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Ch. 92: The Visitor

I stopped what I was doing as the smells of food triggered my empty stomach.

I did not realize until now that I was quite hungry.

Werner: “That smells incredible. I didn’t realize we had that kind of food at the lab.”

Hati: “Hati borrowed the tools and ingredients from the mansion!”

I did not realize that Hati had done so much prepwork while I was not looking.

Werner: “It smelled so delicious that my stomach growled.”

Yurlungur: “Ryamu-rya!”

Yurlungur swung his tail more energetically inside my shirt.

He even began to nibble on my shirt color.

A flood of drool began pouring out of his mouth.

Hati: “Just wait a little longer. It is not complete yet!”

Hati placed butter on top of the melted cheese.

And then used her fiery breath to graze over it.

Lastly, she sprinkled pepper on top of the melted butter.

Hati: “My Lord! Your meal is ready!”

Werner: “Thank you. It looks amazing.”

Hati: “My Lord, please have a taste!”

Yurlungur: “Ryaー”

And Hati waited and watched me anxiously.

First I tried the toast with the melted butter and cheese.

Werner: “Ah, it’s good!”

Hati: “Is it? Hati is gladー”

Yurlungur: “Rya!”

Werner: “Yurlungur, here.”

Yurlungur: “Ryamu-ryamu”

I tore off a bit of toast and fed Yurlungur.

Yurlungur also enjoyed it as much as I did.

Seeing us eat, Hati turned to her portion and ate the toast.

Hati: “Yes, it tastes delicious! My Lord, please try the eggs as well.”

Werner: “Thank you. The eggs and ham also look good.” I started with the white of the egg.

It was salted perfectly and was very good.

The half cooked yolk was also incredibly delicious.

The ham was not too salty either. It went well with the toast.

Werner: “This is all really good. Hati, you are very good at cooking. I didn’t know.” Yurlungur: “RyaーRyaー”

Yurlungur begged for the eggs, so I helped him eat some.

We exchanged bites between Yurlungur and I.

Hati: “Not at all. They taught Hati at the mansion!”

Werner: “Then you studied hard. It must have been difficult controlling your Dragon Breath.”

Hati: “It was all for eating delicious food and having others eat too!”

Werner: “Thank you for cooking.” Hati: “Hehehehe.” Yurlungur: “Ryamu-ryamu”

Hati swung her tail as she enjoyed the breakfast she made.

Yurlungur was also in a good mood.

When breakfast was done, I washed the dishes and pans.

Hati asked to wash them herself, but she did the cooking, so I wanted to do the clean up.

Yurlungur: “Ryaーー”

Yurlungur was curious about the dish washing, and with his head still poking out, he also stretched out a paw towards the dishes.

I wasn’t sure if he wanted to help or if he was just curious.

Werner: “Yurlungur, you do not need to help.”

Yurlungur: “Rya?” He can help me when he’s a little older.

Right now, Yurlungur is similar to a human baby that hasn’t even turned 1 years old.

As I washed the dishes, I noticed that someone was approaching the lab.

Werner: “Hati, looks like we have a visitor. Can you go check?” Hati: “Understood!” Hati flew over to the doorway entrance.

Hati: “It is the Captain, the Royal Magecraft Knights, and Corally.”

Now that they were done with Corally’s investigation, they probably wanted to bring her here.

I had asked them several times to be gentle during the interrogation with her.

Lotte also had made a request that Corally be treated kindly.

Werner: “I wonder if they want me to look after Corally.”

Corally is a former criminal who was being manipulated. And she’s quite strong too.

She is also responsible for attacking my sister at the Marquis’ Mansion.

They couldn’t just let her go.

And the enemy would probably prefer her dead or make an example out of her.

In order to keep Corally safe, it would take a lot of resources.

And so, with all things considered, they probably concluded that I would be best to look after her.

Werner: “Hati, please greet them and let them in.”

Hati: “Leave it to Hati!”

Hati deactivated the barrier and opened the door.

Hati: “Corally, Captain and Knights, welcome to my Lord’s lab!”

Captain: “Good morning, Lady Hati. I had matters to discuss about Miss Corally here…..”

Hati: “Understood! Hmmm.”

Captain: “Um, where is Sir Werner….?” Hati: “My Lord is currently busy cleaning the dishes, so you can come inside and wait. It is cold outside.”

And after listening to Hati, the Captain looked over where I was washing dishes.

Captain: “Huh? Oh, uh….thank you very much.” The Captain seemed to be quite confused.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

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