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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Chapter 6: The Werner Planning Meeting at the Palace

It was the day after Werner was fired from the Mages Academy.

The news was delivered to the Crown Prince of the Rheinfelden Empire

As soon as he heard the news, the Crown Prince’s expression was contorted in frustration.

“....................are you certain?” “Yes, my sources are trustworthy.”

The one who answered was the Head of Intelligence and was THE right-hand man of the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince is 35 years old.

In the Rheinfelden Empire where Werner lives, the Crown Prince is the true politician in power who is controlling everything from behind the scenes.

“........they really have done something unnecessary. And of all times, they do it when the Great Sage is absent from our country.”

The Crown Prince lets out a deep sigh, and one of the elderly chamberlains nods.

“Now with the Great Sage leaving this country, we need to avoid his direct disciple Sir Werner from leaving as well.”

“Yes, I know that he is not as capable as Professor Kay, but I heard that Sir Werner is still very useful.”

A younger chamberlain spoke up, and the Crown Prince stared intently at him.

“Do you really mean what you just said?” “Yes. I have heard reports that he is an excellent researcher, but not on the caliber as Professor Kay.”

The Crown Prince has ordered all his chamberlains to not fear speaking their own mind daily.

That’s why even the young chamberlain did not hesitate to make his thoughts known even with the Crown Prince glaring at him.

“You must reconsider your views. Do you remember the new type of explosive that was created? Sir Werner was the one who came up with that.”

“What? Do you mean that explosive? Wasn’t that Professor Kay who developed it?” “You’re wrong. Sir Werner, who was only 12 at the time, made it. But Sir Werner’s original goal was to make an explosive suitable for mining though.”

The explosive that Werner made was very light for miners to carry into the mines, and it was very easy to adjust the power of the explosion.

You can even change the timing of the explosive as needed.

It’s light so with a catapult, you can throw it inside a fortress easily.

If you can adjust its power and the timing of the explosion, it can easily be converted into an effective weapon.

“The explosive that ended a rebellion that was thought to last 5 years in 3 days……”

“Yes, that explosive. But the fact that Sir Werner was the developer is confidential. Do not speak to anyone outside of here.”

“As you command, sire.”

The younger chamberlain lowered his head humbly, and the Crown Prince kindly spoke.

“And not only that. Sir Werner also made the Magic Backpack.”

“...........truly. It was an invention that completely revolutionized military logistics ー that Magic Backpack? Was that not Professor Kay as well?”

“No, it was not Professor Kay. Sir Werner made it when he was 15.”

“............I was severely mistaken then.”

“As long as you understand now, it’s fine.”

With that, the Crown Prince looks at all his counselors, chamberlains, advisors and attendants surrounding him.

“I forbid taking any actions that risks turning Sir Werner into an enemy of this country. Make sure you engrave those words deeply in your hearts.”

“Yes, sire.”

“Even so……….for now, as long as Sir Werner’s little sister, Lutricia and Thil are getting along, we should be fine.”

Lutricia is the Marquis Family’s youngest daughter. She is Werner’s little sister.

And Thil is the Emperor’s youngest child ー in short, the Crown Prince’s youngest brother.

Lutricia and Thil are formally engaged.

“But Lord Thil and Lady Lutricia are still only 10 years old. Even though they are engaged, we cannot expect any serious progress in their relationship any time soon.”

A middle-aged man speaks up, but Kraus shakes his head to disagree.

Kraus: “Although they may just be children, it is a politically arranged relationship. Make sure the two get along with each other just fine.”

“As you command.”

Kraus: “The engagement between Thil and Lady Lutricia is more than simply deepening the ties between the Imperial Family and the Marquis. Sir Werner is extremely fond of his sister Lutricia.”

“Do you mean to say that as long as the engagement is successful, Sir Werner will not betray the empire?”

Kraus: “That is not enough. It is absolutely essential for Lady Lutricia to be happy and content in the relationship. Sir Werner is that kind of man. That is why he is easy to control.”

Another young chamberlain next to the Crown Prince spoke up.

“Sire, if you are that concerned of Sir Werner betraying this country, why not resolve all worries with an assassination?”

“How dare you speak of such things! Do not forget that you’re in the presence of his Highness!”

The Head Chamberlain immediately admonishes the speaker, but Kraus immediately stops him.

Kraus: “Regardless of whether I am here or not, as long as it is not speaking ill towards the Emperor himself, speak your mind. That includes any criticism against me as well.”

And with that, Kraus laughs. But his eyes did not follow the smile on his face.

Kraus: “But if you plan to rebel against me, do not think that I will let you die so quickly. Keep that in mind.”

“ “ Yes, sire. ” ”

With all his servants in a nervous state, Kraus kindly explains the situation to them.

Kraus: “It is easy to mistake Sir Werner’s Magecraft inventions as his biggest strength and thus, the biggest threat.”

“Is that not true?” Kraus: “You are wrong. What is more formidable than his inventions is Sir Werner himself.”

