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Ch. 95 The Commander of the Royal Magecraft Knights

Yurlungur snuck back inside my shirt, and peered curiously through where my shirt was buttoned up with one eye.

Looks like he is curious about the Commander, Captain, and also Corally.

Feeling Yurlungur’s gaze, the Captain inquired.

Captain: “Is Sir Yurlungur able to communicate with us?” Oh, if Yurlungur could speak, they wanted to ask him questions surrounding his circumstances.

Werner: “I believe conversing with him will still be very difficult.”

Hati: “Yurlungur is still a baby after all. You could still consider him as a fresh newborn.”

Captain: “Is he really that young?”

Hati: “Yes. Even so, Ancient Dragons are highly intelligent from birth, so he is able to understand most of what we are saying.”

Captain: “Then that is far beyond human newborns.”

Yurlungur must have picked up that we were speaking about him.

He replied with a, “Rya,” from inside my shirt.

After that, I signed some official documents stating me as Corally’s guardian.

Once I signed the papers, the Commander smiled as he spoke.

Gallant: “Now then, Sir Werner. We would like to discuss the main topic of our visit…”

Werner: “Yes, what is it?”

Apparently, Corally’s guardianship was only a minor topic.

But that makes sense. There is no need for the Commander himself to come here if that was all they came to discuss.

Gallant: “From Miss Corally’s testimony, and from what we gathered from interrogating the enemy prisoners, we are confident to conclude that the Knights of Lumen organization has all but collapsed.”

Werner: “Oh! That’s wonderful news!”

The Knights of Lumen is the group that truly controls the God’s Light Church.

The God’s Light Church. is a new religious organization that has recently garnered a lot of popularity and new followers.

The Knights of Lumen then headed and guided all illegal aspects of that Church.

With aid from the Galatea Empire, they attempted to spark the flames of war within our country - that is the Imperial State of Rheinfelden.

Werner: “This is all thanks to you, Sir Werner. You have our utmost gratitude in this matter.”

Werner: “Please, I only sought to retaliate against my sister’s attackers. It was simply for my own vengeance.”

The Commander and the Captain both bowed their heads deeply towards me.

The only thing I did was destroy a base of operations that was disguised as a tavern.

Gallant: “As for the enemy base which you dismantled, it turned out to be the enemy’s most crucial headquarters where their top leaders operated.”

Werner: “I’m glad to hear that. I was just looking around for any one of their hideouts at the time.”

After I was done dismantling the base, I did plan on capturing the enemy to question them and extract information from them though.

If I repeated that process enough, I would eventually meet their boss.

That was what I was hoping.

Gallant: “Indeed. It was an extremely fortunate outcome.”

Werner: “And the remnants of the enemy have not shown any signs of movement?”

Even if you take out the very top of the chain of command, it does not mean that you have captured everyone in their organization.

And what’s more, the Galatea Empire who backed the Knights of Lumen are still present.

There’s no reason to leave the subordinates idle.

Gallant: “The remnants of the enemy have indeed taken action. The attack using Sir Yurlungur was exactly that.”

True, that giant Artifact that used Yurlungur as the core must have been one of their trump cards.

Werner: “So with that, we have captured their remnants as well?” Gallant: “We have at least captured the remnants capable of organizing an attack of that scale.”

Werner: “I see. I hope that is the case.”

But I did not feel as optimistic.

The Commander sensed my tension and smiled.

Gallant: “Of course, we do not intend to relax our monitoring of the situation.”

Werner: “That is reassuring.”

Gallant: “We have begun questioning the higher clergy of the God’s Light Church as we speak, and we have also caught several agents of the Galatea Empire.”

Just the other day, the Gerald Group that was connected with the former Academy President and Head of Research was also dismantled.

Gallant: “With the loss of the Knights of Lumen and the Galatea Empire’s agents, we believe the Galatea Empire currently has very little resources to do anything within our borders.”

In order to pull off something big, you need the help of an organization.

And to build such an organization takes several years.

If their key organization has been taken down, then maybe it is okay to relax a little.

Gallant: “I’m certain that the Galatea Empire will think twice before attempting something like this again.”

Werner: “Yes, that is true.”

Gallant: “So for now, I believe the immediate threats have all been mitigated. But again, we will continue to closely monitor the situation for the foreseeable future.”

There are still concerns.

But the Royal Magecraft Knights who specialize in this work are the ones who are investigating and staying on high alert.

If the Royal Magecraft Knights have concluded that the enemy has been destroyed, then the enemy must truly not have many resources left in this country.

Werner: “But Lotte…..I mean, her highness, Princess Charlotte of the Lamette Kingdom, is still in danger. We cannot let our guard down.”

Gallant: “It is indeed as you say, Sir Werner.” But the interests involving the Lamette Kingdom will fall outside of the Royal Magecraft Knight’s jurisdiction.

That is for the military, foreign ambassadors, and my family, the Strout Marquis Family’s area of responsibility.

The Strout Marquis family resides right at the border with the Galatea Empire who is looking to invade the Lamette Kingdom.

If the invasion of the Lamette Kingdom occurs, we will be attacking the Galatea Empire from the rear.

And it is my father who would head the offensive against the Empire when the time comes.

If that happens, I may be required to assist in some way.

All of that is incredibly undesirable, so I sincerely hope that the Galatea Empire will refrain from doing anything.

It would be best for everyone if no incident occurs.

Werner: “If there is anything I can do to assist, please let me know.”

That’s why I offered.

The more stable our country remains, it will make it more difficult for the Galatea Empire to take any action.

If our stability is the bulwark that is preventing war, then helping this effort aligns with my own goals.

Gallant: “We greatly appreciate your offer, Sir Werner. Your support will be immeasurable. Thank you.”

After thanking me, the Commander sat up straight.

And the Captain sitting next to the Commander did the same.

Gallant: “As a representative of the Royal Magecraft Knights, you have our sincerest gratitude for protecting our Capital. Thank you.”

And both the Commander and Captain both bowed their heads very low.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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