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Ch. 90: The Next Magecraft Artifact

Coming up with a name was difficult.

Werner: “A name, huh…”


I watched the Dragonling chew a boiled egg as I tried to think of a name.

Werner: “What about Yurlungur?”

It was the name of a Dragon who lived in a Holy Lake from a well known story.


Hati: “Hati thinks it is a good name.”

Both Hati and the Dragonling seemed happy with the name.

If Hati does not think it is strange for an Ancient Dragon, then we can settle with Yurlungur.

Werner: “Then from today, you are Yurlungur.”

Yurlungur: “Rya!”

Yurlungur swung his tail gleefully left and right.

Bridget: “Sir Yurlungur, it is a pleasure to remake our acquaintance.”

My sister petted Yurlungur on the head as she spoke.

Since Yurlungur refused food from her, my sister used every excuse and opportunity to pet him.

After we were done eating breakfast, I returned to the Research Lab with Hati and Yurlungur.

Werner: “Hati, I wanted to give you this.” I passed her the Long-Range Communication Artifact I made for her yesterday.

Hati: “My Lord! Are you sure? Wowー”

Werner: “It would be useful if we could communicate if you were far away.”

Hati: “Hati is very thankfulー”

The Communication Artifact was not very big.

But compared to Hati’s small figure, it was a considerable size.

She also didn’t wear clothes like humans do, so she had no pockets to carry the Artifact.

So this was a little inconvenient for Hati to carry around.

Werner: “We will keep the Artifact here, and when you need to travel, you can take it with you.”

Hati: “Hati is very thankful. No, Yurlungur. You cannot play with this.”

Yurlungur: “Rya?” Yurlungur was about to nibble on the Artifact when Hati stopped him.

Hati: “Now listen, Yurlungur. A Magecract Artifact is not something to chew.”

Yurlungur: “Ryaー?” Hati: “Besides the fact, you should not chew everything you see. You will cause trouble for our Lord.”

Yurlungur: “RyaーRyaー?”

Hati began instructing Yurlungur.

Werner: “Thank you, Hati. I know it’s something I should be teaching him.”

Hati: “Leave it to Hati! Hati understands better the mischief Ancient Dragons get into!”

Werner: “I’m counting on you, Hati.” Hati: “Hehehe, disciplining the young is the responsibility of the elder. Please focus on your research, my Lord!”

Werner: “Thank you.”

I turned to face my desk.

Behind me, Hati was showing Yurlungur around the lab.

Hati: “This here is Taro. It is a cleaning Artifact.”

Yurlungur: “Rya!”

Hati: “Do you see this? This is where you will take a shower.”

Yurlungur: “Ryaー”

As I listened to their interaction, I went deep into thought.

Most recently, I developed a Barrier Generator and a Long-Range Communication Artifact.

Besides those, I also made a Bread-Baking Artifact and a Cleaning Artifact named Taro.

I didn’t make the original design, but I improved the Water-Boiling Artifact as well.

Werner: “........things I want……things that would be useful…..”

There are many possibilities.

Hati: “Why not an Artifact that warms up the dried ration bread?” Responding to me speaking my thoughts out loud, Hati came over.

Hati rested on my shoulder, and Yurlungur crept back inside my shirt.

Hati had completed her explanation of the do’s and dont’s of the laboratory.

Werner: “Hati, thank you for doing that. That was a lot of help.”

Hati: “You do not have to thank Hati, my Lord. Yurlungur is a very bright and good-hearted child.”

Yurlungur: “Ryaー”

Yurlungur poked his head out from my collar, and I patted his head gently.

Werner: “So Hati, you prefer the dried ration bread warm?” Hati: “The bread is good cold, but warm bread is also equally good.”

Werner: “I see…..” But warming bread with Magic is very easy.

You can use non-Artifacts like an oven and warm the bread that way.

You can even place the bread next to a stove to warm it up.

Werner: “You don’t need an Artifact to warm bread though….”

I felt bad for Hati, but the priority of making such an Artifact was very low.

Hati: “Ah, Hati understandsー”

Yurlungur: “Ryaー”

Werner: “Is that another Artifact you would like?” Hati: “Hmmmm, oh! How about this? An Artifact that washes clothes would be very helpful.”

Werner: “A Clothes-Washing Artifact, huh?” This was something I considered in the past.

If I can design it to dry the clothes as well as wash it, that would be even better.

While I am spending my days in the lab, I can change into clean clothes whenever I needed to which would feel refreshing.

Hati: “Those hard-workers that spends a lot of time cleaning clothes would be grateful too.”

Werner: “That is true.” Those servants in the Marquis mansion have to wash their clothes, the sheets, and table cloths.

There are a mountain of things they need to wash everyday.

If the work can be completed with an Artifact, it would give them time to rest.

Werner: “The washing…..the scrubbing…….washing is done by beating the clothes too…….hmmmm….”

You would typically use an uneven surface to scrub and rinse out the dirt.

When I wash my clothes, I scrub it against a washing board.

Werner: “And it’s so much work to wash every piece of clothing separately.”

If there is a way to wash it all together, that would be more handy.

As I considered the design of the Clothes-Washing Artifact, Hati looked through the window as she spoke.

Hati: “My Lord, I did have a question for you.”

Werner: “What is it?” Hati: “My Lord, you typically predict the time of day using the sun, but is it not a problem to not know the exact time?”

Werner: “Well, sometimes, yes.” Hati: “My Lord, why haven’t you purchased a clock? You are a very wealthy human.” Yurlungur: “Ryaー?” Hati tilted her head as she looked at me.

Mimicking her manner, Yurlungur also tilted his head towards me.



Yurlungur – A name the author probably derived from the Australian Aboriginal creature of myth. More details here:

References to Greek and Norse mythology are quite common, but some authors venture to incorporate less known mythologies for inspiration.

TBH, this is not an area I’m acquainted with at all.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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