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Ch. 79: The Giant Artifact

Hati spoke to me while moving through the air at high speeds.

Hati: “My Lord, is there no way to save that poor Dragon?” Werner: “............that’s difficult.”

Hati: “Difficult even for My Lord?” Werner: “Yeah.” In Hati’s case, she only had an Artifact attached to her head.

That’s why I was able to hold her down and break the Artifact. That’s all that was required.

Werner: “In this Dragon’s case, its entire body is encased inside the Artifact.”

Hati: “We cannot destroy it?” Werner: “Let’s see. Whoever made that stone Artifact has terrible taste. It must be the Knights of Lumina…..or rather, the Galatea Empire.” Hati: “Hati agrees.”

The Galatea Empire is probably the only other nation that could have used such sophisticated Magecraft technology.

But even the Galatea Empire would hesitate in sabotaging the Imperial Nation directly.

That would be an act of war.

Before they could make a brash move like that, they would have to go around convincing any anti-war factions and Nobles.

If that happens, the Imperial Nation’s spies would have had a chance to pick up that activity.

Then all they had to do was hand over the technological information to an organization unrelated to the Galatea Empire - in other words, the Knights of Lumina. Then they can sit back and watch the show.

If the finger was pointed back at the Galatea Empire, they can deny all connections to the attack.

The Imperial Nation wouldn’t back down with just a flat denial.

But that denial would not be made for the Imperial Family. It would be a front for their own citizens and powerful Nobles opposed to the nations warring.

And the Knights of Lumen is severely lacking in Magecraft Artifact technology.

They would gladly welcome any assistance from the Galatea Empire.

This plan benefited both the Galatea Empire and the Knights of Lumen.

Werner: “So if the Knights of Lumen are the ones behind this plan……”

Hati: “Oh! Hati understands now. They would have placed a mechanism to kill the Dragon if the Artifact was broken just like they did with Corally. Is that it?”

Werner: “Exactly.” On Corally’s Artifact, they placed a needle to protrude and kill the wearer if someone tried to break or remove the Artifact.

But that mechanism was placed out in the open and easy to identify and disable.

Werner: “This Artifact’s outer structure will be quite thick, and it’s too large. It will be difficult performing a thorough analysis.”

Hati: “Then what shall we do? We cannot destroy it then.” I don’t believe damaging the Artifact itself would trigger the mechanism.

The Royal Magecraft Knights would have attacked this Stone Giant if it got closer to the Imperial Capital.

The enemy would have assumed as much.

Thus, they would have expected some damages to be done, and not allow it to self-destruct so easily.

But if we were to disable it, I would not be surprised if some sort of mechanism was triggered and killed the Dragon inside.

After thinking through the various scenarios, a particularly nasty ending came to mind.

Werner: “........there’s also a chance that if we damage it enough, it could explode.”

Hati: “EーExplode? Hati remembers that Corally’s artifact also had a bomb attached.”

Werner: “Yes, if that Stone Giant keeps getting closer to the Capital, most of the Royal Magecraft Knights would be dispatched to deal with it.”

Hati: “So then it will explode? To destroy the Royal Magecraft Knights?” Werner: “Even if the explosion does not wipe them out, there would be significant casualties.”

With that size, the scale of the explosion would be much larger too.

If they can cripple the Royal Magecraft Knights, the Imperial Nation’s military power would severely decline.

And depending upon the bomb’s capabilities, the Capital itself could suffer severe damages.

If that happens, the Imperial Nation will be thrown into chaos.

Werner: “Are they planning on declaring war right after the explosion?” Hati: “Would they go so far? Even for the Galatea Empire, the Imperial Nation would be a formidable opponent, are they not?” Werner: “I believe so…”

There might have been a shift in the politics within the Empire.

Werner: “But we can leave the politics to the Imperial Highness. And my father as well.”

My father, the Strout Marquis, is one of the most powerful Noble families that protects the border between the Empire and the Imperial Nation.

I’m sure he is performing his own investigations and preparations among various other tasks.

Werner: “Let’s do what he can for now. Hati, we’re going to stop that thing. It will be too dangerous to allow it to get near the Capital.”

Hati: “Understood! But….how will we stop it?” Werner: “Yes, let’s see. That thing is an Artifact. I will need to inspect it directly.”

Hati: “MーMy Lord, are you certain? That Artifact is much too large.”

Werner: “In the end, it’s just an Artifact. In that case, I can do something about it. Hati, fly over it, and I will jump onto it.”

Hati: “What? Ummmm, UGH! Understood! Hati believes in my Lord.”

Hati thought about the plan and after some hesitation and groaning, she placed her confidence in me.

Werner: “Thank you.”

Hati: “Just promise Hati that you will absolutely not die.”

Werner: “I promise.”

Hati: “Hati believes you!”

Werner: “Hati, I need you to survey the area and make sure there is no one hiding around here. There is a good chance that the enemy has someone monitoring the developments.”

Hati: “I will!”

Werner: “We are in the middle of a blizzard, so you may not be able to use your sense of smell…..but I’m counting on you, Hati.” Hati: “You can count on Hati!:”

I patted Hati who accepted my request.

As Hati flew over the Giant Artifact, I timed the jump.

As I jumped off Hati, the Giant Artifact began firing Magic blasts directly at me.

Werner: “Urgh.”

With my left hand, I placed a Magic barrier between me and the blast of Magic.

The blast hit the barrier, and its Magic power was scattered behind me.

Avoiding the attacks, I was able to land directly on the Giant Artifact.

I landed near its body - slightly below where it was firing the Magic blasts.


Roaring in anger, it began swinging its giant arms at me.

Magic arrows were also fired at me from a place far from the Giant Artifact.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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