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Ch. 64: The Completion of the Long-Distance Magecraft Artifact

We began the test from a short-distance.

Werner: “Lotte, take this Artifact and move to the edge of the room.”

Lotte: “Yes, sir!”

So first, we will test from one side of the lab to the other.

Werner: “Can you hear me?” I whispered to Lotte, but I heard no answer from her.

Lotte: “Um, Master. I’m not hearing any sound from this device.”

Werner: “Hm? Let me see…. Oh~ the setting right here shifted to the wrong position.”

As we made adjustments, we were able to get the Artifact to transmit our voices from one end of the room to the other.

Werner: “Now that we know that it transmits our voices, we need to see if it can pass through the barrier.”

Lotte: “Yes, sir!”

Hati: “I’m looking forward to it!”

I leave Hati and Lotte inside the barrier that surrounds the Research Lab and step outside.

Werner: “Can you hear me?”

Lotte: [We can hear you!]

Hati: [I can hear my Lord’s voice!]

Werner: “Good! Then it’s a success.”

I returned back to the laboratory.

Lotte: “We did it, Master!”

Werner: “Yes, we have succeeded in overcoming the most difficult obstacle, but there are still more tests that need to be done.”

Lotte: “We need to determine if we can relay information from a long distance when it passes through the barrier, correct?”

Werner: “That’s exactly right. Hati, I have a favor to ask.” Hati: “You can ask Hati anything!”

Werner: “Can you fly far away carrying this Artifact with you?” Hati: “That is easy enough.”

Werner: “But you must stay small when you are in the skies above the Capital.” Hati: “Yes, humans get terrified when they see me at full size. That’s also what makes them cute though.”

Hati took the Artifact and flew higher and higher into the sky.

It took more time in her small form, but she is faster than the average bird.

She was probably just a little faster than a hawk or eagle.

Werner: “Hati, can you hear me?” Hati: [Hati can hear you.]

Werner: “I see. Then we’ll be going inside of the barrier. If you cannot hear our voices after 5 minutes, the test has failed, so please come back.”

Hati: [Understood!]

And Lotte and I entered the Research Lab.

Werner: “Hati, we’re inside the barrier. Can you hear us?”

Hati: [Hati can hear you!]

Werner: “Looks like a success. But we need to see how far our voices will reach. Hati, can you continue to fly farther away?”

Hati: [Leave it to Hati!]

Werner: “I want to know when our voices get disconnected, so we will keep talking until then.”

Hati: [Understood!]

Lotte and I continue to chat with Hati.

Hati: [Lotte, between dried ration bread and regular bread, which do you like more? Oh, Hati is starting to see the base where Hati met my Lord for the first time.]

Werner: “You are quite fast indeed.”

Now that she was nowhere near the Capital, Hati returned to her original size.

Now, Hati was as fast as a flying arrow.

Hati: [Hati can still hear my Lord’s voice.]

Werner: “That’s good. If you can hear our voice at this distance, we can definitely use this artifact.”

Hati: [Would you like for Hati to go farther?]

Werner: “Yes, please.”

Hati: [Leave it to Hati!]

Without any hesitation, Hati agreed.

And she continued to go farther and farther away.

And during that time, our voices never disconnected.

Approximately 3 hours later, Hati finally returned.

Werner: “Hati, good work. And thank you.”

Hati: “Hati is glad to be of service~”

In her small form, Hati swung her tail happily side to side.

In order to not frighten the civilians, she turned back to her small size and returned back to the Research Lab.

After that, we ate lunch together, returned to the lab, and began making more Long-Distance Communication Magecraft Artifacts.

The communication devices require both sides to be able to send and receive messages. Otherwise, it is pretty pointless.

That’s why I want at least twice the number of Artifacts as the Barrier Artifacts I distributed.

And I will have Lotte help me with the simpler tasks.

As we began our work, Lotte asked me a question.

Lotte: “........Master, are these Artifacts only able to communicate with one specific device?” Werner: “Hm? Yes, that is true……but I see. It would be more useful if it was able to communicate with other Artifacts as well….”

Lotte: “Yes. …….I thought….that maybe I could use it to keep in touch with my family.”

I understood how Lotte felt.

If there was a Magecraft Artifact like that, it would be incredibly useful.

Werner: “Hmmm, but there are still technological limitations that we will have to overcome first.”

Lotte: “Yes, as ignorant as I am, even I can understand how difficult that would be.”

Werner: “Hmmmm, well…….we could potentially assign numbers to each Artifact, and then by changing the Magic Wavelengths…….but then, there will be problems with security.”

Lotte: “I see. If they were to reproduce the Artifact, they could listen in on the communication.”

Werner: “In theory, they would not be able to listen to all devices…….but prohibiting people from listening into the communication will be something we will have to continue to work on.”

The requirement to ensure that no one else can listen in on your conversation is an absolute must.

Though it would be theoretically impossible to listen in on all devices at once, if several devices are communicating with each other, then the chances of having someone else listen in on those conversations will grow.

Lotte: “Master, how do these Artifacts ensure that they can only communicate with each other?” Werner: “Oh, well I halved a Magic Stone perfectly in half and placed each half in each Artifact.”

Lotte: “........what do you mean by splitting a Magic Stone in half? Is this some sort of figure of speech or metaphor?” Lotte looked back at me with confusion in her eyes as she tilted her head.

Hati also tilted her head nearby.

And it’s no wonder that Lotte and Hati are both confused. It is thought that splitting a Magic Stone in half is impossible.

Werner: “Though this has not been made public knowledge, it is possible to split Magic Stones.”

Lotte: “You do not smash it but rather cut it?” Werner: “That’s right. If you put strength into a Magic Stone, it will usually crumble under the pressure, so you need to use a special technique.”

Lotte’s eyes widened as she heard my words.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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