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Ch. 99: The Letter from Professor Kay

The letter from Professor Kay was no different from his past letters.

[ But you are still far too inexperienced. It is only natural for you to think that way.

You defeated your enemy and delivered a great blow.  To let your guard down afterwards is only human nature.

But unlike me, you are weak.  You must never forget that.

The only thing the weak can do is to never let their guard down and continue to prepare.

If you were as strong as me, then you can get by making such mistakes.

That is because the strong can take action to remedy whatever happens.

Let me reiterate.

You are weak, so you must never stop turning the wheels inside your head. ]

Werner: “Strict and painfully on target as usual.”

Though he was not here, his words struck me at my core.

It pained me to read the words, but I read on.

[ The threat has not passed at all.  The enemy is still present.

The Knights of Lumen were mere disposable pawns for the Galatea Empire. ]

Werner: “That’s……….not possible…….”At the very least, the Knights of Lumen served an important role within this Kingdom.

Not only was this my opinion, but I was certain that the Royal Magecraft Knights and the Prince would agree with me.

[ Even with your inexperience, there should have been enough clues that should have helped you realize this fact.  

But this would only be possible if you had not let your guard down and continued to think over the situation.

Firstly, you should have paid attention to the fact that the level of technology being used was abnormally high.

For example, the magical technology that was used on the former Academy President and the Head of Research.

The high level of technology being used within the Artifacts.

There is no way that Knights of Lumen would have that kind of skills, so they would have had to obtain it from someone.  ]

Of course, both the Royal Magecraft Knights and I realized this immediately.

That’s why we believed the Galatea Empire must have assisted the Knights of Lumen with these Artifacts and technology.

[  Since you tend to overlook the obvious, did you perhaps think it was the Galatea Empire who donated this technology to the Knights of Lumen?

But think about this carefully.

If the Galatea Empire already had access to this kind of technology, in short, this level of Magecraft Artifact technology, then their technological advancement is above the Imperial State of Rheinfelden.

They would have no need to send other parties to sabotage Rheinfelden.  

They could directly assault the Imperial State and conquer it, could they not? ]

The more I thought about it, the more I agreed with Professor Kay’s assessment.

I may have far underestimated the Knights of Lumen and the Galatea Empire who supported them behind the scenes.

[ Do not underestimate the enemy.

Thinking that they are weaker than you is just wishful thinking.

With such childish thinking, you will have learned the cruelty and harshness of this world.

The world is filled with those who are much stronger than you.

I am, amongst the strong, at the top of this category.  ]

I am a non-combatant.

Of course there would be many who are much stronger than me.

That was only logical.

But it was a fact that I often forgot about living in the safety of the Capital.

[  Even I, who is much stronger than you, place great care and effort into thinking through these situations.

As one who is far weaker than I am, you must work harder and think twice as hard.

Have you not gotten a bit overconfident even though you are weaker than I am?Think and reflect carefully and search your heart to see if you assumed the enemy would be weaker than you.

Again, I will tell you this over and over.

Never let your guard down.  And never stop thinking.

Discard your wishful thinking about how you want your enemies to be.

The enemy is much larger, much stronger, and much wise.  To think so is the secret to living a long life.

Well, no matter the effort, it will be very difficult to live longer than an Elf such as I regardless though. ]

I don’t think the differences in our life expectancy between races has to do anything with our discussion.

But I agree with Professor Kay that it is very important to think through all situations.

Though I did not intend to be overconfident, I cannot help but admit that I indeed was.

Corally: “.......Werner, your face is turning red.”

As I read the letter, Corally placed her hand on my forehead.

She must be checking if I was running a fever.

Werner: “No, I was just embarrassed about myself.”

Corally: “........I see.  I’m glad it’s not a cold.”

Werner: “Thank you.”I thanked Corally and continued to read the letter.

[  Though you can be careless, you are still very skilled.

Have you detected a hint of my own work in some of the enemy’s artifacts?

I am also guessing that this is our greatest hint. ]

I have definitely seen some of Professor Kay’s theories in practice within the artifacts.

And I have guessed that there must be a grand-disciple of Professor Kay living somewhere in the Gatalea Empire.

Though, I was a little surprised that Professor Kay himself used the word, “guessing.”

Maybe Professor Kay himself is not certain?[ Since I said, “I am guessing,” you must have assumed that I am not certain of this.  That I must be going senile.  Have you not?  ]

No, of course, I would never go that far.

[ I’ll kill you if you thought so. ]

Werner: “Seriously!  I didn’t think that at all!”

[ As I mentioned to you before, you are my only living disciple.  My only grand-disciple is Lotte.

I do not know about any grand-grand-disciples though.  That is still under investigation, and that cannot be helped.

But using my high level of intellect, my various connections, and especially investing a hefty sum of money, our investigation has led us to a potential Magecraft Artifact Development Organization.

There is a possibility that within that organization, some of my grand-grand-disciple and their disciples are members of that group.

It is actually quite possible.

There are rumors that they live in a remote area that is underground or hidden from people.

But as of now, we do not know their exact whereabouts.

I will continue to invest more into this investigation. ]

If Professor Kay is investigating, there is nothing for me to worry about.

Putting aside his intellect, his connections and amount of wealth cannot be underestimated.

I’m not saying that his intellect is bad.  Professor Kay is incredibly smart.  That is a fact.

But there is no one who can match his connections and wealth.  That is a fact as well.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Book 2

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