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Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Chapter 1: The Most Weakest Adventurer’s Restart

Inside the dungeon’s hall, Yuto sat shivering at the edge.

Yuto: *out of breath “haaaa… haaa…”

He was not in combat, but he could not catch his breath.

He could not breathe well.

It was due to the extreme amount of stress and pressure that made his breath shorter and more labored.

Before him, his one and only companion faced off with the Hall’s master.

(?): “Mr. Yuto, you have to run…”

Yuto: “...I can’t.”

Yuto shakes his head.

Running into this creature meant his group’s death was certain.

It’s body was made of boulders - a creature defying the laws of life.

The master of the room was a B-ranked combat difficulty - a Mythril Golem.

If Yuto had strength, he would have fought with his friends.

But Yuto had no strength.

10 years passed since becoming an Adventurer, Yuto never leveled up.

No matter how much effort he gave it, it was useless.

For 10 years, he remained an E-rank Adventurer.

It was that kind of person who ran into a B-rank *monster.

Even if he joined the battle, he could easily see himself die in the next moment.

Yuto: “If it was going to be like this, I wish I never stepped into the dungeon.”

As he trembled in fear, Yuto mumbled words of regret.

It was at that moment.

(?): “Mr. Yuto!”

Yuto: …?

As he sat there trembling, he heard his friend call out to him and looked up.

Before his very eyes stood the Mythril Golem.

The Mythril Golem raised his fist and was about to smash it down towards him.

Yuto… was going to die.

Yuto: -----!!!

Yuto could not even use his voice.

----I’m going to die.

At that moment, that’s all he could think.

“I wish I was stronger.”

----the next moment.

Yuto was killed at the hands of the Mythril Golem.


Yuto: “NOOOOOOO!!!”

Inside a crummy, one bedroom apartment, Yuto sprang out of his bed still screaming.

A warm light crept through his window.

It was another great day in the Labyrinth City of Kronos.

Yuto: “Huh?”

Standing on his bed, Yuto’s eyes widened.

He stared at himself, and felt his face with his hands.

Yuto: “Wh...what?”

He feels his body, but there are no injuries.

It’s his body - familiar and whole.

Yuto: “...wait!! Did I arrive in heaven?!”

He looks around.

The walls are falling apart, and the wind is blowing through the cracks in his window.

The bed was warped so much that it could fall apart any minute now.

There’s no mistaking it.

This is Yuto’s dirt cheap bottom of the barrel apartment room that he rented.

Yuto: “Wait! Why am I not dead?!”

Yuto remembers being crushed by the Mythril Golem.

The unforgettable sensation of having his body crushed to pieces still lingers in his body and limbs.

His bones cracked, flesh splattered, and he remembered every detail up to the point his consciousness was lost.

The thought of his own death made him weak in the knees.

---Was it really just a dream?

He pinches and twists his cheeks hard.

Yuto: “Ow…”

It hurt. It REALLY hurt, and tears welled up in his eyes as he confirmed.

Yes, there’s no doubt about it. He was still alive.


The more he thinks about it, the more it feels too real for all of it just to be a dream.

The Labyrinth City of Kronos, there are roughly two broad categories of dungeons.

One is a dungeon that allows you to enter and leave at will.

The other requires a key that creates a temporary space for an instant dungeon.

The only difference is if the dungeon will perpetually remain or disappear afterwards.

In the base dungeons, you will encounter various kinds of monsters.

The first underground levels will contain weaker monsters. The deeper you go, the stronger the monsters become.

In an instant dungeon, specific ranks of monsters will appear.

If you use a C-Rank dungeon key, you will only encounter C-rank monsters inside.

At least, that’s how it was supposed to be.

Yuto: “What in the world happened?!”

Yuto tries to recall each event in his memory slowly, but the event of his death was too strong, and it pushed the rest of the memories away.

Yuto: “Did I enter an instant dungeon as a luggage carrier?”

There is no way Yuto would willingly challenge a C-Rank Dungeon.

The reason is simple. In the 10 years he had spent as an Adventurer, he never leveled up once. He is known as the weakest adventurer in history.

A person like that would need to have a death wish walking into a higher level dungeon.

The only possibility he could think of was being someone’s luggage carrier.

It would make the most sense if he joined a dungeon party as a luggage boy.

Maybe a C-Rank party recruited him, and he joined them just to haul their belongings around.

The pay is cheap, but Yuto is a veteran adventurer. He knows the inner workings of a dungeon as much as anyone else.

Yuto: (Because I’ve practically been living inside dungeons for 10 years now.

You can hire a knowledgeable dungeon expert for the price of a busboy.

For all other adventurers other than Yuto, it was a bargain.

But that’s if you completely ignore the fact that he’s completely useless in combat.

Yuto has been an adventurer since he was 8.

For 10 years, he has trained non-stop.

At the shallowest dungeon levels, he has slain the weakest of monsters countless times.

But even so, even though your level should rise with the experience, Yuto’s level never changed.

And on top of it all, his training did not help him gain one measly skill.

Not even one!!

“You’re just not cut out for this.”

“You should retire before you end up dying.”

His fellow adventurers kept nagging him to quit and retire.

But Yuto couldn’t.

Effort is never in vain.

Yuto is now 18. He knows full well that he has no potential to become a hero.

But he believed from the bottom of his heart that if he keeps trying, he will one day level up.

He got this far, so as long as his body still moved, he will keep pushing forward.

Half of it was just pure stubbornness.

Adventurers have many goals.

Some want fame. Some want the thrill of defeating strong foes. Some want the rare equipment, and some want the loot and become millionaires.

But Yuto was different.

“I only want to become stronger.”

That was it.

Just once, he wanted to level up.

Just once, he wanted to acquire a skill.

Just for that, he worked tirelessly for 10 years. He gritted his teeth, and did not give up until now.

Yuto: “But maybe it is time…”

His shoulders sag, as he let the words fall to the floor.

He could not erase the scene from his head of his own death and demise.

He couldn’t even remember the C-Rank Adventurer’s name in his party.

He could not even remember the name of the girl who drew the golem’s attention from Yuto until the very end.

—-it must have been a dream.

As long as he is alive right now, that must have been a dream, and that was that.

It must have been a warning about where he is heading if he doesn’t stop.

Yuto: “Maybe God is telling me to stop being so stubborn, and gave me a friendly warning through a dream.”

No matter how much he wanted to get stronger, Yuto did not want to die.

There are crazy lunatics who dream of dying in battle, but Yuto is not like that.

Dying for the sake of getting stronger is ridiculous.

It’s at that moment when Yuto gave up, it happened.

[EX Extra Quest had been completed]

[Skill Board is now accessible]

All of a sudden, a semi-transparent square appeared before his eyes.


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)


*Monster - (mamono) (魔物) Literally translated as “Demonic Thing.” The word is loosely associated with anything related to “hell” in both Japanese and western context. Pop-culture and RPG’s have since used and abused the **** out of the word, and it has become an RPG trope that is interchangeable with the word “monsters.” It’s association to the word “demons” is somewhat still relevant, but it now encompasses almost any creature that is not part of the natural world of the reader


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A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Can Receive, I Become Stronger Than Anyone Else

Written by: Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

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