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Ch. 62: Underneath the Blanket

Being very curious about it, Hati observed the new Magecraft Artifact inches from her face.

And she nodded approvingly.

Hati: “I see. So because of this, you were able to hear Hati’s voice.”

Werner: “Hm? I thought you were just yelling louder since it’s been 3 days, no?” Hati: “Hati always yells loudly outside though.”

Werner: “I see…”

Being so overly focused may not be such a good thing.

If something big was happening outside, I would have been filled with regrets.

Thinking about it made me nervous.

Werner: “Hati, just in case, did anything happen during those 3 days?” Hati: “Nothing.”

Werner: “What about my sister?” Hati: “My Lord’s sister had started resuming her work since about yesterday.”

Werner: “I see. She should be resting more though……”

Hati: “It just means she recovered very well.”

Yes, I guess that’s true.

It was a relief to hear.

Werner: “I see. I’m glad to hear that.”

But as soon as I relaxed, I was hit with a sudden urge to sleep.

Werner: “...........for now, I’m going to get some sleep.”

Hati: “That would be best.” And I fell over into the bed and laid on my side.

Hati curled up next to my pillow.

Hati: “Do not fear. Hati will protect you while you sleep.”

Werner: “Thanks.”

Well, even if she’s saying so, she might fall asleep faster than me.

As random thoughts crossed my mind, I fell asleep quickly.



The sun shone through the window and hit my eyes.

The curtains I had closed must have been opened.

Inside the Research Lab is just Hati and I.

So it must have been Hati who opened them.

Werner: “Where’s Hati……?” I did not see Hati next to my pillow.

But my blankets swelled to about another person’s size.

Werner: “............again?”

Hati must have turned into a human-form.

And maybe while I was inside the lab for 3 days, Hati herself did not get any sleep either.

In that case, I can’t scold her about this.

Though I might have worried her to the point of not being able to sleep, apologizing at this point seemed ill fitted as well.

And that’s why I reached under the blanket and softly patted Hati’s head.

“............nyu?” Werner: “I’m sorry to have worried you. Thank you.”

And Hati’s body jerked slightly.

I must have woken her up.


But even though she awoke, she didn’t move. She didn’t say anything.

When Hati wakes up, she’s always energetic and noisy though.

Werner: “Hati?”

“, it’s Lotte.”

Werner: “.......................why?”

Lotte: “.........................................I don’t know either.”

And Lotte did not move underneath the blanket.

But her body laid against mine. 

And I can’t see what she looks like from underneath the blanket.

But from what I felt, we were touching skin to skin.

Werner: “...............wait….”

If I had my clothes on, how would I even feel her skin?

What’s happening? This doesn’t make any sense.

As confusion took over, Hati came from the shower area in her Dragon form.

Hati: “Oh, are you awake my Lord?” Werner: “.........why is Lotte here?” Hati: “She came yesterday, so I let her inside. Was that wrong of me to do so?”

Werner: “Well, no, she’s allowed to come in but……”

I couldn’t understand why she was in my bed.

Hati: “Well, Lotte is a child, and she was working on making Artifacts on her own, but……she fell asleep with her head on the desk.”

Werner: “And you wanted her to rest, so you carried her to the bed?” Hati: “Exactly.”

Looking next to me, I saw that Taro, the Magecraft Artifact for walking dogs now turned room cleaner, was carrying Lotte and my clothes.

Werner: “What happened to my clothes?” Hati: “My Lord, you have not changed clothes in 3 days, so I thought it would be best to remove them. I even wiped down your body while you slept!”

Hati was very proud of herself.

She thought it through and did everything for my benefit and well-being to the best of her ability.

Werner: “IーI see…….thank you…..and what about Lotte………?”

Hati: “Lotte was wearing formal looking clothes, so I thought she might have trouble sleeping in them.”

Werner: “IーI see…………”

Since Lotte is royalty, her clothes tend to be formal, thick, and uncomfortable.

Hati: “Hati is a very sensible Dragon~”

Hati’s smile broadened as she puffed out her chest with pride.

Werner: “I see. Thank you for……being so considerate.”

Hati: “No need to thank Hati!”

Werner: “But Hati. Maybe in the future, you can let us keep our clothes on.”

Hati: “Huh? Even when you’re sleeping?” Werner: “Yes, even if we’re sleeping. Of course, there may be exceptions but……”

For instance, if our clothes are wet, it’ll be good to take them off.

Hati: “Hati is learning a lot. Hati will be careful from now on!”

And Hati is a Dragon, so it can’t be helped if she doesn’t understand common sense for humans.

Werner: “So Lotte, apparently, that’s what happened…”

Lotte: “........okay.” Werner: “Let me get up and get dressed for now.”

Lotte: “........yes, I understand.”

I quietly get out of bed.

But as I moved my body, I felt Lotte’s smooth and soft skin.

Werner: “Taro, those clothes are not trash, so please bring them here.”

Taro: [Pi-pi]

Taro brought Lotte and my clothes back.

Werner: “Where was Taro going to put these clothes?” Hati: “Right here.”

And Hati pointed to a slightly large box.

Hati: “The well-renown laundry worker taught me that dirty clothes go in this bin.”

She’s probably referring to one of the servants at the mansion who is responsible for laundry cleaning.

And as Taro brought the clothes, I put them on promptly.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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