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Ch. 88: Hati Departs

I asked Hati a question.

Werner: “Hati, is your father the Great King of the Ancient Dragons?”

Hati: “That is right. Hati’s father is well known throughout many regions. If an Ancient Dragon had their child abducted, the rumors would have reached Hati’s father’s ears.”

Werner: “Then….should I go too and at least greet him?”

Hati: “The Great King’s Ancient Palace does not allow anyone but Ancient Dragons to step inside.”

Werner: “I see. That’s too bad.”

Hati: “My Lord, take this time to get some rest.”

Werner: “........yes, that would be good too, but I want to design more Artifacts.”

Hati: “My Lord wants to make more? You built the Barrier Generator, the long-range communication Artifact, and most importantly, you made the bread baking Artifact.”

Hati had high regards for my bread-baking Artifact.

Hati: “Besides, my Lord has crushed the enemy base, so it should be peaceful for a while. The Royal Magecraft Knights are performing the investigation, so my Lord does not have to worry about that.”

Werner: “Hmmm, I guess I can just make simple Artifacts and relax. That might be refreshing.”

Hati: “.......but my Lord will still be making Artifacts? Hati thinks you really should rest.”

Werner: “I feel refreshed after making simple Artifacts.”

“ “ Huh? ” ”

Both Lotte and Hati turned around in surprise.

Lotte had stopped working on the Artifact and looked at her master with wide eyes.

Hati: “My Lord, you are strong, but you are also a human and weak. You need to rest.”

Strong but weak. She seems to be contradicting herself, but I know what she means.

Being able to live for several millennia, it’s said that Ancient Dragons can live for several months without eating, drinking, or sleeping. Compared to that, humans are far too fragile.

Without 2 days of sleep, we can barely stand. Without water for 3 days, we could die.

Even with water, we can only last a few weeks at most without food.

Hati: “That’s why, my Lord, you need to rest. Even though you are still young, you can die if you push yourself too hard.”

Hati was very concerned for my health and well-being.

From an Ancient Dragon’s perspective, humans are all too fragile and weak creatures.

Werner: “Yes, rest will be good.”

Hati: “Indeed!”

And Hati subsequently turned to Lotte who was looking at me.

Hati: “Lotte should also not push herself too much.”

Lotte: “Yes, thank you for your concern. I will make sure to not push myself too hard!”

Hati: “Good! Lotte is a very cute human!”

Hati patted Lotte on the head.

Afterwards, Hati began preparing for her journey.

Hati: “Hati will need more dried bread……and also the bread my Lord made…..” In a large bag, Hati began packing it full of bread.

Werner: “Hati, would you like to take a bread-baking Artifact? You can also take the Artifact that boils water.”

Hati: “Is that okay?” Werner: “Of course. I don’t have any extra barrier generators or long-range communication Artifacts, but give me a few hours, and I’ll make the ones you can take.” Hati: “That’s fine. If I take the bread-baking Artifact, everyone will be overjoyed.”

Werner: “Do you need flour and the other ingredients?” I wasn’t sure if the Ancient Palace would have ingredients to make the bread. Hati: “That, we have.” I don’t know how Ancient Dragons would acquire flour.

But Ancient Dragons can shape-shift into a human form.

If they can become like humans, then they have the ability to buy supplies from human towns.

If that’s the case, they could also buy bread in the same town, but Hati continued to pack her bag with more bread.

Hati: “Hati is prepared now. Now then, my Lord, Hati will be going!”

Werner: “Be careful out there.” Hati: “Yes! As soon as Hati finds the parents, Hati will return quickly.”

Werner: “If you come back with the parents, make sure to not scare the humans on the way back.”

Hati: “Hati will be careful.”

I walked with Hati to the entrance of the Research Lab.

Lotte followed us as well.

Lotte: “Ms. Hati, please be careful.”

Hati: “Yes, and keep working very hard, Lotte.” Hati patted Lotte’s head.

Werner: “Hati, have a safe journey.”

Hati: “Hati will be back very soon!”

And Hati flew off into the distance.

Lotte: “Ms. Hati sure is fast.” Werner: “Yes, she is. ……I guess I should make an extra Long-range Communication Artifact for her just in case.”

If I had another pair of the Communication Artifact, I could have had Hati take one with her.

Werner: “Now then, Hati is working hard for the Dragonling, so we should do our best too.” Lotte: “Yes, I’ll do my very best!”

Lotte and I returned to the Research Lab.

I made another set of the Communication Artifact, and Lotte worked on the Dog-Walking Artifact.

My work was difficult, but it was a design that was tested and completed.

I did not get stuck at any point in the process.

I answered Lotte’s questions as it came up, and sometimes, I would show her how to complete certain parts as I worked on my own project.

When the Dragonling awoke, we would feed it and let it use the restroom.

We spent our days leisurely like so.


When night fell, I had both parts of the Communication Artifact completed and also a Barrier Generator.

When Hati returned from her homeland, I was going to give her these items.

And Lotte had to return to the Palace with her task still in the works.

After I watched Lotte go, I relocated with the Dragonling to the main mansion.

The reason why I did not sleep in the Lab was because my sister was quite adamant about sleeping here.

During dinnerーー

Bridget: “Sir Dragon, would you like to try this snack?” “.........rya!”

Werner: “It still refuses to eat from your hand….”

My sister continued to face difficulties trying to feed the Dragonling.

Werner: “I’m sure things might change after it grows up a little more.”

Bridget: “I’ll just have to be content with petting it.”


My sister petted the Dragonling gently.

The Dragonling refused to eat from my sister’s hand, but it did not mind being petted.

Bridget: “Will Lady Hati be able to find its parents?” I sensed some loneliness from my sister’s words. I understood how she felt.

Werner: “I think so. Hati’s father, the Great King of the Ancient Dragons is widely known by all his subjects.” Besides, the number of Ancient Dragons is quite small. There was no way an abduction of one of its infants wouldn’t be widely known.

It was still just my hunch though.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

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