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Ch. 53 Oigen Merchant Group’s Magecraft Craftsmen

It was one of my former students who was going to graduate this year.

Though the student finished his graduate thesis, I believe the graduation ceremony is still some time ahead.

His name was Bernd Courir.

Werner: “What are you doing here? Oh, were you employed by the Oigen Merchant Group?” Bernd: “Yes! It was all because of you, Professor Strout!”

Though he hasn’t graduated yet, he is already here trying to gain some working experience.

That’s very admirable of him.

The Oigen Group pays their employees very well, so I’m sure that gives him additional motivation.

Werner: “I’m glad to hear that. Congratulations on your new job.”

Bernd: “Thank you very much! It is all thanks to you, Professor Strout!”

Werner: “No, no. I haven’t done anything. It’s because you worked very hard, Mr. Courir.” But Courir shook his head at my words.

Bernd: “The reason why I was able to graduate from the Mages Academy, and the reason I fell in love with making Magecraft Artifacts was because I met you, Professor Strout.” Courir is a well-known among his peers as a person of character and is also the son of a judge on the highest courts.

He must have inherited his parents’ positive traits because he is always polite and humble.

Bernd: “And it saddens me that I will not be able to see you at the graduation ceremony for that reason, Professor.”

And Courir seemed genuinely disappointed at the prospect.

He didn’t know about my new position here.

Werner: “I plan to attend the graduation ceremony.” Bernd: “What? Will you be okay to do so?”

Werner: “Yes, I recently received a new position here.”

And I told Courir and the rest about my new job at the Academy.

Bernd: “Congratulations, Professor! I’m so happy to hear that!”

Werner: “Well, even so, I plan to do my research elsewhere and not at the Academy…..”

Bernd: “Professor, you’re currently researching in a facility on the Marquis’ property, are you not?” Werner: “Yup, yup. It’s more convenient that way. The facility is equipped with a bed and a shower too.”

Bernd: “That’s amazing! I’m so envious!”

It would be difficult to bring a bed into a Research Lab at the Academy.

That’s why if you need to sleep at the lab, you would wrap yourself up in a blanket on the floor.

It was very uncomfortable and also cold during the winter.


After that, I introduced Lotte to Courir and the other Magecraft craftsmen.

I did not mention anything about her Princess status and introduced her just as my disciple.

And everyone seemed curious about the creature on my shoulder, so I introduced Hati to the group as well.

There were many who had never seen a Dragon until now.


As we finish introductions, I lay out the Magecraft Artifacts that I brought with me on a nearby table in the facility.

I lay several examples of the same two types of Artifacts.

Most were something I quickly slapped together while I was on break.

But among the samples, there was one Bread Baking Artifact that Lotte made.

Bernd: “Are these your new Magecraft Artifacts?” Werner: “One is just an upgrade. I only brought one that is completely new.” Courir and his colleagues in the Oigen Group began examining each of the Artifacts.

He picked up the water warming Magecraft tool and brought it to me.

Bernd: “Professor, this is used to make hot water, correct?” Werner: “That’s exactly right. How did you know?” Bernd: “Well, the design is the same as the previous design, and the way it was made had fundamentally similar goals in mind……” And next, he picked up the bread baking Magecraft tool.

Bernd: “But what is this? A heater…….of some sort is incorporated into its design but…..”

Werner: “That is an Artifact for baking bread.” Hearing my words, Courir and the rest of the craftsmen looked at me with astonished faces.

Courir: “..........really? You can really do that with this tool? How does it work?”

“Please teach us!”

Werner: “Well…….first of allーー”

The craftsmen leaned forward intensely as they asked for me to explain, and I obliged.


“ that’s how it can be done. You are amazing as always, Sir Werner.” Besides Courir, every one of the Magecraft craftsmen stood in stunned silence.

But Courir himself was nodding approvingly.

Bernd: “Though there’s no new technology being used, just by rearranging known technology, I never would have imagined that this was possible.”

Werner: “Imagination is important. Or that is what was taught to me. Even if the technology existed for ages, by utilizing it in a different way, you can make new things, is what he said.” Bernd: “Are those the words of the Great Sage Kay?” Werner: “That’s right.” After that, I began explaining the architecture of both the Artifacts.

The Oigen Group had many exceptionally talented Magecraft craftsmen, so they picked up on my explanations very quickly.

Werner: “Well, if there’s anything you don’t understand, please come and talk to me anytime.”

“Thank you very much!”

Werner: “We’ll leave these samples here. You can disassemble them or sell them as you like.”

After that, Lotte, Hati, and myself went with Oigen to a meeting room.

There, were created and signed a contract.

By giving explicit permission to the Oigen Group the rights to sell the two types of Magecraft Artifacts, in exchange, I will receive a Royalty going forward.

This is not the first contract we made together.

Since we used the same agreements and clauses as before, it was over very quickly.

Once the contract was signed, Oigen spoke up.

Oigen: “Oh, Sir Werner. Have you heard the rumors surrounding the Gerald Merchant Group?”

Werner: “Rumors?” Oigen: “The information hasn’t been verified, but I wanted to make you aware just in case you haven’t heard the news.” And Oigen continued with his explanation.

Oigen: “The Gerald Merchant Group had ties with the Academy President, oh, I guess now it’s the former Academy President. There are rumors that the Group was connected to the Head of Magecraft Science Research as well.” Werner: “Hmmm, well, that’s not particularly surprising to me to hear……” Oigen: “But not only that, there were also connected with a very suspicious secret society as well.” Werner: “The Knights of Lumina?” Oigen: “Oh, so you knew already.” Werner: “No, I just mentioned their name since it was possible.” As I finished speaking, Oigen turned to Lotte.

Oigen: “I believe this rumor also involved the Lamette Kingdom, but the Gerald Merchant Group has been rumored to have ties with the Galatea Empire as well.” As the words fell heavily, Lotte looked very seriously as she considered Oigen’s information.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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