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Ch. 63: Beginning the Testing

They were clothes I already took off once.

And they were clothes I had on for 3 days.

Werner: “It does….feel wrong to wear the same clothes that I was wearing before…”

They are dirty, but I have no other clothes at the moment, so it can’t be helped.

I should go to the main mansion, and find some changes of clothes there.

As I picked up my clothes, Lotte’s clothes underneath caught my eyes..

Werner: “............”

They were obviously underwear. I did my best to look away from them.

Apparently, Hati completely undressed Lotte.

And Lotte must have been extremely tired to not have noticed.

Werner: “Hati, later, let’s take some time to learn about the relationship between human society and clothes.”

Hati: “Understood!”

And once I dressed, I called out to Lotte who was still underneath the blanket.

Werner: “I will go and get a change of clothes from the main mansion. Once your dressed, you can wait for me here.”

Lotte: “Yes, I understand.” Werner: “Hati, stay here as well. I want you to protect Lotte.” Hati: “Understood!”

And with that, I headed to the main mansion.

Once I arrived, a butler came to greet me.

“Sir Werner, good morning.”

Werner: “Yes, good morning. I would like for you to wash these clothes, and I would like to take a bath if possible.”

“As you command.”

While they were washing my clothes, I took a bath.

The bath in the Marquis mansion was quite large.

Werner: “ feels like it’s been a while.”

Since I’ve been just showing lately, it felt good to be able to stretch out my arms and legs.

I worked for 3 days without sleep, and slept for an entire day afterwards, so all the muscles in my body were knotted and tight.

After I enjoyed the bath, I put back on the clothes that were washed and headed back to the Research lab.

At the lab, Lotte was dressed and waiting for me.

And her face was flushed red.

It was after an incident like that. I don’t blame her for feeling embarrassed.

I made sure to not mention this morning’s incident.

Werner: “Lotte, were you able to sleep?” Lotte: “Yes, I slept soundly…….” Werner: “Good. Let’s head to the main mansion once together. I’m sure that you would like to change clothes as well.”

Lotte: “Oh, yes. Thank you very much.” And with Hati and I guarding her, we all went to the main mansion together.

I was a little concerned about letting her travel alone even from the separate residence to the main mansion.

It felt overly protective, but my sister was just attacked recently.

I think being overly cautious is just right.

As we arrive at the mansion, a group of butlers now greet Lotte with much more care than when it was just myself.

And to take care of her needs, they all disappeared into the mansion together.

I’m sure it was to prepare the bath and help her change clothes.

“Sir Werner, would you like us to prepare breakfast?” Werner: “Yes, that would be great.”

“Then we shall make the preparations.”

As Hati and I relocated to the dining hall, breakfast was brought to us within a few minutes.

Hati: “Delicious! So delicious!”

Werner: “Eat as much as you like, Hati.” As I watched Hati enjoy the meal, I turned to speak to the butler.

Werner: “Did anything happen while I was gone?” “There have been no incidents. The Rome Viscountess has recovered and returned to her regular duties.”

Werner: “I see. And what about the investigation of my sister’s attackers?”

“The investigation has been……..unable to make much progress.”

The butler is one of my sister’s secretaries.

He would know most of the on-goings behind the scenes.

Werner: “Even with the Royal Magecraft Knights and the Marquis’ family’s power combined, we still can’t make progress?”

“It appears to be so.”

Werner: “But we already know that the Gerald Merchant Group is highly suspicious, no?”

“Yes, it is as you say but……”

Werner: “We can’t find any solid evidence?” “That may be the case.” Werner: “Hmmmmmmm.” I think for a bit.

Werner: “And we have the letter and blood sample from the attacker too…..even then…..”

“I apologize for not being able to assist more in this matter.”

After we finished breakfast, Lotte came by.

Once Lotte finished breakfast, Hati, myself, and Lotte all headed back to the Research Lab.

Werner: “Now then, we’re going to do a test run on the newly finished Magecraft Artifact.”

Lotte: “Yes!” Hati: “Hati is looking for to it.”

Lotte seems to be very excited.

And Hati’s eyes sparkled and were filled with curiosity.

Werner: “Lotte, I will teach you how to test the newly developed Artifact.”

Lotte: “Thank you very much!”

Hati: “Hati wants to know too!”

Werner: “Understood. Hati, you can listen as I explain to Lotte.” Hati: “Okay!”

Hati has yet to grasp the basics of Magecraft Artifact development, so I am not certain if she will be able to follow my explanation.

But having interest and curiosity is never a bad thing.

If the opportunity arises, I wouldn’t mind teaching her the fundamentals.

I placed the newly designed long-range communication Magecraft Artifact on the table.

There are two identical artifacts. And the two make one complete Artifact.

They are egg-shaped and a little bigger than a human fist.

Werner: “Now, first of all, I will explain about the Artifact. There’s no way to test it if you don’t know how it works.”

Lotte: “Yes!”

Werner: “At first, I wanted to revise the existing Barrier Generating Artifact butーー” Lotte: “Yes, I thought that was the original goal.”

Werner: “But by doing so, the barrier artifact became too heavy, and it was inconvenient to carry around. That was what I found.”

Lotte: “I see. I see.” Lotte’s expression was serious, and she continued to take down notes.

Because she was listening so intently, it urged me to explain more, and I ended up explaining why the artifact got heavier, and how to make it lighter.

Lotte: “So it is possible to make it lighter then.”

Werner: “In theory, yes. But with my skills, it will be difficult.”

Lotte: “Then we will have to wait for a technological breakthrough?” Yes, but if we did that, it may take years…..or even decades.

Werner: “So that’s why I decided to separate the Barrier Generator and the Long Range Communication Artifact.”

Lotte: “But how will we get the information to go past the barrier?” Werner: “That’s a good question. And that is the core of how this Artifact functions.”

And I explained to Lotte and Hati on how I made it work.

Lotte: “You can really do that…….?” Werner: “For now, let’s see if we can deliver our voices to each other over a long distance. That would be best.” Lotte: “Yes!”

And Lotte, Hati, and I began our test.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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