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Ch. 94: Guardianship

Corally looked nervous as I turned to ask her a question.

Werner: “Corally, is it okay if I become your guardian?” Corally: “.............I don’t mind.” Werner: “You told me before that your parents were killed, but are there any relatives besides your parents in the town you grew up in that would be happy to take you in?” If she did have other relatives, it would be better for her to stay under their care.

If the possibilities of being assassinated to keep Corally quiet or make an example out of her disappears, it would be best if she returns to the town she grew up in.

Corally: “, the entire town is gone.”

Werner: “The entire town?” Corally: “.......they were attacked by the Knights of Lumen, and everyone who was not a child was killed. …..I don’t know what happened to the other kids besides me.”

The Captain who was listening to Corally’s answer also addedーー

Captain: “We have confirmed Miss Corally’s story and the town in question. 8 years ago, there was a town where the entire town residents disappeared. Since there were signs of struggles against Monsters, we did not believe that it was tied to a crime at the time.”

Having entire towns disappear due to an attack by a dangerous Monster is rare but does happen.

The Knights of Lumen were successful in misdirecting the Royal Magecraft Knights to believe it was the doing of Monsters.

But it would not be so easy to fool them.

Werner: “Can I ask a question?” Captain: “Of course, sir. I will answer any questions I can.”

The Captain spoke up, but his superior, the Commander, remained quiet.

I glanced towards the Commander to make eye contact.

Gallant: “He was in charge of the investigation, so he will be the most knowledgeable out of all the Royal Magecraft Knights. Please ask him anything.”

It looks like the Royal Magecraft Knights had no qualms in sharing the details of the investigation with me.

In that case, I do not have to beat around the bushes.

I thanked the Commander and Captain before proceeding with my question.

Werner: “Does that mean the attack of the Knights of Lumen was well disguised?” Captain: “Indeed, the evidence they left behind was very well made. But the reason why we were unable to determine the true cause of the town’s demise was due to the delay in discovery.”

Werner: “Delayed how much?” Captain: “3 years.” Werner: “3 years? That was delayed quite significantly then, wasn’t it?” Captain: “Yes, the location was actually a hidden village built by adept Mages, and they had very little communication with the outside world.” Werner: “I see.” They may have been targeted because the town was so isolated.

And it’s also noteworthy that the Knights of Lumen had enough strength to wipe out a town full of strong Mages.

But it took 3 years before the Royal Magecraft Knights caught wind of the incident.

And they were able to gain more insight from Corally this time.

But now, 8 years have passed since the tragedy.

Reopening the investigation 8 years later would probably yield no further results.

Corally would have been very young and not know much about the goings-on at the time.

As I looked towards Corally, she locked her eyes with mine for a long time before she spoke.

Corally: “............I don’t have any place to go. …….you don’t have to pay me. I would be happy to just work here.”

Werner: “Hmmm, I see.”

I think about what kind of jobs Corally can do around here.

While I thought, Hati went over to pat Corally on her head.

Hati: “You poor thing. Would you like some snacks?” Corally: “.......thank you. I’m okay.”

Hati: “Do not be shy. Try this one. This one is really good.”

Corally: “.......thank you, Hati.” Corally picked up one of the snacks and began chewing carefully.

Werner: “Corally, is there something in particular that you wanted to do?” Corally: “..........I was saved by you, Werner. You saved my life. ……I’ll do anything.”

Werner: “Anything, huh. Well, you can use Spells, right?” Corally: “......yes, I can.”

She did not try to be humble about it.

When she attacked my sister, and the time she attacked me at the tavern, her Spells were impressive.

Werner: “Do you only know Attack Spells?” Corally: “........yes, only Attack Spells. I heard that you are a Magecraft Artifact specialist. …….my Spells may not be useful to you. ……but I don’t mind just cleaning for you.”

Werner: “If you can use Attack Spells, there’s plenty of things you can help me with.”

Corally: “........really?” Werner: “Yes, because if I’m the only one who can use the Artifact, then it’s still incomplete.”

It’s essential to confirm if any Mages are able to use the Artifact to its utmost ability.

And having Hati, who is not human, do that test for me will be difficult.

Werner: “Then Corally, welcome aboard. It will be great working with you.”

Corally: “.......okay, I’m glad.” And it was the first time I saw Corally smile.

Hati: “I’m glad it worked out, Corally! If you have any questions, you can always ask Hati.” Corally: “.........yes, pleased to be working with you too, Hati.”

Werner: “Then Corally, I need to introduce you.”

Corally: “.......who?” Werner: “Yurlungur, introduce yourself.”

Yurlungur: “.........................rya.”

Since Corally’s group came, Yurlungur has been very quiet inside my shirt.

I think he was extremely shy around people he did not know.

Werner: “C’mon, Yurlungur.”

Yurlungur: “Rya.” Yurlungur just barely poked his head out of my shirt.

Werner: “Corally, this one is Yurlungur. He will also be staying with us for a while. Please take good care of him too.”

Corally: “........nice to meet you. ……’re cute.”

Yurlungur: “........rya.”

And with that, Yurlungur slid back down inside my shirt.

Gallant: “Sir Werner, was that Dragonlingーー?”

Werner: “Yes, it’s the Ancient Dragon hatchling. I asked Hati to search for its parents, but we were unable to locate them.”

Gallant: “I see. That is concerning.”

Both the Captain and Commander knew about Yurlungur who was saved from that giant artifact.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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