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Updated: Jun 23, 2021

A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: By Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

Chapter 17: The Heal Caster Eliz

In the first floor of the base dungeon, really slow Goblins appear.

Yuto was able to outrun them easily without having to us his wooden sword once.

Yuto: “HAHAHA!!”

It felt like playing tag with really slow kids, and although it’s a dungeon, Yuto couldn’t help but have a little fun.


But the Goblins must have felt mocked because their faces looked like they wanted to rip Yuto to shreds if they could catch up.

If this was Yuto before he leveled up, it’ll be Yuto who would be crying as he runs.

Now that Yuto is Level 16, his body has been strengthened beyond anything he could have done with simple exercise.

Just by stepping lightly, he can dash so fast and leave the Goblins behind.

He never had to worry about them catching up.

But on the 2nd floor are the quicker Killer Rabbits.

Yuto has to be careful running away from these guys or they will catch up to him.

But the Killer Rabbits are short distance sprinters, and Yuto realized that they do not have a lot of stamina.

Yuto: “Wow, I learned something new today.”

Once Yuto gains some good distance, they give up faster than Goblins.

On the 3rd floor was the Kobalts. These creatures are in between Goblins and Killer Rabbits when it comes to running.

Yuto had no problems escaping from them.

The 4th floor is the Horse Bat.

They are pretty big bats with faces that look like Horses.

Because these guys fly around, it’s much harder to dodge them.

But they cannot see well, and only respond to things that makes sounds, so as long as you know how to deal with them, it’s easy to get through the dungeon.

Yuto picks up a small rock and throws it at the Horse Bats.

The rock lands near the pack of Horse Bats.

And all the Horse Bats flock to where the rock landed.

While they are distracted, Yuto creeps by without making a sound and gets by.

Although they almost noticed him a few times, each time he would pick up a new stone and throw it in the opposite direction, so Yuto made it out safely.

Yuto: “....Fwew…”

It’s been one hour cutting through the shortest route.

Yuto successfully arrived at the 5th floor without defeating any monsters.

Yuto: “Yes yes yes! So what kind of Quest Rewards do I get now?!”

Yuto confirmed that they were no monsters in his vicinity, and pulled out the Skill Board.


Yuto (18)

Level 16

Skill Point: 10 → 15



Physical Strength Lv 2

Endurance Lv 2

Magic Lv 1

Agility Lv 2


Swordsmanship Lv 3

Spellcrating Lv 1

Presence Detection Lv 2




Yuto: “WHOA! Thank you for the extra serving of the Skill Points!!”

Yuto sees the 5 Skill Points and is ecstatic.

He does, however, feel a pang of disappointment for not receiving a [SNEAK] skill.

But he didn’t fight any monsters this round.

And he didn’t arrive on the 5th floor without being noticed.

Yuto: “Well, I hope to get some Covert-related skills some time…”

Approaching enemies without them noticing you, and defeating enemies before they see you.

Yuto lets his imagination run wild picturing himself with Skills that may or may not exist as he distributes the points.


Skill Point: 15 → 2



Physical Strength Lv 2 → 3

Endurance Lv 2 → 3

Magic Lv 1 → 2

Agility Lv 2 → 3


Swordsmanship Lv 3

Spellcrafting Lv 1 → 2

Presence Detection Lv 2


[Lightning] Lv 1


Yuto: “Okay, that’s looking really good.”

Yuto gazes at his raised Skill Level and smiles with satisfaction.

Now that he has enough Magic and Spellcrafting levels, he is ready to level up his [LIGHTNING]. Yuto touches the screen but…

<<Not Enough Skill Points>>

<<To Level Up [LIGHTNING LV 1] will require 5 points>>

Yuto: “WHAT?! I need that much?!?!”

Yuto was shocked when he saw the message.

Up until now, he was able to raise Skill Levels with the equal amount of points to the existing Level.

But [LIGHTNING] was different.

Yuto: “I wonder if the Magic and Spellcrafting directly increase the potency of the spells…?”

Yuto needs 5 Skill Points.

Yuto: (But that also means the spell will be powered up that much more!)

Yuto: (I wonder how powerful [LIGHTNING] is going to be after I level it up…)

Yuto’s imagination starts cranking and churning when he heard…

“KYAAAAAAA!!” (sfx scream)

Yuto: “....?!”

From far away, Yuto heard someone scream.

The scream came from the 4th floor.

Yuto immediately turns around and returns to the 4th floor.

He runs up the stairs to the 4th floor, and focuses on his [Presence Detection].

His [Presence Detection] captures sounds of battle somewhere in front of him.

Yuto runs at full speed.

Ahead, he sees a pack of Horse Bats flying about.

He also sees an adventurer trapped underneath the pack.

Yuto: “UOOOOOOHH!!” (sfx yell)

Yuto shouts as loud as he could.

