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Ch. 57: Taro ー the Dog Walking Magecraft Artifact

The shape of the Dog Walking Magecraft Artifact looks similar to a beetle.

It had 6 legs like an insect, and it had high mobility capabilities.

It was fast enough to keep up with an ordinary dog running at full speed.

Even if there was an obstacle that a large dog could jump over, it would be able to do the same and keep up.

As far as its size, it was big enough where I could barely wrap my arms around it to hold it up.

And its height was below my waist.

Lotte: “So this is the Dog Walking Magecraft Artifact. It’s outward appearance has changed dramatically from before.”

Werner: “Yes, they modified it quite a bit to make a tool for assassination.”

In order to allow the Artifact to slice a person’s throat, they made it stand on its two legs so it could reach that height.

On top of that, they increased the pressure of its ability to spout water, and instead of water, it spewed out oil instead.

Werner: “It was a completely different Artifact. ……….and they could have just built it from scratch.” Maybe they were trying to annoy me by using my Artifact as its base design.

Hati: “My Lord! I want to see it work!”

Werner: “Yes, that’s fine.” I initiated the Magecraft Artifact.


And I heard the correct initiation tone ring.

Werner: “Good, it started up successfully. I need to give this a name but……..I guess we can call it ‘Taro’.”

I placed a hand on the Artifact and registered a name.


Werner: “Okay, the registration of its name was successful too. Now, I need to check its mobility function but…..”

There were no dogs inside this room.

Hati: “Would you like Hati to be the dog?” Werner: “No, that won’t be necessary. It’ll be difficult for you, Hati, to predict how a dog would move.”

Hati: “Ahーー”

Werner: “Maybe we can have it walk the dog at the Marquis’ mansion?” Hati: “That sounds like a great idea!”

At the Marquis’ mansion, there are 5 large Dog-Type Magic Beasts.

The height of the dogs would come up to an ordinary male adult’s chest.

We left the Research Lab, and headed to the dog house.

Well, I say doghouse, but it’s nothing small. It is comparable to a small house.

Noticing us approaching, the dogs left the doghouse and began coming out.


All five panted and swung their tails happily and began begging me to pat their heads.

Lotte: “What cute dogs.”

Hati: “They are very cute.” They were patted on the head by Lotte and Hati, and they seemed to enjoy it thoroughly as they continued to swing their tails wildly.

Werner: “They are very cute, but they like people way too much, so they are not very adept at being guard dogs.”

Lotte: “That reminds me. When we were attacked, I didn’t hear them bark.” Werner: “From what I’ve heard, they were inside the house with their tail between their legs and shaking.”

Hati: “Maybe they are easily terrified?” Werner: “That might be true.” Hati: “You need to pull yourself together!”


Though Hati was asleep during that whole incident, she continued to lecture the dogs.

I attach a leash to one of the dog’s collar.

Werner: “Okay then. Taro, come over here.” [Pi-pi-pi]

From behind us, the Artifact, Taro, approaches.

All the dogs immediately ran inside the doghouse.

But the one who was leashed could not escape since I held it.

It tried to back away and get its head out of the collar, and its face was scrunched up.

[.........kyau-kyau] (*sfx dog whimpering)

Werner: “Calm down.”

[........hiiiiiin-hiiiiin] (*sfx dog whining)

The dog had its tail between its legs and was scared.

It was not something you would expect a large Magic Beast Dog to do.

Werner: “Taro, step back.” [Pi-pi]

I felt bad for the dog, so I made Taro retreat to the back.

Werner: “You don’t need to be scared of Taro.” [..............]

Though Taro was out of sight, the dog continued to shake in terror.

Werner: “The guard dogs of the Marquis’ mansion are in a very pitiful state.” [kyuuーーーn] (*sfx dog whining)

I wondered if they were just my sister Bridget's pet dogs just for show.

As soon as I released it from the leash, the dog ran straight back into the doghouse.

Werner: “I did not consider the possibility of the dogs being scared.” Lotte: “Yes, that was unexpected.” Werner: “Well, it can’t be helped.”

I take Taro and return to the lab. Werner: “Taro, you can begin cleaning the room.” [Pi-pi-pi]

Werner: “Don’t touch anything on top of the tables.]


Taro began clattering and moving and started to clean the room.

Lotte: “Amazing, it can also do cleaning.”

Werner: “It was originally designed to clean up after dogs, so of course, it would be able to clean up a room.”

Lotte: “I see, so it’s just another way of using the same function.” Taro began moving about cleaning the room.

Werner: “After it’s done cleaning, we can check the room to measure the quality of the cleaning function.”

Lotte: “I can’t wait.” Hati: “Taro is very cute. Hati doesn’t understand why the dogs were so scared.” Werner: “Hati, you call everything cute.” Hati: “But isn’t it? It’s moving around with its legs in such an adorable way.” Lotte: “.......yes, I think so too.” Lotte also agreed with Hati and was nodding at Hati’s words.

Hati: “My Lord, you don’t think it’s cute?” Werner: “Well, I guess if you put it that way, I do.” Hati: “Seeーー”

We were all adoring Taro as it scuttled about cleaning the room, when I noticed someone approaching the Research Lab.

Werner: “Hm? I wonder who that could be.” I walked towards the front door and checked outside.

Then I saw one of the servants who seemed panicked and came knocking on the door.

Werner: “......what is the matter?” As I opened the door, the servant hurriedly spoke upーー

“Sir Werner, please come with me immediately.” Werner: “Tell me what happened.”

“Her Excellency, the Viscountess was attacked by someone!”

Werner: “My sister?” The only person who is called her Excellency at the Marquis’ mansion is my sister, Bridget, the Rome Viscountess.

“Please come with me, sir!”

With that, I left Lotte and Taro at the Research Lab and followed after the servant.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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