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Updated: Jun 10, 2021

A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: By Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)


Original Source Link:

Chapter 20: Enhancing and Strengthening Spells

Yuto: “I wonder if this Specialty also applies to spells?”

Yuto was curious.

There was an opportunity right before him to confirm.

——The 5th Floor Boss.

The standard monster would die with one [Critical Thrust].

But a Boss Monster would be much tougher to kill.

If his opponent is a boss, Yuto would have a chance to determine if his spells also had the [Critical Thrust] Specialty support applied to it or not.

Yuto: “Okay! In that case, we’ll just have to attack the boss with my spells!”

Yuto begins preparing to enter the boss room.

He will not use his wooden sword if he can help it.

The Goblin King sits at the top of all E-Rank monsters.

Even if Yuto strikes him with the [Critical Thrust] with the wooden sword, the weapon will most likely shatter.

For that reason, Yuto will focus on attacking with mainly spells.

Yuto: “But without Magic Restore Potions, going in to fight with just spells will be really risky…”

If he enters the bosses room, similar to the Instant Dungeon, he wouldn’t be able to leave unless the Boss is defeated.

At Yuto’s current level, he wouldn’t be defeated easily by a Goblin King.

But that’s if Yuto was properly equipped with an iron or steel-made main weapon.

Right now, he holds a wooden sword.

His only effective attack is one spell.

And he can only use the spell a limited number of times.

Before, Yuto faced off with a Kobold King at the E-Rank Instant Dungeon.

The Kobold King also stands shoulder to shoulder with the Goblin King as one of the E-Rank’s strongest monsters.

Yuto remembered that the Kobold King could not be taken down with one [LIGHTNING] strike.

There is a good chance that he would not be able to take down the Goblin King with one shot either.

Yuto: “Hmmm…. It would be over if I can’t defeat him with spells alone…”

Yuto thought about this for a while and decided to distribute his Skill Points.

>>Skill Point: 7 → 2

>>[LIGHTNING] Lv 1 → Lv 2

It was the first time he raised his Spell Level.

5 points is enough to raise his Swordsmanship to Level 5.

This is a huge investment.

But this will be better than realizing that he couldn’t defeat the Goblin King with his current Spell Level.

Yuto was ready.

He turns off the Skill Board and puts a hand on the Bosses room door handle.

The Boss Room is square room that is fairly large, stretching to 10 meters (32 feet) on each side.

Yuto calms himself, and slowly moves forward.

In the back of the room, a Goblin King awaited him.

Before the Goblin King took a step…

Yuto: “[LIGHTNING]!!”

Yuto makes the first move.

Yuto unleashes his spell towards the Goblin King.

Bright light blinds everyone in the room.

-- DAAAAAAAAAAANNN!!! (*sfx larger lightning sound)

Yuto’s [LIGHTNING] was not like any of his previous spells.

It was about 2 to 3 times larger, and the bolt struck the Goblin King head on.

As the bolt reached the Goblin King…

-- PAAAAAANNN!! (*sfx loud popping sound)

The Goblin King’s body was pulverized and explodes to smithereens.

Yuto: “Uh….what….?”

The door behind the Goblin King slowly creaked open.

This was the door that would open when the Boss was defeated.

The Goblin King’s scattered, burnt flesh disappeared, and an item appeared.

Yuto continued to stand there frozen in place.

Yuto: “Uh…..really….?”

He could not wrap his mind around what just happened.

Yes, Yuto raised his [LIGHTNING] Skill Level.

This was just in case he was not able to defeat the Goblin King with one strike.

But even so, Yuto could not imagine that this would happen.

Yuto: “......well, I guess...this is good?”

Yuto decided to postpone thinking further about the situation.

Yuto cleared the 5th floor.

He defeated the Goblin King with his spell.

Other than that, Yuto ignored everything else that happened in that room.

——Yes, nothing else happened here!

Yuto: “Oh wow. I’m so glad I was able to defeat the Dungeon Boss for the first time~”

Yuto said the words as if reading off a script awkwardly as he picked up the dropped items.

After he picked up the items, he headed to the room outside where there would be a Teleport Room.

The Teleport Room is one of the device that connects the Dungeon to the Temple.

He can use this Teleport Room to immediately transport himself to the surface.

In the Dungeon, the Teleport Rooms are beyond every Boss Room.

They are on the 6th, 11th,16th, and so on so forth and exist after every 5 floors.

{{Chonky Notes: The next set of 5 floors begins on the same level as the Teleport Room to make the math work.}}

If you are able to visit the room, you can use the Teleport device.

But it’s not like just about anyone can use the Temple-side Teleport device.

In order to use it, you must fulfill 2 conditions.

One condition is that the room you are visiting is a floor you have visited in the dungeon before.

The next is if you are an adventurer with enough rank to explore that floor.

When going from the surface back to the dungeon and using the Temple’s Teleport Room, the device will read off your Guild Card to confirm your rank and status.

If the Guild Card rank is insufficient, you will not be transported to your destination.

