [Save the Girl].

Yuto: “So…….in that case…..did I clear a Quest without knowing it?”

There has been many times when Yuto completed and cleared quests without even being aware that he had done so.

There are Quests that only appear once, or Quests like the Emergency Quests that suddenly appear.

But there is no way for him to confirm what Quests he cleared in the past.

Yuto: “In that case, I wonder if I got a reward waiting for me in my inventory…”

Before, Yuto remembered that he had a reward sitting in his inventory from an unknown Quest he cleared.

Remembering that, he flips to his Inventory Screen.

There, he saw a familiar icon.

Yuto: “Is this……”

He tries to remember where he saw this icon before as he taps on it.

Yuto: “OH! That’s right! It’s the Level Up reward!!”

Tapping the icon brought up the name, and Yuto slaps his thigh at the realization.

Above it reads “Reaching Level 20 Reward.”

In the past, he received a similar reward for reaching Level 10.

Yuto: “........wait, is it money again? They wouldn’t do that to me, would they?”

Yuto pulls out the bag with some anxiety.

Before, it was very heavy, but this time, it was unexpectedly light.

Looks like it’s not money.

Yuto opens the bag to see what’s inside.

Yuto: “......huh? A ring?”

Inside was a ring.

On the ring is a small stone.

The stone is placed firmly inside the ring and will not come out. He feels the stone with his fingers, but it was hard for him to feel where the stone starts and where the ring begins.

Yuto: “It just looks like a regular ring but……”

Yuto confirms the name of the ring by placing it back in his inventory.

He taps on the ring icon that appears.

Yuto: “[The Ring of Arm Strength]?!?!”

Yuto almost jumped up reading the ring’s name.

He quickly takes the ring out and places it on his forefinger.

The ring was far too large for him.

But as soon as Yuto places the ring on his finger, the ring began to shrink.

Yuto: “So it was the same as the [Bracelet of Endurance] and my katana’s sheath.”

Yuto lifts his hand towards the ceiling and looks at the ring with the light from his room.

Putting the ring on did not help him feel like his arm strength immediately went up.

But Yuto is also just resting in his room.

When he fights monsters or transports heavy objects, he should be able to feel a difference with this ring on his hand.

Yuto: “And there’s nothing else in my inventory…..okay. I guess I won’t know what Quest I completed to get the [ARMOR BREAK] in the end…”

But even so, Yuto received a new specialty.

And additionally, he got a ring that raised his muscle strength.

Both specialty and item aligned very neatly with Yuto’s style of fighting.

Yuto still wonders about the [ARMOR BREAK] Quest, but he concludes that he can’t have everything.

Next, Yuto visits his Quest Screen.


+Defeat 100 of Each Type of Monster

. Used Spells 100 Times (0/100)

. Obtain Armor (0/1)

. Tame a Monster (0/1)

. Transport Packages (0/1000kg)

. Head to the 10th Floor of the Base Dungeon

. Take Hits from 100 Spells

. Dodge or Receive 100 Attacks

. Save up 1 million gards (0/1000000)

. Clear a D-Rank Instant Dungeon

Yuto: “WHOOAA!!”

Yuto’s eyes glitter with excitement at the list of new Quests.

Yuto: “But wait….before I went into the Insta-C, the Base Quest list was empty, wasn’t it?”

When Yuto entered the C-Rank Instant Dungeon, there was nothing listed under Base Quest on his Quest Screen at the time.

But right now, there is a LOT of Quests for Yuto to do.

Yuto: “Is it because I’m Level 20? Or maybe because I cleared a certain number of Quests?”

Both possibilities are plausible.

Regardless of which, Yuto now has more quests than he can clear in one day.

Yuto cannot Level Up or obtain Skills using the regular methods.

If he wants to get stronger, he HAS to clear Quests - that is his only method.

So for that reason, Yuto was thankful to have a lot of Quests appear.

Yuto: “Oh? That reminds me. The symbol next to [Defeat 100 of Each Type of Monster] was strange….”

Yuto taps on the [Defeat 100 of Each Type of Monster].

Suddenly, his Quest list expanded.

. Defeat 100 of Each Type of Monster

-Goblin (0/100)

-Killer Rabbit (0/100)

-Kobald (0/100)

-Horse Bat (0/100)




Yuto: “OH! So it’s like that!”

Looking at the list, Yuto understands what the Quest is asking him to do.

When it said “Each Type,” it actually listed out every monster type that lives inside a Dungeon.

Yuto: “Wait?! Does that meant that I’ll get a reward for each type of monster I defeat…?!”

If that’s the case, Yuto can expect a lot of rewards just from this one quest.

But since the number of defeated monsters is less than the 1000 he has to defeat for the Repeat Quest, the reward from clearing one type of monster may not be as much.

But for Yuto, this will give him a chance to continue growing and developing, and he was grateful for that.

Yuto: “~~~♪ Where should I start?!”

As he reviewed the Quest list, Yuto began imagining tomorrow’s schedule, how he would get stronger clearing each quest, and as he dwelled on these thoughts, fatigue overtook him, and before he knew it, he was asleep.


By the time the sun was up, Yuto woke up and completed his Daily Quest tasks.

At first, it took him about 2 hours to complete all the tasks, but now, he was clearing everything within an hour.

After completing his Daily Quest, Yuto confirms the Skill Board.

Yuto: “ changes in Level or Skill Points.”

Even though he cleared the Daily Quest, his Level and Skill Point remained the same.

This is a result of Yuto Leveling Up so much.

Push-ups and Sit-ups are training his fundamentals.

And in reality, simply training his fundamentals alone will no longer earn him the same amount of rewards over time.

Yuto did feel a little disappointed at this outcome, and he scrolls through his Skill Board screens.

His screen shifted and changed when something caught his eye.

Yuto: “----------hm?!?!”

Yuto lands on a screen he has never seen before and stops scrolling.

At the discovery of this screen, Yuto’s eyes glitter again with joy.

Yuto: “.........wh---what is this?!”

On his Skill Board was a screen showing his Party Formation.

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