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Ch. 96: A Word of Gratitude from the High Prince

Having the Commander and Captain both bow their heads to me felt uncomfortable.

Werner: “Please, I only did this to avenge my sister, and it was because of Hati that we were able to locate the enemy hideout in the first place.”

Gallant: “Of course, we would like to also express our gratitude for Lady Hati’s assistance.”

Hati: “Hati is my Lord’s servant. A servant’s accomplishment is my Lord’s accomplishment. So all the honor goes to my Lord!”

And Hati cheerfully swung her tail side to side.

The Commander smiled at the sight as he stood up.

The Captain also stood at the same time.

I sensed that this was another phase of their visit as the Commander spoke with a serious expression.

Gallant: “I have been tasked to deliver His Highness’ words of gratitude to you.”

Werner: “I am honored.”

I quickly stood up from my chair, bent down on one knee, and bowed my head.

This was probably the main topic for today.

The Captain would have been enough to deal with Corally’s guardianship and inform me about the investigation’s progress.

But delivering a message from His Highness would have to be done by the Commander.

Gallant: “His Highness would have been pleased to directly reward you, Sir Werner, with a medal and letter of gratitudeーー”

Werner: “Oh, um….that’s…..”

Gallant: “But His Highness also considered that such actions may not be appropriate under the present circumstances.”

Werner: “I thank His Highness for such thoughtful considerations.”

If I were to be awarded a medal, it would have to be made a public event.

A medal is to publicly proclaim one’s achievements and formally have the nation acknowledge the deeds.

That would inevitably reach the ears of the Galatea Empire.

If that happens, it would be well known that I was involved in dismantling the Knights of Lumen and the other government spies.

Werner: “I am deeply thankful, and it pains me to say this, but please relay to His Highness that I would like to be exempted from any medals or awards from this matter.”

Gallant: “I understand. His Highness thought you would say that.”

Werner: “I am deeply humbled. With Princess Charlotte as my disciple, I would like to avoid the eyes of the public as much as possible.”

If we stick out too much, the enemy will surely turn their eyes upon us next.

If that happens, Lotte would be in greater danger.

Gallant: “His Highness would like to convey that even if your actions cannot be made public, he will surely not forget what you have done for this kingdom.”

Werner: “I am honored by His Highness’ words.”

The Commander is serving as a representative of His Highness.

Thus, I have to be very careful to answer as a Noble with the usual Noble phrases.

When dealing with people of high authority, knowing these customs and phrases makes answering much easier.

Since most exchanges have a set way of proceeding, you just need to say the customary words.

Gallant: “I will relay your answers to His Highness.”

With that, the Commander sat down to sip his tea.

I presume his role as a representative of His Highness is now over.

I raise my head, sit back in my chair, and sip my cup of tea.

But…..I sensed that this would not be over just yet.

I would not be surprised if the Palace makes up some kind of reason to invite me there.

Just thinking about it was tiring.

As I thought about the future, the Commander smiled as he looked at me.

Gallant: “By the way, Sir Werner.” Werner: “Yes?” Gallant: “About that report…..”

Werner: “Oh!”

Gallant: “Oh?” Werner: “Oh, please disregard.”

Ugh. I had completely forgotten about that.

I had promised the Royal Magecraft Knights that I would submit a report about the horrible Magecraft Artifact that had imprisoned Yurlungur as its core, and the Artifact that was used on Corally too.

Werner: “Ummm, I should be able to submit that report by tomorrow.”

Gallant: “I see. I know you are terribly busy, but we thank you for prioritizing that task.”

Werner: “I apologize for the delay.”

Gallant: “We can only rely on you, Sir Werner, on such matters, so we are indebted to you.”

The Commander is asking me to submit the report as soon as possible.

If you take away all the polite, Noble-talk, he’s saying because I haven’t submitted my report, their investigation is getting stalled.

His, “prioritizing that task” is actually trying to say, “you haven’t prioritized this task at all, have you?”

“We can only rely on you, Sir Werner,” is “you’re the bottle neck.”

The Commander comes from another Marquis Family, so he is well-learned in speaking with Nobles.

Werner: “No, really. I feel terrible about the delay. I am hurrying, but the Artifact was more complicated than I originally expected.”

Commander: “Undoubtedly. We sincerely appreciate your assistance in this matter.”

I was the one who volunteered and said I would submit a report to them. Since I was the one who forgot, the fault is mine.

Gallant: “Tomorrow afternoon, we will have a strategy meeting with His Highness attending, so that will be greatly appreciated.”

Werner: “IーI see…”

In other words, I need to submit the report by tomorrow.

A strategy meeting tomorrow means they need to make a decision based on the report before the first Knights come on duty the day after tomorrow.

This was something I got accustomed to while working at the Mages Academy. Military-related research needed to be submitted prior to the Knights assignment and deployment.

This is something Professor Kay taught me, so I suspected that it was common knowledge and practice.

And so the Commander wanted the report for the afternoon meeting.

He is being extremely polite, but behind those words, I sense the urgency to submit it before the meeting begins.

Mentioning that His Highness will be attending, as a Noble, I cannot make any excuses.

Gallant: “Will that be too tight of a schedule?” The Commander looked apologetically towards me.

Werner: “No, that is no problem.”

If it truly was impossible, then I can say so.

But this was something I could do if I set aside the time.

In that case, my answer had to be, “No, I can do this.”

It’s troublesome, tiring, and I am sleepy, but none of that are valid reasons to refuse.

Gallant: “We thank you again for your assistance. We find ourselves deeply indebted to you, Sir Werner.” And with that, the Commander and Captain bowed and left the lab.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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