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Ch. 60: What the Sister Knows

Once Lotte, Hati, and the butler went their way, I headed for my sister’s room.

It looks like they were done with my sister’s treatment.

Werner: “Doctor, how is my sister doing?” “Yes, it looks like we were able to fully treat all her wounds.”

Werner: “Thank you very much. How was the injury?” “The side of her stomach had been cut with a sharp blade. It was most fortunate that the blade did not touch any of her internal organs.”

Looks like my sister survived the ambush.

All the Healers except one left the mansion.

I sat down in a chair next to my sister’s bed.

As I watched her sleep, I started to think about what we’ll do going forward.

The Galatea Empire, the Knights of Lumen, and the Gerald Merchant Group.

I don’t know why these organizations would bother threatening me.

It’s highly likely that the same groups were responsible for sending the former Academy President and the Head of Research after me.

Out of the 3 groups, the biggest culprit would clearly be the Galatea Empire.

Other than the fact that I am Lotte’s Master, I cannot see any other reason to come after me.

The former Academy President attacked me in the Capital, and right here at the high noble Marquis’ mansion of all places.

This time, they attacked my sister at the gate.

Doing so would not deteriorate the Imperial State’s power or dishearten their military.

And there is no way that would make them reconsider their alliance with the Lamette Kingdom.

Werner: “.............I don’t know what they’re after….” As I mumbled to myself, my sister awoke.

Bridget: “.........Wernerー?”

Werner: “Did I wake you? I’m sorry.” Bridget: “No, don’t worry.”

Werner: “Are you in pain? If you are, we can give you some pain killers…..”

Bridget: “There’s no need. I’m barely feeling any pain at all. Healing Magic really is pretty amazing….”

Werner: “Well, I’m glad to hear that…” My sister smiled towards me.

Bridget: “You really saved me, Werner. Without that Barrier Generator, I would have been killed.”

Werner: “What happened?” Bridget: “As soon as I got off the horse carriage, the Spell flew towards us. I am a Magecraft practitioner, so I noticed the attack. But…..there was no way for me to avoid it.”

Werner: “Yeah, it’s hard to dodge Spells even if you notice it. Or even with training.”

Bridget: “The butler pushed me out of the way, and I avoided taking a direct hit. I need to repay him later.”

Werner: “And I’ll relay my gratitude to him too.”

Bridget: “Yeah, so I was rolling on the ground as I activated the Barrier Generator.”

Werner: “I’m glad you were able to.”

Bridget: “It was really close though. After the barrier was up, about 10 Spells hit it consecutively.”

Werner: “That’s overkill.”

Bridget: “Yeah, it was. You’re Barrier Generator really saved me, Werner. Thank you.” She smiled as she spoke to me.

But it was too difficult for me to accept her gratitude under these circumstances.

Werner: “No, you shouldn’t. There’s a high possibility that the attacker may have threatened you to get at me.”

Bridget: “Could you tell me more?” I told her about the threatening letter.

Bridget: “I see. Now I understand. So you were worried that I was placed in danger because of you.”

Werner: “ put it bluntly, yeah.”

Bridget: “You don’t have to be so concerned. I have reasons of my own to be targeted.”

Werner: “What do you mean?” Bridget: “Werner, do you think I spend my days just playing around and doing nothing?”

Werner: “I know you’re busy working all the time. I don’t know any details about your work though.”

Bridget: “As you already know, the Marquis family is tasked with protecting the borders of the country.”

And that is why the Marquis family is given much military power and discretion.

Bridget: “It is our Marquis family that protects the borders between our country and the Galatea Empire.”

Werner: “Yeah, that’s true.” Bridget: “That’s why I have some knowledge about the Galatea Empire, the Lamette Kingdom, and Princess Charlotte’s relationship to the matter.”

The Marquis family works directly with the Palace authorities to protect the country’s borders.

And my sister is a representative of the Marquis family in the Capital city.

Gathering information is one of the important jobs my sister has.

Bridget: “You were probably thinking that you were hiding information from me butーー”

Werner: “Oh, no, that’s not what I…..”

Bridget: “But I know about how the Galatea Empire was behind the previous Academy President, and the high possibility that the Galatea Empire was behind manipulating Hati ーー all these things, you haven’t told me have you?”

Werner: “It’s true that…..I have not reported that to you. ……..I’m sorry.”

Bridget: “Yup.” My sister nodded once and smiled kindly.

Bridget: “Well, I’m not upset about that. But I want you to know, Werner, that I also have information that you probably don’t know.”

Werner: “ much do you know, sister? Of course, you can withhold information for my safety. I won’t pry.”

Bridget: “That’s very wise, Werner.” Werner: “.......not as much as you think.”

I just don’t like being dragged into troublesome affairs.

Bridget: “Well, even if I don’t tell you, I’m certain that his Imperial Highness will share the information with you.”

And with that preface, she continued to speak.

Bridget: “The Gerald Merchant Group was responsible for directly controlling and manipulating the previous Academy President and the previous Head of Research.”

Werner: “Yes, I’ve heard about that.”

Bridget: “From who?” Werner: “The Oigen Merchant Group.”

Bridget: “.......impressive. The merchants do have good ears. What else did Oigen say?”

Werner: “Behind the Gerald Merchant Group is the Knights of Lumen, and behind the Knights of Lumen is the Galatea Empire. Something like that?”

Bridget: “I see. The merchants do have an impressive information network.”

Werner: “Then what Mr. Oigen said was true?”

If it was just Oigen spreading this information, I would have to also consider the possibility that he was just trying to crush a rival competitor.

But if the Palace, or rather, the Royal Magecraft Knight’s investigation and the Marquis Family came to the same conclusion, then it must be very close to the truth.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

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