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Ch. 65: The Production Process of the Long Range Communication Magecraft Artifact

Hati seemed to be very interested in the subject and asked again with intense focus in her eyes.

Hati: “My Lord! What do you mean by splitting a Magic Stone? Do you mean to break one as close into two general pieces?” Werner: “No, that’s not correct. It will be faster to show you.” I take one of the split Magic Stones and hold it out for the two to see.

Lotte: “Amazing. It really is cleanly split into two.”

Hati: “There’s no other cracks or breaks anywhere. How curious.”

Werner: “And this is what is most important, but Lotte, you know that each Magic Stone is unique, and there are not two that are identical, right?”

Lotte: “Yes.” A Magic Stone is the core material of all Magecraft Artifacts ー the crucial centerpiece and no two are alike.

The Magic Stones are created inside of the Monsters.

Even if you defeat two Monsters that were born of the same species, born at the same time, and born from the same mother, and defeated both at the same time, the Magic Stone you would retrieve out of their bodies will be different.

It is similar to how human beings have unique fingerprints.

Werner: “And if you successfully split a Magic Stone cleanly into two, regardless of physical distance or whether there is a Magic Barrier standing in its way, it will try to behave as one Magic Stone.”

Lotte: “Behave as one Magic Stone?”

Werner: “If you spin one to the right, the other half will spin right, and if you spin one to the left, the other half will spin left.”

Using those properties, I was able to send the sounds of voices over long distances. That is the fundamental technology being used in this Artifact.

Lotte: “I didn’t realize that it had such properties.”

Werner: “It was something Professor Kay discovered, and it’s a theory only taught to his disciples only, so ordinary people would not know about this.” Lotte: “Then was it okay for me to hear this?” Werner: “It was Professor Kay himself who asked me to make you, Lotte, a disciple of mine. Then this is well within the realm of what he wanted me to teach you.”

Hati: “WhーWhat about Hati?” Werner: “Well, I don’t see an issue with Hati knowing either.” Hati: “Hati is relieved~”

Hati received the news with delight and her tail swung side to side excitedly.

As I pat Hati on the head, I continue my explanation.

Werner: “It is extremely difficult to split a Magic Stone in half without breaking it. Since learning the technique, I’ve broken and ruined at least 100 Magic Stones.”

Lotte: “It’s difficult even for you, Master. I wonder if I’ll be able to do so.”

Werner: “I’m not sure. According to Professor Kay, I was the first disciple who was able to successfully do it.” Professor Key invented the method of splitting Magic Stones about 400 years ago.

He discovered that split Magic Stones would behave similarly around 300 years ago.

Werner: “That’s why it will be difficult to ask the Oigen Merchant Group to help mass produce this Artifact.” Lotte: “Yes.” Werner: “And we can’t just use any Magic Stone. The quality of the Stone matters greatly.”

Lotte: “Then it is a very rare and precious Artifact.” Werner: “Yes. We won’t be able to make many. It is far more difficult to make than a Barrier Generating Artifact.”

The technique and materials used in making the Artifact is incredibly high.

Werner: “Even then, I would still like to make enough to give to the people I gave the Barrier Artifact to…..”

Within my family, it would be my older sister, younger sister, father, and brother.

I’d like to give one to my Master, Professor Kay, and to Lotte, my disciple.

At the Palace, I would like to gift 3 to the Imperial Majesty, his Imperial Highness, and Imperial Prince Thil.

In total, I gave out 12 Barrier Generating Artifacts.

Werner: “So that would mean that I would need enough for 12. In total, that would be 24 Communication Artifacts.”

Lotte: “That is a lot of work ahead of us.”

Werner: “Well, at the very least, we are not required to make them all at once.” I would give one to my elder sister, one to Lotte. For two people, that is four Artifacts total.

For my father and brother who are away, I can deliver one set ー of two devices.

For the Emperor and his Imperial Highness, one each, and 2 sets would mean four devices.

I can’t imagine Professor Kay ever needing to use the barrier.

I gave a Barrier Generator to him, but that was out of duty and respect as his disciple.

Werner: “So we need to make five sets ー a total of 10 Artifacts to start.” Lotte: “I will help too!”

Werner: “Yes, thank you.” Hati: “Hati will help too!”

Werner: “Yes, but Hati, you have already helped enough.” Hati has yet to learn the basics about Magecraft Artifact building.

There is nothing for her to do as far as making these devices.

She looked dejected, and her tail hung limply below her.

Werner: “Hati, you have already helped me immensely. If you weren’t here, that communication test would have taken an exorbitant amount of time to complete.” Hati: “..........really?” Werner: “Yes. Because you were here to help us, we were able to complete the test in 3 hours, but without you, it would have taken us several weeks.”

Hati: “Hehehehe…” It is very difficult to carry an Artifact as far as she did to test the communication range.

A person who understands the ins and outs of a Magecraft Artifact would have to carry a brand new Artifact to that distance.

I would have to teach them how to use the Artifact, and then with the Artifact, they would have to journey far.

Werner: “You have saved us a great deal of time, money, and energy.” Hati: “Hehehe…..” Hati seemed embarrassed by the compliment and began soaring through the air rapidly.

After that, we focused on making the rest of the Artifacts.

As night fell, Lotte returned to the main mansion and returned when it was morning.

On the other hand, Hati and I remained at the Research Lab to continue our work.

As the hours grew longer, Hati would speak up with concernーー

Hati: “My Lord, we should go to sleep and rest.” ーーis what she would tell me.

Thanks to Hati, I did not work through the night, and my productivity did not suffer as we continued our work.

With Hati and Lotte’s assistance, completing 5 sets of the Long Range Communication Magecraft Artifact only took 3 days total.

The hour was near dinner time.

Lotte was about to head back to the main mansion.

Werner: “Okay, first, let me give this one to you, Lotte.” Lotte: “Thank you very much. Master, you can hold onto the other Artifact for me then.”

Werner: “Understood. If you need anything, call me.”

Lotte: “Yes, I will!”

Then, I went with Lotte and Hati back to the main mansion.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

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