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Ch. 91: Lunch Preparations

I think I remember telling Hati before that I didn’t have clocks because they were expensive.

In truth, they were very expensive.

It uses many small and intricate parts and putting one together requires extensive knowledge, experience, and skills.

I remember a time when I got to look inside a clock.

It was impressive to see so many tiny parts crammed into such a small space.

Werner: “I believe my sister has a clock, but my lifestyle doesn’t require me to know the accurate time of day.”

So without a need for it, purchasing a clock seemed excessive.

Hati: “But my Lord, are you not required to go to the Royal Palace every once in a while?” Werner: “Usually, in that case, the butler in the Marquis mansion will tell me when it’s time to go.”

Hati: “But when you were a professor at the Mages’ Academy, were there not times when you were required to know the exact time of day?” Werner: “Oh, yes. Now that you mention it, that was the case.”

Just the other day, I was appointed as a professor of the Mages’ Academy.

I was not required to teach classes, and I was excused from attending faculty meetings.

But this was only a special exception until Lotte returned to her country.

Once that time comes, I would have to teach classes, consult and guide students, and I would have to attend faculty meetings.

When that time comes, I would need to know the exact time of the day.

Werner: “........that’s true. It will be important for me later on to be able to tell the time.”

Hati: “Hati thinks so too. My Lord, you should make a Magecraft Artifact clock for that reason.”

Werner: “Well, someone already designed the clock already….”

In general, it’s the role of the Artifact to fulfill functions that cannot be done through regular tools.

If a working tool already exists, then the priority to make such Artifacts goes down significantly.

It would be on the same level as an Artifact that warms bread.

Hati: “Is it quite difficult to do so?”

Werner: “I could use the Mana Stone’s natural frequency, so in theory, it shouldn’t be too difficult…..”

When you pour power through a Stone, you create a very small and brief frequency.

No matter how much power you pour into the Stone, the Mana Stone will retain the same frequency.

That frequency is known as the set frequency.

A few hundred years ago, my master, Professor Kay, wrote a dissertation concerning set frequencies.

Werner: “I read my Master’s dissertation, so I am good on the theory…….the problem is accuracy.”

A clock is working non-stop throughout the day.

A slight lag or acceleration will lead to bigger discrepancies as time passes.

After 2 or 3 days, if you are off by an hour, then it is no longer serving its purpose.

From that perspective, the difficulty of creating such an accurate Artifact is very high.

You may need to design very fine-tuned cogs and wheels.

That was very exciting.

Werner: “........let me think about this…”

I focus my attention on the design.

I jot down on a piece of paper the clock’s overall blueprint, and I also have to consider the material.

It has to be hard and something that won’t warp.

If you want to make this in mass, it has to be a material that’s easy to mold too.

After going through dozens of different blueprints, I came to a conclusion.

Werner: “........I think you could make standard clocks that are much more affordable than an Artifact Clock.”

Hati: “Is that so? But wouldn’t an Artifact Clock be more accurate?” Werner: “In theory, yes, but in reality, that may be difficult.”

The frequency that Mana Stone type emits is different.

In fact, no two Mana Stones are identical.

You would have to accurately analyze the frequency of each Stone and build the cogs and wheels accordingly.

If that’s the case, then mass producing this is out of the question.

Werner: “You would need more parts for an Artifact Clock too. So a standard clock would use less materials and be more cost-effective. Building an Artifact Clock would take more time and effort as well. In the end, the resulting cost is way too high.”

As I spoke to Hati, I began selecting the Mana Stone.

I was looking for a Mana Stone that would be particularly good for building a clock.

Of course, I could not find one easily.

In that case, I could split a Mana Stone in half and adjust the frequency that way.

I would use the same technique in splitting a Mana Stone as I did for the Long-Range Communication Artifact.

As I began to build a clock, puzzled, Hati tilted her head as she looked at me.

Hati: “My Lord?”

Werner: “Hm? What is it?” Hati: “Is not the cost too high?” Werner: “That’s right. That’s why selling this wouldn’t be possible. I’m doing this as a hobby.”

Hati: “ a hobby, my Lord?” Werner: “Yeah, as a hobby, this is pretty challenging and fun, right?” Hati: “.......Hati does not understand that very well, but Hati will go and prepare lunch. Of course, Hati will cook my Lord’s portion as well.”

Werner: “Thank you for doing that, Hati. Is it really that time already?” I looked outside and saw that the sun had reached its zenith and began its descent.

I had completely lost track of time while I focused on the Artifact clock’s blueprint.

As I continued inspecting each Mana Stone, Hati began preparing lunch.

She breathed fire to warm up the frying pan, cracked open some eggs, and placed sliced ham on top.

Soon, the lab was filled with a delicious aroma.

As she finished cooking, Hati delicately removed and placed the fried egg and ham to a plate.

Yurlungur: “Rya?” Catching the delicious scent, Yurlungur woke up and poked his head out of my shirt.

Hati: “Yurlungur, just wait a bit longer. Hati will toast the bread now.”

Hati took out bread that she must have prepared beforehand, and with her fiery breath, she lightly cooked each side of the sliced bread.

Yurlungur: “Rya, rya!”

Hati: “Wait a bit more. This is delicious too, but…..”

Hati brought out a metal bar with a piece of cheese stuck on the end. She used her fiery breath once more to gently melt the cheese on top of the bread.

The cheese drizzled downwards to make a beautiful golden surface.

Yurlungur: “Ryaー!”

As the delicious aroma filled the lab, Yurlungur began swinging his tail happily back and forth inside my shirt.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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