For instance, from the 6th Floor on, this is the realm of D-Rank monsters and adventurers.

If you are not a D-Rank Adventurer, the Transport Device will not take you to the 6th Floor.

Before, Yuto has defeated the 5th Floor boss a number of times and used the Transport Device to return to the surface.

But because he was E-Rank, he was not able to transport back to the 6th Floor.

But those days are over.

Yuto uses the Transport Device on his own for the first time.

In a blink of an eye, Yuto is returned to the surface and arrives at the Transport Room of the Temple.

Now, his return to the room has been recorded into his D-Rank Guild Card.

From here on out, he can use the Transport Device and start form the 6th Floor.

Yuto: “YAWN...

As soon as he returned to the surface, the tension in his body leaves him, and Yuto lets out a long yawn.

The sun has already set outside, and the Temple lights have been lighted.

There are no other adventurers left in the temple.

It doesn’t look like it just turned into night…

Yuto sells off his drop items at the Guild counter, and leaves the temple.

As he looks upon the city, almost all the lights of the city have been extinguished.

Yuto: “Wait… did it…?”

Yuto had a bad feeling.

He takes out the Skill Board and looks at his Quest Menu.


Yuto: “All the Daily Quest Tasks are back…”

Apparently, Yuto accidentally spent another whole day inside the Dungeon without even knowing it.

Yuto: “...I guess I’ll run home.”

Yuto decided to complete his running task before returning home.

He completed his 10 km run before arriving at his room.


When Yuto woke, he noticed that the sun was not in its usual position.

Yuto: “’s past noon.”

Yuto tends to sleep early and wake early, but Yuto went to sleep right before sunrise this morning.

He spent the entire day and night fighting monsters and defeated the boss at the end.

No matter how much he was enhanced with his Endurance Skill, his body still required sleep and rest.

He rubbed at his eyes, and begins to clean himself up before leaving the room.

He heads towards Plutos.

Mari: “Welco~...oh, it’s just you, Yuto.”

Yuto: “Good morning, Mari.”

Mari: “...........”

Yuto forgot that it was the afternoon and greeted her as if his day just begin.

At his words, Mari’s eyes sharpen.

Mari: “Good morning?”

Yuto: “Uh, no, my mistake. Good AFTERNOON…”

Mari: “I wonder if you just woke up~. I wonder what you were doing all night~...?”

Yuto: “...............”

Yuto could not answer. There was no way.

Mari explicitly told him to take a break from Dungeon activities.

If he were to let slip that he defeated countless monsters and defeated the boss too, he would receive a lecture that would not even compare to the one he almost received the day before.

Yuto was backed into the corner but…

Yuto: “Uh, so, when do you think the sword will be done?”

He diverted the conversation forcefully.

With eyes still sharpened and raised, Mari answers.

Mari: “It’ll be done by tomorrow morning.”

Yuto: “Wow...that was...really fast…”

Mari: “Of course. The Owner’s Smithing Skill is No. 1 in all of Kronos.”

Yuto heard from rumors that the Store Owner Duglar’s smithing skill was Level 7.

Apparently, if you’re Level 7, something that would take 1 week to make would only take 3 days.

Yuto again learns the significance and difference Skills make.

This store has been owned by Duglar and Duglar only.

He’s always managed this store on his own.

In order to make enough sellable products, he’ll need the skills to produce weapons and armor quickly and efficiently.

Yuto: (I wonder if it’s not just Skill Level, but if he also has a Speciality as well…)

Now that Yuto knows when his sword will be ready, he leaves quickly.

It is already approaching evening.

If Yuto begins to do anything now, it will definitely go deep into the late hours of the night.

Even Yuto knew that that would be an unhealthy habit to begin.

Tomorrow, his sword will be ready.

If his sword is ready, he would be able to head straight into the dungeon.

And if he’s going to do that, then he needs to follow Mari’s advice and focus on resting tonight.

Yuto: “Besides, I got something good from the Boss fight!”

Yuto returns to his room, and takes a look at his inventory items.

The other day, after he defeated the 5th Floor Boss, he got the standard magic stones, materials, and a key.

The key was for an E-Rank Instant Dungeon.

Yuto did experience something horrific in his last Instant Dungeon raid, but that was a super rare event. The chances of that happening a 2nd time in a row is impossibly low.

After he gets his sword, Yuto plans to go straight into the Instant Dungeon to get used to his sword.

Yuto: “Besides, if I clear the Dungeon, I’ll get at least 10,000 gards!”

Tomorrow, Yuto will pay for the custom ordered long sword.

In total, he will pay 50,000 gards.

Once he pays 50,000 gards, he will be almost penniless.

Clearing this Instant Dungeon would be critical as Yuto’s source of income.

Tomorrow, finally… finally, he will obtain his new weapon.

Yuto: (Ohhhh….I wonder what the new weapon will look like…!!)

With much excitement on his mind, Yuto dives into his bed and throws the blanket over his head.

Although he was excited, his body must have still felt the fatigue from the previous battle, and even though his heart beat quickly, Yuto quickly found himself falling asleep.

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