But even being told directly, his younger chamberlains looked uncertain of this fact and looked at one another.

With a deep sigh, the Crown Prince continued.

Kraus: “Look. To try to assassinate Sir Werner would be equivalent to throwing a powerful bomb into an Ancient Dragon’s nest. If you can kill the Ancient Dragon with that, then all is well. If you fail, then your country will be destroyed. In other words, we are gambling the existence of this Empire, and the odds are completely against us. And even if we were to succeed with such a gamble, our country has gained absolutely nothing.”

“ Sir Werner really that strong?” A young chamberlain speaks his doubts, but Kraus only deeply nods at his comment.

Kraus: “His strength is easily beyond human. And currently, Sir Werner’s relationship with the Imperial Family is positive and cooperative. To take an action against him at this juncture would be nothing less than the greatest of follies.”

“I understand, sire. I have engraved your words into my heart.”

His servants seemed to have understood what it would mean to turn their hand against Werner, and Kraus deeply nodded once more in approval.

Kraus: “The members of the Strout Family also have a strong interest in Sir Werner’s inventions, but……… truth, what is truly terrifying is Sir Werner himself.”

“The Rome Viscountess is trying to encourage Sir Werner to continue his Magecraft Artifact Research, and the Marquis himself does not want Sir Werner to continue his research, but what are your thoughts on this matter, sire?” Kraus: “If I had to choose, I would lean towards the Rome Viscountess. But to me, it does not matter if Sir Werner is making further Magecraft Artifacts or not.”

“ long as Sir Werner remains as a friend of the Empire.”

Kraus: “That is exactly correct. Normally, I would like to welcome him and appoint him to a position here but…….”

“We have offered several times now, but he has refused every time. If you make a royal decreeーー”

The royal decree of an emperor would have to be followed by any noble no matter what.

Refusing to do so would lead to their execution.

Kraus: “We will not make such a decree. If he were to flee to another country, then all of our efforts would have been for nothing.”

“ ” As you command, sire. ” ”

Kraus: “Be more subtle, and do not ever force a decision upon him as we continue to uphold positive relations. That will be key.”

“As you command. But it may be more difficult that way.” Kraus: “Do not be anxious and rush your decisions……….for crying out loud, what are those idiots at the Mages Academy doing…….”

At the very least, Sir Werner had secured a stable position there.

How would they have taken responsibility if making Werner occupation-less forced him to leave on a journey or relocate to a different country?

It would have been an incalculable loss to this country.

“The current President of the Academy must be an incredible fool.” A young chamberlain speaks up again, but Kraus shakes his head.

Kraus: “No fool would have been able to climb up to the ranks of President at that Academy.” And with that, he pauses to think.

Kraus: “One who could not be a fool for some reason acts like a fool. There must be something underneath.”

What the President of the Academy just did would not benefit the Academy as a whole.

And that will not benefit the Rheinfelden Empire either.

Kraus: “Such a foolish action may have been something benefiting the President of the Academy himself.”

“A personal benefit that would be in direct contrast to this country’s well being, sire?”

Kraus: “Yes. ………..look into the President’s background and his surrounding connections.”

“As you command.”

With that, Kraus looks slightly away into the distance.

Kraus: “.......if I want to keep him as an ally, I may need to consider letting Sir Werner marry the Crown Princess.”

“Your younger sister, sire? As long as Lord Thil and Lady Lutricia’s engagement is progressing, I believe that further deepening the ties between the Imperial Family and the Marquis Family may be too much?”

The Head Chamberlain speaks up and the younger chamberlains also nod at his words.

“We have to manage our relationship with the other Nobles as well, and I’ve heard rumors that your younger sister is very fond of the Duke’s prince.”

Kraus: “In the matter of marriage arrangements for the Imperial Family, personal feelings and closeness of relationship is of no value. But even so……..she is quite a spoiled child.”

The marriage and engagement of the Royal Family is extremely political.

Because of that, there is no emphasis on the romantic feelings between the two individuals.

Kraus: “ doesn’t bother me if my sister is against it, but if that’s the case, there’s no way Sir Werner would say yes to the engagement.”

“Yes, considering Sir Werner’s personality, that is a predictable outcome.”

Kraus: “Yes. If needed, I will have my daughter marry him.”

“The Crown Princess? Sire, she is only 5 years old.”

Kraus: “As far as Imperial Engagements are concerned, age is rarely of any concern.”

“It is true what you say but………”

Kraus smiles kindly to his servants who look troubled.

Kraus: “If it means holding Sir Werner as an ally, I will gladly offer my dearest daughter. That is how I feel about the matter. Everyone, please act accordingly with that in mind.”

“As you command, sire.”

Kraus: “Do not antagonize him and do not force any decision upon him. No matter what, approach him with the utmost good faith when speaking with him.”

And with that, the meeting at the Palace concerning how to deal with Werner Strout ended.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extroadinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo GinGitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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