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Ch. 59: The Ambushed Sister 2

As I returned to my Research Lab, the separate residence built on the Marquis property, I was greeted at the door by Lotte with concern on her face.

Lotte: “Master, what happened?” Werner: “My sister was severely injured, but she’s alive.”

Lotte: “......wーwill she be okay?” Werner: “Her condition is not life threatening, but I will be on standby at the main mansion. What do you want to do, Lotte? As far as protecting you, it would be more convenient if we were all in the same group, butーー”

Lotte: “I will go to the Marquis Mansion as well.” Werner: “Then follow me.”

And as I activated the Research Lab’s barrier, I took Lotte with me to the main Marquis Mansion.

Lotte looked nervous as we were walking there.

To help her relax, I smiled as I spoke to her.

Werner: “Lotte, how was Taro?” Taro was the Magecraft Artifact we just finished designing, and it was made for walking dogs.

Lotte: “It was doing its best to clean.”

Werner: “I see. Did you notice any problematic movements or actions?”

Lotte: “No, it was cleaning the floor, the bed, and the shower.”

Werner: “In other words, it left the cluttered desk alone.”

Lotte: “Exactly so.” Werner: “That’s good. We might be able to actually use it going forward.” It terrified the dogs, but we might be able to sell it as a cleaning Magecraft Artifact.

As we returned to the main mansion, a butler came over to whisper into my ear.

“Sir Werner, this way.” He spoke softly to prevent anyone from eavesdropping.

Werner: “What is it?”

“........we received a threatening letter.” The butler spoke very seriously and solemnly as he delivered the words.

Lotte: “Huh? IーIs everything okay?” Though the butler spoke quietly enough for only me to hear, Lotte picked up on his words as well.

She must have very good ears.

Werner: “Show me it. Lotte, do you want to come along?” Lotte: “Is that really okay?” Werner: “Well, you overheard, so I think you’ll only be more concerned if you don’t learn more about it.” As I spoke, the butler looked ashamed.

Werner: “No, don’t worry about that. An ordinary person would not have been able to hear what you said.” “I will be more careful going forward.” As we followed the butler, Lotte and I relocated to a separate room.

This was my sister, Bridget’s office.

The office was located right next to my sister’s room, and that’s where she was being treated.

In front of the door, Hati was guarding the door, and noticing our approach, flew towards us.

Hati: “My Lord, you’ve returned.” Werner: “Yes, I’m back. Hati, follow us as well.” Hati: “Understood.”

As we enter the office, I turn to the butler.

Werner: “Now then, could you show us the letter?”

“It is this.”

The butler handed over a letter written in blood.

[If you get in our way, we will make sure more blood will be spilled.]

That was all that was written.

Werner: “Anything else?” “It was placed inside this envelope, and there was nothing else.” On the envelope, it was addressed to “To Sir Werner Strout”.

Werner: “I wonder who they’re referring to by ‘our’.”

“I do not know. Have you any idea, Sir Werner?”

Werner: “........................I’d like to say no, but I do have some idea.”

The first that came to mind was the Galatea Empire.

But threatening me would get nothing accomplished.

Yes, I am Lotte’s master, but I am just a Magecraft Artifact Artisan.

I have no political power, and I am not anyone particularly important to this country.

Rather, it would have been more effective to threaten the Imperial Prince.

Without the Imperial Prince’s intervention, the political relationship between the Imperial State, the Empire, and the Lamette Kingdom will not change.

“What shall we do?” Since my sister is unable to make any calls, the butler turned towards me for an answer.

Werner: “........we need to make sure my sister is not attacked again and solidify our defenses.”

“Yes, that has been done.” Werner: “We will need to report today’s incident to the Imperial Prince.”

“We have not made an official report, but I am certain that he already knows about what happened here.” I would expect that as well.

The Imperial Prince has his information network spread across the Capital.

There’s no way that he would not have heard about this incident.

Werner: “Yes, I’m sure that he knows as well, but expedite the report to him and ask him for guidance. Do not forget to mention this letter as well.”

“As you command.”

Werner: “Make sure to write down in detail who and when the letter was discovered.”

“Yes, sir.” Werner: “And I want you to deliver this letter to his Imperial highness as well.” I borrowed the writing tools in my sister’s office and began composing a letter.

The content concerned details of the attacker.

I wrote down in meticulous detail about what Spells the attacker used.

The Imperial Prince is not an expert in Magic.

But if I write this down, then a Mage of the Imperial Palace who specializes in these types of analyses can assist him.

Werner: “Please deliver this blood sample as well.” I split the bottle of blood of the attacker into two, and give one to the butler to deliver.

Werner: “I will be studying this as well, but I would like a specialist to also research this.”

“As you command.”

Hati: “ Lord, will you not avenge your sister?” Werner: “Even if I wanted to, we have nothing. We don’t know where our attacker is or who they are.”

Hati: “.........I see….”

Werner: “As long as we do not know who our enemy is, we will not act carelessly. We need to leave the investigation to the professionals.”

“Yes, as you wish.” As the butler began moving away, Lotte spoke.

Lotte: “Um……Master?” Werner: “What is it?” Lotte: “Master, you are so calm.”

Werner: “Do I look cold-hearted?” Lotte: “OーOh no! That’s not what I meant……” But I guess that’s what she was trying to say.

“Your royal highness. As the Rome Viscountess is currently undergoing treatment, Sir Werner will have to take the reins and direct the Marquis family.”

Lotte: “Yes.” “If he were to act recklessly or lightly, it would cause trouble for us as well.” Lotte: “.......yes, I understand. But I really didn’t mean that he looked cold or anythingーー”

Lotte was panicking.

And Hati went over to pat Lotte on the head.

Hati: “Well, my Lord’s sister was greatly injured, so Hati understands how worried you must be.” Lotte: “Yes….” And the butler, Hati, and Lotte all relocated to a different room.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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