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Chapter 8: The Girl’s Crucible

As the sun set slowly and the horizon was tainted redーー

On a plain that was far from human civilization, one girl was running away as she stumbled over the ground.

A Dragon is on the heels of this girl.

And among the Dragonkin, this one is a strong, well-developed [Elder Dragon].

It was more red than the sunset, and as its deep crimson scales glistened, the Elder Dragon continued to chase down the girl.

“Why, why is there a Dragon here of all places……..”

The girl ran desperately away.

“A dream…..a dream? I guess…….it’s not a dream.”

She briefly grasped at the hope that she would wake up from a nightmare.

But the Magic Power emitted from the Elder Dragon stung her outer skin, and the pain notified her that this was no dream.

There should not be any Dragons in this area ー and there should especially be no Elder Dragons here.

Though the girl continues to flee, the Elder Dragon is much faster.

If the Elder Dragon preferred, it could end this hunt in one swift swoop and a bite from its jaw.

But as if to enjoy the chase, it prods and enjoys watching its prey scurry, and the Elder Dragon began slowly and steadily closing in on the girl.

“.......I can’t! ….not here! I can’t die here!”

If her opponent has their guard down and is playing with her, there will be an opening.

The girl has in one of her pockets, her trump card ー a magic explosive.

The top Magecraft Artisans of her country combined their skills and created this Magecraft weapon.

With this, she should be able to defeat even the greatest of enemies.


As the girl ran, she threw the explosive towards the Elder Dragon, and immediately hit the ground.

The object was the size of a human fist, and with a beautiful arch, it flew towards the Dragon.

With some luck, the explosive struck the Elder Dragon on its head.

Instantly, an explosive impact and sound fills the area with a bright flash and loud echo.

“Now’s my chance……!”

Her trump card, the Magic Explosive, was more powerful than she had imagined.

But her opponent is an Elder Dragon. It may be difficult to kill it with just that.

But if it directly suffered an explosive impact, it should have at least wounded it.

She needs to escape NOW.

She began dragging her body across the ground to begin fleeing once again.


[…………GUOOOOOOOO!] {untranslated text}

ーーthe utterly enraged bellow of the Elder Dragon reached her ears.

As she turned to look at the Ender Dragon, it suffered no damage or wounds.


Looks like the impact, light, and sound only surprised it for a moment.

And in exchange for startling it, she now provoked its utmost anger.

The Elder Dragon swung its tail wildly.

The girl could not avoid it.

The tail of the Elder Dragon lightly brushed the girl’s left shoulder.

It was not a direct strike. It only grazed her.

But just with that, the girl was thrown off her feet and hurled mercilessly against the ground.


The girl’s consciousness begins to fade.

As her vision darkens, she sees the Elder Dragon excitedly approach her.

If it catches her, she will be eaten alive.

Imagining the worst of outcomes, despair colors and twists her face.


She is out in the wilderness far from human civilization.

The girl knows that no one will hear her cry.

But even so, she could not help but mutter the words in her distress.

The giant Elder Dragon opens its maw to chomp down on the girl.


The girl reflexively shut her eyes.

The next moment, the fangs would have dug into her flesh……..or so it should have happened.

But that moment never came.


Instead, the Elder Dragon yelps in startled surprise.


The girl opens her eyes.

“........why is there an Elder Dragon in this area?”

A mysterious man in tattered clothes held the Elder Dragon back with his bare hand.

“WhーWhat’s going……”


The maddened Elder Dragon roars as it blows hot air from its mouth.

The next second, a fireball follows the hot breath as the Elder Dragon hurls it out.

A Dragon’s Fire ー known to incinerate and melt all known things ー an inconceivably powerful fireball flies towards the man.

The fire engulfs the man’s entire bodyーー


The girl thought the man died instantly without suffering.

But from inside the fire, the man swung his right hand. With that, the Dragon’s Fireball disappeared without a trace.

“What’s wrong, Elder Dragon? Aren’t you a little too excited? Have you gone into heat? Wait, Dragon’s don’t go into heat, right?”

He’s mumbling incoherently to himself as he places a hand on the Dragon’s head.

“.........hmmm. Someone’s controlling the Dragon with a Magecraft Artifact. Its technology is amazing but……...what a waste of skills.”

As soon as he was done speaking, a loud <CRACK> echoed from the Elder Dragon’s head.

Something glittered as it crumbled away and a shiny mist surrounded them.


The Elder Dragon tilts its head suddenly in confusion.

“Are you okay? Do you remember what happened?”


“I see. I don’t understand what you’re saying, but if you’ve calmed down, I’m glad.”


As if it was rescued by the man, the Elder Dragon nuzzled its snout at the man’s face.

And as if to convey its gratitude, it began licking the man from head to toe furiously.

“Good, good. Now go return to your nest.”


After nuzzling its snout against the man for a while asking for affection, it flew off.

“Don’t get caught by bad guys any more!”


As if to say its gratitude, the Dragon cried out and disappeared into the distance.

“What……...just happened…….?”

The girl just sat there in amazement at everything that just occurred.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extroadinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

Book 1

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