The Horse Bats turn and now begin to target Yuto.

Yuto waits with his wooden sword at the ready.

Yuto looks at the adventurer on the ground.

Fortunately, all the Horse Bats are coming this way.

He lets out a small sigh of release and raises his hand before him.

He waits till the Horse Bats are close enough and…


———TAAAAAN! (sfx lightning)

Lightning strikes the Horse Bats hovering in the air.

Some fell, and others were confused by the huge sound.

With one [LIGHTNING], Yuto successfully defeated 2 out of the 5 Horse Bats.

Yuto smacked down the remaining Horse Bats with his wooden sword.

Yuto: “Oh… wow. I can barely defeat them even if with this wooden sword.”

This is probably because his strength, endurance, agility, and swordsmanship are now all Level 3.

With Skill Levels mirroring that of a C-Rank Adventurers, Yuto realizes that he can beat to death the monsters on the 4th floor.

But a thought crosses his mind. This doesn’t just apply to monsters.

This would be the same if he goes against other humans.

Yuto: (Well that was a dark thought…)

Overwhelming strength must be checked or it leads to destruction.

Yuto could not imagine using this power against another human being.

Yuto solidifies his resolve to not turn this strength towards people.

He puts the wooden sword on the belt of his waist and approaches the person still crouching on the ground.

Yuto: “Hey, are you alright?”


The person crouching on the floor lifts their head up.

Yuto inhales deeply when he sees the face.

Yuto: (Wait! This person…. wait… huh? Who was it again?)

Though Yuto was surprised, he could not recall why he was so surprised.

There was something familiar about this girl, but he could not recall what that was.

At a glance, the girl was probably in her early teens.

Even for an adventurer, that is still too young.

But Yuto started when he was 8 so…

It’s not an uncommon occurrence.

Yuto: (Hmmm… what was it…?)

Yuto looks and looks again at her face, but realizing something, he quickly takes out a health potion.

Yuto: “Hey, you can have this if you need it.”

“Oh… uh, thank you.”

She takes it and drinks down the potion with large gulps.

After she drinks it all down, she realizes something and raises her voice.

“OH NO!”

The Health Potion begins taking effect.

The wounds on her body begin to heal.

Yuto: “What’s wrong?”

“, is this a…health potion, *yes?”

{{Chonky Notes: Eliz has a habit of ending sentences with “desu” (です). This is not a real dialect, and the word “desu” does not have a direct translation and is a formal way to end a sentence in Japanese in most cases (but not all)..}}

Yuto: “Yeah, it is.”

“Oh, oh no… why? For someone like me… I’m… really, terribly sorry, yes.”

She bows her head deeply.

Yuto: (She’s a really courteous and well-mannered child.)

Yuto: (Is she from a wealthy family?)

In Kronos, it is rare to find children who understand the basics of “thanking someone when they give you something.”

Typically, you’re not taught to say “thank you” unless someone demands it from you.

But even those kids will be molded by society and begin to learn how to say thank you.

That was exactly how Yuto grew up.

Growing up in an orphanage, Yuto had to learn basic manners as an adventurer.

At the time, he was taught very roughly, but it was necessary to learn basic manners in order for Yuto to make it through alive.

“I’m… My name is Eliz, yes.”

Yuto: “I’m Yuto. So Eliz, why are you here alone? Did you get separated from your party?”

Eliz: “Um… well, I… uh… I was exploring the dungeon… alone, yes. But I ran out of strength and…”

Eliz bows her head in shame.

In her hands is a staff.

She must be a magic-type Adventurer.

Yuto: (Maybe she ran out of magic?)

Mages and Healers are not catered to solo exploring.

Mages have firepower, but they easily run out of magic with consecutive blasts.

Healers have the ability to heal their party members, but they almost always have no attack power.

That’s why these roles rarely try to solo a dungeon.

Yuto: (Maybe she wanted to test her ability?)

Sometimes, being in a party will make it difficult for you to gauge your own strengths and abilities.

In order to better serve your party, sometimes, you will have to take measures to know your own strength.

But coming into a dungeon alone just for that is nothing less than suicide.

Yuto: “Eliz, I understand that you want to confirm how strong you are, but even so, it’s better to do this in a group. You can have them watch and support you from a distance and save you if you get in trouble.”

Eliz: “.....Yes, you’re right…”

Maybe she took Yuto’s warning as a harsh criticism, and Eliz curls up further in shame.

Yuto immediately tries to act cheerfully to distract her.

Yuto: “Hey, why don’t we return to the surface, huh?”

Eliz: “Y--yes, yes.”

The girl takes her staff and stands up quickly.

At this time, there was no way for Yuto to know…

How incredibly skilled this girl was…

>>A new quest has been added.

>>Special Quest: Save the Girl

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