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Ch. 93: Corally

Hati looked outside to welcome more people.

Hati: “You all are invited to come in too.”

I stood in the kitchen area and could not see them, but there must have been more Knights outside.

“Thank you kindly, but we will politely decline. It is our duty to stand guard here.”

I heard a firm but gentle reply.

Captain: “Lady Hati, thank you, but they will be okay. My subordinates can take care of themselves.”

Hati: “If you say so. Don’t catch a cold out there!”

And with that, Hati welcomed the Captain, one of the Knights, and Corally to Lotte’s Research area which was clean and well organized.

I watched the group as they walked in.

I did not recognize the Knight that was following the Captain. It was someone I never met before.

Hati: “Make yourselves comfortable.”

There was only one chair that Lotte used, so Hati hurried to grab more chairs for our guest.

Hati was still a young Dragon, so her hospitality skills surprised me.

Hati: “Ah, we do not have many guests so we have no tea ready for you…..”

“Please, you do not have to trouble yourself.”

Hati: “Hati will make more tea! Just wait a little bit!”

And Hati flew over to where I was standing and began preparing tea.

I just finished washing all the dishes.

Werner: “Hati, thank you for making the tea.”

Hati: “Leave it to Hati!”

I patted Hati gently on the head before walking towards the Captain, the Knight, and Corally.

Werner: “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Captain: “Please, we are the ones who came unannounced.”

The Captain stood up and bowed apologetically.

The Knight that I’ve never met before also stood up with the Captain.

“Sir Werner, it is a pleasure making your acquaintance. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Commander of the Royal Magecraft Knights, Gallant Benson.”

It shocked me to hear the name of someone so famous.

The Commander is at the very top of the Royal Magecraft Knights organization.

The Captain is one of the many squad leaders that compose the Knights organization.

And of course, the Captain would be subordinate to the Commander.

Werner: “Your wonderful reputation precedes you. It is an honor meeting you.”

Though I have never met him, even I have heard of this man’s rumors.

He is the 3rd son of the Marquis of Benson - a renowned expert of both sword and magic.

He is the same age as Prince Kraus and a close childhood friend. He is known to be his Highness’ right-hand man.

Gallant: “The pleasure is mine. It is an honor meeting you.”

And the Commander smiled warmly as he spoke.

As we finished our introductions, we went straight to the topic of discussion.

Werner: “Are you, by chance, here about who will watch over Corally going forward?” Gallant: “That is correct.”

I glance towards Corally.

When she was working as a tavern waitress, her face was dirty, her clothes were rags, and her hair unkempt.

But now, her face was scrubbed clean, her black hair was combed and styled, and she was wearing clean clothes.

It looks like they took good care of her while she was with the Royal Magecraft Knights.

Having the Commander himself come and discuss where Corally will go from here means they are being very careful about her future.

Before we discussed the details, Hati brought over tea and snacks.

Hati: “Please help yourself.”

Gallant: “Thank you so much. Now, I can pass on tales that I once had tea with the Princess of the Ancient Dragons. I will be a legend among my descendants.”

Hati: “No need for flattery! Enjoy as much tea as you like.”

The compliment delighted Hati, and she went over to pat the Commander on the head.

I thought about stopping her, but Hati is the daughter of the Great King of Ancient Dragons. I think the Commander took no offense at the gesture.

Gallant: “ThーThank you so much.”

But even the Commander had difficulty knowing how to respond to Hati’s action.

And next to the Commander, Corally sat silently next to him.

She seemed very nervous and kept her gaze on the floor.

The Commander drank the tea, and after thanking Hati once more, he began going into the details of Corally’s future.

Gallant: “Now then, as we discussed earlier, we would like to designate Sir Werner as the official guardian for Miss Corally.”

Werner: “I do not mind that at all but…..”

I was going to offer to take her under my care if she had no place to go.

But to do so, I was planning on having to convince the Palace first before my request could be granted.

Even though she was being controlled, Corally is still responsible for attacking the Rome Viscountess of a Marquis Family.

If I were to take her under my wings, it would also mean that Corally would have more contact with my disciple, Lotte.

And Lotte is one of the most important guests of our Kingdom, the 3rd Princess of the Lamet Kingdom.

I would not be surprised if an opposition concerned for Lotte’s safety suddenly arose and confronted the King.

That was why I had to ask the Commander about this.

Gallant: “We used a Holy Relic of Lie Detection. Because of that, we are confident that Miss Corally here presents no danger to this Kingdom.” The Holy Relic of Lie Detection is not an Artifact, but an actual holy relic said to be a representation of God’s power on this earth.

It is also the same lineage of magic as the Hero’s Holy Sword and the Priests’ Holy Magic such as Healing Spells.

I don’t understand how it works at all.

The Holy Relic of Lie Detection is used when interrogating Nobles as well.

Having it used on you does not cause you any suffering or discomfort.

When you answer a question, if you lie, you will hear the clear sound of a bell from it.

Werner: “Thank you for taking the trouble to go through those measures.”

Gallant: “This request also came from the Marquis of Werner, the Rome Viscountess, and even her Highness, Princess Charlotte.”

And the Commander smiled once again.

The Royal Magecraft Knights have many methods to squeeze and wrestle the truth from you.

Out of all those methods, they chose the least harmful.

Werner: “If there are no further concerns, then I will gladly accept the guardianship. But I will have to ask my sister first….”

Gallant: “I do not believe that is necessary. The Rome Viscountess told us herself that Sir Werner would happily accept this task.”

Werner: “Ah, I see.”

If my sister said so, then there should not be any problems.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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