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Ch. 97: Writing Up the Report

After the Commander and Captain left, I muttered to myself.

Werner: “That was bad. I completely forgot about that report.”

Hati: “Is that bad?”

Werner: “I even told them I would submit it by tomorrow.”

Hati: “My Lord, that should be easy enough for you!”

Werner: “I guess I should get started right away.” I sat down at my desk to begin writing up the report.

I cannot miss this deadline no matter what.

I owe the Royal Magecraft Knights because I asked them for a favor with Corally.

I even relied on my sister and Lotte’s influence to vouch for Corally’s crimes to be dismissed.

I do not want to incur any further debt with the Royal Magecraft Knight’s Order.

To owe the Royal Magecraft Knights is the same as owing the High Prince.

Being indebted to the High Prince means I will definitely be pulled into some complicated issue.

Corally: “ there something I can do?” Werner: “I’m sorry, Corally. Right now, I do not have time to show you around the lab. Hati, can I ask you to do that?” Hati: “Leave it to Hati! Corally, come right this way.” Corally: “........okay.”

Leaving Corally to Hati, I focus on writing up the report.

I have already finished my analysis on the day of the incident.

I can still recall all the details of my analysis from memory.

But even then, writing up a report is a different story.

This is not a report for my understanding.

This is a report meant for those without much knowledge on Magecraft Artifacts, and it must be written so that they can understand the details.

Werner: “Now that I have a chance to review it, this was very well made.”

It was an artifact built for the worst purposes, but the technology behind it was amazing.

Werner: “This technology aligns with Professor Kay’s theoretical mode, but…….wait, is this a divine blessing?”

Magic is the main source of power that fuels artifacts.

But something seems off if we assume that all the power is derived from Magic alone.

There is a chance that this model is using a divine blessing, in short, something akin to Healing Magic.

Werner: “I should include this in my report.”

I never thought about using divine blessings with artifacts.

Because that would be considered a Sacred Artifact and not a Magecraft Artifact.

Werner: “But I guess the Knights of Lumen is technically a religious organization.”

They probably had no qualms about using divine blessings in such a way.

The horrific artifacts were implanted deep into Corally and Yurlungur.

By using Healing Magic theory in their design, it could have made the artifact easier to use on the human body.

Werner: “Medicine that is too strong can become a poison, and there are medicines that affect the consciousness…..”

Thinking of it that way, manipulating someone may be closer to medical practices.

But saying so would probably anger doctors.

That’s when Hati spoke up.

Hati: “Oh! Lotte has come.”

Werner: “Have her come in.”

Hati: “Of course, my Lord.” Being done with all her classes at the Mages Academy, Lotte came by.

Werner: “Lotte, this is Corally whom I mentioned before. I am now her guardian.”

Lotte: “Yes, I have been informed.”

Werner: “Ah, yes. That’s right. You were also involved with Corally’s trial.”

I had asked Lotte to ask that Corally’s crimes be dismissed.

After they introduced one another, Corally thanked Lotte.

After that, Lotte came over to where I was.

Lotte: “Master, what are you doing?” Werner: “I am taking care of some homework that I forgot to do - well, something like that.” Lotte: “I see. Is this your homework?” Werner: “Yeah, I told them that I would write up a report about the Artifact I saw in the last incident, and I had completely forgotten about it.”

Lotte: “So even Master forgets about things.”

Werner: “I forget about many things.” Lotte: “Is there something I can do to help?” Werner: “Right now, no. I am good, but thanks.”

As I instructed Lotte yesterday, she began creating the Room Cleaning Artifact.

Hati: “Lotte, about Yurlungur’s parents…”

Lotte: “Yurlungur?” Hati: “Oh, that is the name of the Ancient Dragonling. My Lord bestowed the name this morning.”

Werner: “Oh, sorry. I forgot to tell you.” Lotte: “Oh, that’s okay, Master. Please don’t worry.”

Hati: “So about his parents……..”

And while Lotte worked, Hati explained about Yurlungur’s situation.

Werner: “Corally, can I ask you a few questions?” Corally: “.......yes.”

Werner: “It’s about the artifact but…..”

Corally: “.........yes, that’s…….”

While I wrote up the report, I wanted to get more insight from Corally who was directly affected by it.

Werner: “And Yurlungur…..” Yurlungur: “Rya?” Werner: “Oh, yes. Nevermind. This would be difficult.”

If it was possible, I would have liked to ask Yurlungur, but he cannot speak yet, so my questions would have to be left unanswered.

I focused all my energy and concentration on writing up the report.

While I did so, Hati brought me dinner, and I continued to write without sleeping through the night.

By the time it was done, the sun had already rose again.

Werner: “.......looks like I made it before the deadline….”

Hati: “My Lord, you have told Hati many times that sleep is important.”

Werner: “That’s true. I will have to be more careful.”

Because I did not start on this report until the deadline was right in front of me, I put myself in this kind of situation.

Yurlungur: “RyuーRyuー.....”

Yurlungur had laid down in my lap and was sleeping peacefully.

Since he was still an infant, he did not stay up with me all night.

While I wrote the report, he ate, slept, and even used the restroom.

Werner: “Yurlungur is really easy to raise.”

If this was a human infant, trying to write up a report all night and taking care of them would have been very challenging.

But Yurlungur had barely interrupted my work.

He was indeed very calm the whole time.

Werner: “Hati, thank you for all the help.”

Yurlungur would only accept food directly from my hand and could not sleep unless he was being held by me.

But besides that, Hati took care of everything else.

She took Yurlungur to use the restroom and played with him.

And she had also cooked and brought me a meal.

Hati: “It is Hati’s duty to take care of my Lord. Hati is my Lord’s servant!”

Werner: “Without your help, I doubt that I would have made this deadline.”

I patted Hati on the head gently.

The report’s deadline was before the meeting this afternoon.

But even so, the Royal Magecraft Knights would need time to read the report.

In fact, you could say that the actual deadline was right before the Knights came in for their morning shift.

Werner: “Well then, Hati. I’m going to deliver this report to the butler, so please rest.” Hati: “Hati will go!”

Though she is willing, both Hati and I had no sleep last night.

Since I had forgotten about the report, I should be the one to go.

Werner: “Thank you, but I need to also explain the report to the butler, so I will do it.”

I had also asked Hati to go and ask my sister if she could provide a room for Corally in the family’s main mansion.

So Corally will be living in the main mansion.

And Lotte is still returning back to the Palace once the sun goes down.

So right now, it was just Hati, Yurlungur, and myself in the lab.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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