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Ch. 89 The Mystery of the Ancient Dragon’s Parent(s)

After dinner, I decided to sleep rather than go back to the Research Lab.

I had a basket set next to my bed and placed soft cushions and blankets inside.

This was a bed for the Dragonling.

I could sleep with it, but I didn’t want to accidentally crush it under my body if I tossed and turned at night.

Of course, it is an infant, but it’s still an Ancient Dragon, so human weight alone wouldn’t be enough to kill it.

But I still thought it best to have a separate bed, so it could get better sleep.

Werner: “Bed timeー”


As I placed the Dragonling inside the box, it screamed “Rya-rya” with delight.

Looks like it likes the new bed.

Werner: “Then good night. Sleep well.”


Werner: “............” “Rya-rya-rya-rya-rya-rya-ryaーryaー ryaーryaーーーーー”

A few seconds after I laid down in my bed, I heard the Dragonling begin chirping angrily.

Werner: “What’s wrong?” “Rya-rya-rya-rya-rya-rya”

I stood up from the bed and picked up the Dragonling. Then it cried softly “Ryaー” and clung tightly to my shirt.

Werner: “Do you not want to sleep alone?” “Rya”

Werner: “It can’t be helped then. If I roll over, you need to push me off.”


I placed the Dragonling next to my pillow and laid down once more.

Then, with a “Ryaーーrya-rya”, it cried and dug its way into my blanket.

It sat on my stomach and began kneading my stomach with its front legs.

Werner: “You’re behaving like a cat.”


As it kneaded my stomach, the Dragonling soon fell asleep.

And feeling its warmth on my body, I soon fell asleep.

We awoke about 3 times that night for the Dragonling’s bathrooms and feedings.

And the next morning, Hati awoke me in her small Dragon form.

Hati: “My Lord! It is the morning! It is time to eat breakfast!”

Werner: “Hm? Hati? Shouldn’t you be back in your homeland?”

Hati: “If Hati flies seriously, it will not take much time.”

Werner: “I see. That’s amazing.” I said it was amazing, but I had no clue how amazing.

Hati grew up in the Great King of the Ancient Dragon’s palace, and I had no idea where that was.

I suspected that it was located very far, so Hati must have indeed flown incredibly fast.


The Dragonling cried as it heard Hati’s voice and poked its head out of the blanket.

Hati: “Looks like you’ve been good!”

Hati patted the Dragonling on the head.

“Rya, rya!”

Hati: “I see, I see. You should not cause any trouble.”

Werner: “Infant Dragons hardly put up a fuss. This one is easy to handle.”


Hati: “..............I see.” The Dragonling was proud to hear my compliment, but Hati’s expression darkened slightly as she went deep into thought.

Werner: “So Hati, does that mean you found the Dragonling’s parents?” Hati: “ Lord, we can discuss that while we have breakfast.”

Werner: “Understood.” I looked outside the window.

Werner: “From the position of the son……..we are about 2, no 3 hours after sunrise?” Hati: “It is indeed!”


Werner: “Hm? Do you need to use the bathroom? Hold on.”

My senses alerted me to something happening with the Dragonling, and I carried it straight towards the bathroom.

In the Marquis’ Mansion, we were in the bedroom arranged for family members, and there was a bathroom attached.

I took the Dragonling to the bathroom, and it sat on the bathroom seat with its paws.

It used the restroom promptly.

I did not really teach the Dragonling how to use it, but it was able to take care of its business properly.

It was much smarter than human infants.

Once it was done using the restroom, Hati, the Dragonling, and I headed to the dining room.

As we ate breakfast with my sister, Hati told her story.

Hati: “Oddly, there were no reports of Ancient Dragon infants being abducted.”

Werner: “Were they trying to hide the fact that an abduction occurred?” Hati: “There would be no reason to do so.”

Werner: “But surely, this Dragonling must have parents, right?” “Rya-mu?”

The Dragonling tilted its head questioningly towards me as it ate the bread I was holding.

Hati: “That’s why it’s so strange. Every Ancient Dragon I know is confused by the situation.”

Looks like even the Ancient Dragons were all confused about where this Dragonling came from.

Werner: “Then what should we do?”

Hati: “Hati’s father and friends are going to do more investigating. They will contact every Ancient Dragon they know, so it will take time, but they should have more to tell us afterwards.”

Werner: “I see. So it’s pending an investigation. I would have been sad when this little one leaves, but…….actually, I shouldn’t say that.”

The parents must be worrying, and ultimately, the Dragonling needs to return to its family.


Hati: “This one is saying that it is happy to be with my Lord.” Werner: “I see. I am happy that the Dragonling is with us too.”

Hati: “Even if it’s going back to its parents, it will make good memories here with my Lord.” Hati patted the Dragonling gently on the head.

Bridget: “Werner, if that Dragonling will be with us for a while, why not give it a name?” Overhearing our conversation, my sister chimed in.

Werner: “No, its parents should be the one to give the name.”

Hati: “Hmmmm, to be honest, it probably will not matter if you do.”

Werner: “What do you mean?”

“Rya?” Hati: “The name humans call us Dragons, and the name Dragons give to one another are typically different.”

Werner: “Is that so?” Hati: “Yes, the names can change over the ages, and most renown Dragons are this way. Hati’s Father has a different name for every continent.”

Werner: “What about you, Hati?” Hati: “HーHati still has much more to learn…..”

Werner: “I see.”

Hati is still young, so she may only possess one name.

Hati: “RーRegardless, my Lord can give it a name. It would be honorable for this young one, and its parents will be pleased.”

Werner: “Is that so? Then, I guess I can come up with a name.”


The Dragonling chewed on a mouthful of ham as it looked with gleeful anticipation towards me.


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Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

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作者: えぞぎんぎつね

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